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A+ A- Chapter 209
Chapter 209: Challenge preparation

In the Marine, there are two ways to become an Admiral.

First, if there is an empty seat for an Admiral, then a Marine can apply for that position, and the Fleet Admiral with the world government will give their approval if the person meets the condition to become one.

And Garp repeatedly rejected such an offer for many years.

The second way is to challenge an Admiral directly and take his place with a price of 200.000 merit point.

Since in this world, strength rules everything, such a way was provided to promote strong Admirals.

But, the number of times such a challenge was made is relatively small, After all, An Admiral was someone with the strength to stand at the peak of the world, to win against one is really hard.

This way for getting the Admiral seat is the cruel way of the jungle, survival of the fittest, no matter which side is defeated, even if they can continue to be a Marine, they won’t be able to get the position of an admiral again.

“Are you serious?”

Sengoku looked at

Rojja and took a deep breath, his expression turned serious as he said to Roja.

This kind of thing can make even Sengoku turn serious.

This wasn’t a game.

Roja quietly looked at Sengoku seriously as he said: “The application, I will submit it now.”

After this sentence, Roja turned around and left the office.

Sengoku looked at Roja leave and opened his mouth a few times, he wanted to say something but, but in the end didn’t, finally he took a deep breath and returned to his seat and sat down, he held a Den Den Mushi in his hand and started a call.

In the new world, Aokiji was moving on his bike on the sea, as he moved, the sea under his bike turned into ice.


Suddenly, a Den Den Mushi rung, stopped and took it out.

“Hey, Kuzan talking…”

Aokiji picked up the call and the person on the other side said a few words.


After those words were heard by Aokiji, he couldn’t help shock from appearing on his face. He failed to control his power and a radius of 1000 meters of the sea

sea turned to ice.

After hanging, Aokiji breathed out cold air and murmured: “Sure enough…”

Aokiji is very familiar with Roja, he expected this from a long time, But he didn’t expect that Roja would apply for it now.

After taking a few breaths, Aokiji turned around the bike and moved toward the headquarter as fast as he could.

At this time, in the headquarters, Kisaru was in his office as he received the news.

“This is really unexpected, he applied for a challenge, So terrifying…”

Although Kisaru was confident in his strength, Roja was always unexpected, he geared him sometimes. If he was the one that was challenged, it would be really troublesome for him.

Now that Akainu is the one being challenged, Kisaru felt relief.

“The last challenged was more than thirty years ago, at that time the old lady was still young…”

Kisaru started recalling the past.

In the years of Garp and Sengoku, there was no one that challenged the Admirals, before Sengoku was promoted to the Fleet admiral position, He was an Admiral with Z, And the last position was reserved for Garp, so no one

no one even tried to challenge them.

Since Garp refused countless times, no one dared to take the third place until Z retired and Sengoku promoted so the three current admirals took their places.

The only person who he knew that dared to issue a challenge was Sengoku, at that time he was challenged the Admiral ad successfully got his place.

In other words, for the past few decades, Only Sengoku succeeded in getting his position through a challenge.

After Aokiji and Kisaru were informed, Akainu was the last one that was notified.


Akainu stood and punched the table in front of him.

A Marine was standing in Front of Akainu has long been scared and couldn’t breathe.

The horrifying atmosphere almost spread in the corridor and into the other rooms.


In his hand, a cup has melted into magma, And then the magma dripped on the ground, The Marine’s body limped on the ground.


Akainu took a breath and finally uttered one word, he didn’t say anything else, but his eyes were cold.

Killing a disabled Shiki… He thinks he can defeat me now, He is way over his head.

This moment, his head.

This moment, Akainu was like a volcano that is about to burst.

Sengoku was aware of Akainu momentum, but he sat in his room with a little smile on his face and didn’t say anything else.

This momentum spread in the rooms of the Vice-Admirals and they knew that this momentum belonged to Akainu, a trace of cold sweat was apparent on their foreheads, they were shocked and didn’t know why he was angry.

A moment later, the message was passed to all the officers.

One day later, the news about Roja’s challenge was over the whole headquarters and a few days later, the news was all over the world.

Admirals need great strength and prestige to be able to get their positions, So the challenge wasn’t a simple internal affair, it was open to the public.

If the challenger can defeat the Admiral, then this will prove that he is stronger, so he can directly inherit the reign of the admiral in the sea and also his prestige.

The challenge wasn’t issued for so many years, so this became the talk of everyone in the world

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