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A+ A- Chapter 207
Chapter 207: Ten Monsters

“Come on Call me uncle.”

Roja said such words and attracted Luffy and Ace’s attention.

Ace hit crossed his arms over his chest looking like an adult while Luffy looked at Roja and made a grimace.


“Little bastards…”

Roja walked toward Luffy and did what Garp always do, he hit a fist at Luffy’s head.

“It Hurts!”

Luffy once again screamed, he held his head and said to Roja: “How can this hurt! I am obviously rubber!”

Roja was too lazy to explain, on the other side Ace looked at this scene and was dissatisfied. Garp can hit Luffy, he had no problem with that, But this ‘Uncle’ who come from nowhere can’t.

“Hey! You…”

Ace looked at Roja with hostility and said: ” I heard that you are a very strong Marine, how about a contest!”

Roja’s body size can’t be compared to Garp, he looked thin and not powerful, And Roja didn’t show any power so he appeared to an ordinary person.

Ace fought many pirates before and always won.

“Yes! Ace! Hit him!”

Luffy on the side was bouncing as he said: “As long as we win against this guy we can prove

that we can be stronger than the Marine.”

Garp has beaten Luffy every day, he wanted Luffy to become a Marine, but Luffy didn’t want to, he wanted to be a pirate, that’s why Garp beat him every day.

As long as they defeat this Roja, which Garp called a good Marine, would prove them to be more powerful than Marine and Garp won’t be able to force them to become Marines.

But Roja responded with contempt.

“Two little bastards, Go play around.”


Hearing what Roja called them, Ace and Luffy were angry, they clenched their fists and went toward him.

But at this time, A giant Ape appeared behind them and Roared, he slapped Luffy first and continued toward Ace.


Ace didn’t expect the giant ape will come here, he no longer looked to beat Roja as he had to concentrate on avoiding the ape’s attacks.

But this ape was powerful, even Luffy and Ace together won’t be able to beat it.

“So strong…”

Luffy and Ace were beaten down, although they were unwilling, they were exhausted, they couldn’t even stand up now.

The ape saw them fall and suddenly proudly patted it’s own chest and roared.



Just at this time, Roja was sitting on the big Rock was a little sleepy, the roar woke him up so he stared at him.

“Noisy Monkey, Shut up!”

Giant ape roared.

Sweat over followed on its forehead while it looked at Roja’s eyes, its eyes were full of fear.

Luffy and Ace saw this and both of them were stunned, They didn’t expect Roja to shout at this ape, and they didn’t expect the ape would listen to his words, it only listened to Garp before.

Luffy and Ace looked at Roja and blinked, then they asked Roja:

“That… Can you beat this guy?”

“This guy?”

Roja glanced at the great ape and said: “I can play with ten.”


Luffy suddenly curled one leap and looked at Roja with unbelief.

Roja lazily yawned and looked at the great ape and waved at him then said: “Hey, Tell me, can’t I beat ten of you?”

The great ape blinked and nodded like a human.

Roja shrugged and returned to his sleep on the stone.



After a while, Luffy and Ace recovered some strength and stood up.

At this time, Garp finally returned.

“Hey, Did you get along?”

“… Not really.”

Roja looked at Garp then

Garp then stood up and said: “The two of them should be taught by you, I will go on my way now.”

As he spoke, Roja was preparing to leave.

Watching this, Garp touched his head and Smile then said: “Brat, why the Hurry, Eat with us then go.”


Roja nodded then prepared lunch with Garp.

This time, Roja was able to see Luffy’s skills as the Stomach king, He ate too much, maybe this was related to his rubber fruit.

Roja is no longer in need to eat too much to supplement his body, as most of his strength came from the soul.

After Lunch, Roja was ready to leave.

As soon as Garp saw him, he seems to feel that Roja was completely different than before, Now it’s quite possible that he can stand at the top of the world.

Garp, Luffy, and Ace went along with Roja till they reached the beach, then he smiled at Roja.

Here is the open sea and there was no boat.

Luffy looked at Roja and couldn’t help but ask: “There no ship, How will he go?”

At the same side, Ace revealed the same puzzled look, Roja going to the going to the sea without a ship was like him attempting to kill himself.

“Hahahahaha, He doesn’t need a boat.”

Garp said this to Luffy and couldn’t help but grin, he was somewhat pleased, after a short four years, Roja could cross the sea with no need for a boat.

Roja’s foot touched the water, but he didn’t sink, he continued to walk forward as if walking on the ground.

“One the water…”


This scene made Luffy and Ace look at Roja in a different light, Garp said he was an extraordinary Marine, he indeed has some skills.

Garp looked at Roja, he took a deep breath and turned toward Ace and Luffy.

“Well, let return.”

After saying this, Garp took the two and was going to leave.

But, just at this moment, Luffy and Ace expressions changed, their eyes widened and their forehead was overflowing with cold sweat.

They saw the water in front of Roja suddenly surged.

A huge Monsters appeared, about ten sea Kings appeared in front of Roja.

“Sea Monsters?”

“Bad… Bad!”

both Luffy and Ace were Horrified. Although both of them were somewhat hostile toward Roja, they couldn’t watch Roja get eaten by the sea Monsters and stay indifferent.

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