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Chapter 213
Chapter 213: What If I Fight Whitebeard

Ghost sword Roja, This name spread all over the world, because this name shocked everyone, such a young man becoming an Admiral, in addition, he was Garp’s nephew…

These things made everyone in the world pay attention to Roja.

As soon as the news about Roja defeating Shiki, Many had already expected Roja to climb to the highest spot in the world.

Roja revealed his talent and strength, there is no doubt that he got powerful incredibly fast, many people thought that Roja was 25 or even thirty years old because that is the minimum age someone could get that much power in their view.

The whole world saw Roja’s battle with Akainu and the way he defeated him and passed.

Countless powers were shocked.

A certain place in the sea, Somone with a green cloak stood, his face was tattooed, he was looking at the sea while he muttered.

“Unexpectedly, you’ve come so fast… You’re in that position now.”

He was Roja’s cousin that never appeared before, The leader of the revolutionary army, Monkey.D.Dragon.

Dragon quietly looked at the sea with deep eyes then he faintly said.

“So now that you’ve reached this stage, what

are you going to do? How will you treat the nobles? How will you deal with them?”

“I believe that you already have your answer, the things that will happen next seems to be really exciting.”

After the Fight ended, Roja officially got his Admiral position in the headquarters.

However, The former Admiral Akainu was seriously injured so he was sent to Marijois for medical treatment. Also, his position changed from Admiral to Admiral’s counsel.

Although the two are regarded as the same position, their significance is very different. The Admiral has a very high position among the Marines and could deploy the Warships at will.

The Admiral’s counsel, on the other hand, is simply equal the Admiral rank but without that kind of power.

After getting his Admiral position, Roja got an office in the top of the fortress just below Sengoku’s office. The Office was extremely spacious.

The outfit of each Admiral is different, For example, Akainu was red and Aokiji was blue, Kisaru was Yellow, So now that Roja got that position, his outfit changed, it was a black uniform with the cape also black, the shoulders had a golden touch to them.

In addition, Roja became an

an Admiral So his should have a code name, And that name is Ghost Sword.

Originally, Sengoku proposed a few code names, like Fujitora, or Ryoukugyu and some other titles so that he gets the same genre of names with the other two, But Roja refused and still wanted his current Title.

Roja liked his code name, Although he was just got his position, the three Admirals got along pretty well maybe even better than when Akainu was here.

After the war, Aokiji directly indicated that he was not Roja’s opponent.

As for Karu, Although he didn’t say it out loud, he just said “So terrible”, But there is no doubt that against Roja he could only rely on his ability to run, And confronting Roja seems almost impossible.

In fact, it is true. Even Roja himself wasn’t sure about how strong he was if he uses all of his strength, Now the strength of Admirals couldn’t really measure out his power anymore.

In the Marine, the power level is really vague, and even between the Yonko, there are many differences. You can’t say who’s stronger than who.

The only one that can be said to be the strongest in the

in the world and was recognized by all as the number one in the world, that is Whitebeard, Edward Newgate.

Inside Roja’s office, Roja was sitting on the chair behind his desk, he felt comfortable and slightly lazy to get up, in front of him an adjutant was reviewing a few files.

“Tell me, What will happen if I go fight Whitebeard?”

Roja suddenly said.

This sentence momentarily astonished Roja’s adjutant, his forehead was overflowing with cold sweat as he said: “Rojsama… Please stop joking!”

You want to fight the Whitebeard?!

Roja looked at the Adjutant full of cold sweat and smiled: “There is no need to panic so much is there?”

“But that is the Strongest out of the Yonko!”

The Officer looked at Roja with black lines on his head, hearing Roja speak so casually about fighting Whitebeard, it was too shocking but fortunately, his mental strength was not that bad.

If it was another one who said that instead of Roja, anyone will think he was joking.

But who is Roja?

Roja just defeated Akainu and got his position, And he was even known as the strongest in the headquarters now.

When Roja says this, it’s completely different!

Roja looked at his Adjutant, then he Adjutant, then he looked at the ceiling, then he faintly said: “How old is Whitebeard this year?”

The adjutant though for a moment, then said: “According to our information, he should be around 66.”

Roja sighed and said: “How many years has he been sitting on the position of the strongest in the world?”


After some time, The Adjutant was still thinking when he said uncertainly: “There are probably more than sixteen years.”

Roja leisurely said: “Then How long can he stay in that position.”

Hearing Roja says that The Adjutant forehead overflowed with cold sweat again, he couldn’t help but swallow and say: “You are very strong, but… That name alone, if he fights than the whole world will be shacking…”

Roja was an Admiral, If he were to Attack Whitebeard, this will be the same as the Marine declaring war on him.

And a war against Whitebeard won’t go without losing anything.

If this war begins, even Sengoku would be unable to stop it from happening, and this would make whole headquarters to make a move, the world government and even the revolutionary army would likely make their move.

That would make the world enter a period of chaos.

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