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Chapter 202: Ryujin Jakka!
In front of Roja, there was a sword.

In the middle of the soul space, there was a sword that can’t be described with words, it was like a perfect piece of art, this was the soul sword at the fifth stage.

Roja gently extended his hand, in the Shinigami state, his hand touched the sword.

Then… He held it!

“Sure enough, As I thought, you are my Zanpakuto!”

Roja took the sword and felt joy coming from his soul.

The space looked hazy and there were some broken pieces inside and a cracked road.

A bunch of bizarre things flashed in the void as they fused together.

“Although there are still many puzzles, Knowing that you are my Zanpakuto solve much of the mystery.”

Roja smiled lightly, he took hold of the sword and gently took it out from the space.

Everything that just happened took a second in the real world.

For Koshiro, he only saw Roja laugh after his sword was broken, then he reached his hand and a crystal clear light shone and from inside a flawless sword appeared.

Looking at this, Koshiro was once again shocked.

“This is ??”

“This is my sword, no… My Zanpakuto.”

Roja looked very happy, he smiled in response.

Holding his Zanpakuto, it wasn’t like Hiru, this sword felt like a part of him, like his own hand.

“So… This battle should continue…”

Koshiro shook his head and said, he didn’t know what a Zanpakuto mean, but the word itself should be referring to the sword in Roja’s hand.

In fact, that isn’t wrong either.

Roja looked at Koshiro and smiled: “This fight… Can …  please be careful.”

His voice died down.

His expression resumed the calmness from before, all the joy and happiness disappeared and at this moment his looked turned serious.

Roja single-handedly held his sword and said with a voice that seemed to come from his soul.

“All Things of this World, Turn to Ashes…”

Shikai! Ryujin Jakka!


Red flames emerged from the sword and burst in every direction.

The terrible temperature suddenly spread.

Crimson flames with monstrous heat spread with Roja in the center.


Although Koshiro saw Roja fire ability, this power now was completely different from before, Koshiro’s suddenly without hesitation retreated back.

But even the heat alone would let you think that you are burning and your lips would be chipped.

Even if someone was away from the center by a hundred meters, they will still feel the heat and won’t be able to resist it.

Koshiro was shocked.

Roja’s surrounding didn’t burn up, nor did they turn to ashes, they directly evaporated.

Even the earth below him was turning into magma then turn into gas.

He didn’t even attack yet.

Just simply using the Shikai was this shocking.

Feeling the power of the heat, Koshiro didn’t wait any longer.

his hand was on his sword, eyes low and with a light wave directed at Roja, he attacked.

“Ittoryu, Blood blade, Wind cut!”


A huge scarlet Sword energy suddenly emerged toward Roja.

If this attack was aimed at the island, it will be enough to cut it in two.

At this time, Roja held the sword with one hand and his eyes flashed.

“Ryujin Jakka… Jōkaku Enjō!”

Under his sword, a wall of flame surged, the sword energy coming toward him suddenly crashed.

 The land in front of Roja turned to Magma and then evaporated.

Looking at this scene, Koshiro couldn’t help but be terrified, this kind of temperature isn’t something an ordinary flame could reach.


Roja waved his sword, and Koshiro saw this and retreated.


Roja’s attack made a terrible explosion and went toward Koshiro Where ever the flames pass the earth will turn to magma.

Koshiro’s complexion changed.

He had already retreated to a very far distance, And there was no more room for retreat, so he held his sword and waved it toward the flames.


A huge scarlet sword energy emerged, it seemed more like a sea of blood as it went directly to collide with the flames.

This was his strongest attack, it pierced the void and directly appeared in front of the flames, then crushed into it, but as if a rock was thrown in the water, the Huge sword energy began to shrink at an alarming rate.

Almost a moment, the Huge sword energy began to cut the flames in half, but it was swallowed before it could finish.

Koshiro watched this scene with a frightened heart, against such terrible flames, even the sword energy was burned, this was simply unheard of!

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