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Chapter 201: It’s Not Over Yet
Koshiro’s sword was extremely tyrannical, each sword strike seemed to bring a blood sea with it, his sword had only one purpose and that is to kill.

Roja wasn’t clear if this was Koshiro himself or was it due to the sword.

As Roja expected, Shiki’s power compared to this guy was at least 30% lower due to his legs.

Koshiro issued a sword strike stronger then Shiki’s by two or three times.

Although Koshiro didn’t have the fruit ability of Shiki, his strength was exceeded him.

Each Grandmaster swordsman had their own understanding of the way of the sword, Koshiro maybe not as strong as Mihawk and Shanks, But his strength reached a terrifying degree.


After Another collision, Roja retreated back, there was a huge hole in the place he stood in.

“I didn’t reach the fifteenth compression yet, just the fourteenth and Getsuga Tensho won’t make me as strong as a Grandmaster Swordsman.”

After retreating, Roja fell far away and under his foot, the earth cracked open.

“You are Ghost Sword Roja, your swordplay is indeed very good but unfortunately, you still didn’t realize the true meaning of the sword.”

Koshiro Stood there, the terrible momentum died down as if he already knew the outcome of the fight and didn’t want to continue anymore.

Roja looked at him and chuckled loudly.

“This fight didn’t even begin, The warm-up time is over…”

The moment the voice fell, Roja whole body was enveloped in a strange atmosphere and suddenly the Marines uniform changed to that of a Shinigami.

Shinigami mode, Open.


Roja once again rushed toward Koshiro and waved his sword, which was like a bright star coming down from the sky.

Feeling Roja’s atmosphere change as well as his power, Koshiro’s eyes changed as he turned serious.


The two clashed again and a terrifying airwave swept way in every direction, the dust and weed under their feet was blown away.

The place was a mess.

When the wave passed, Roja’s figure was holding his sword and looked at the shocked Koshiro.

Their attacks were evenly matched now!

“This is really…”

Koshiro’s eyes revealed a touch of astonishment, apparently, he didn’t think that there was a way for Roja to get stronger without reaching the Grandmaster level, and he couldn’t simply see through Roja’s power anymore.

Ding! Ding! Dong!

The two men once again engaged in battle. Sword energy collided again and the ground below was full of gullies.

If the nearby villagers want to plant here, there won’t be any need to plow the land, they can do it directly.


Roja used Bakuretsu Tensho a few times, and Koshiro’s look changed, he didn’t hesitate to retreat while attacking again.


Suddenly the air turned hot and behind Koshiro, a few trees in the distance burned to ashes.

The former green jungle turned to nothing but fires in a few seconds.

“What a terrifying skill.”

Koshiro couldn’t help be shocked by the power of the last skill. Although he escaped due to his instinct, his clothes were slightly burned and turned to ashes.

After taking a deep breath, Koshiro momentum surged, he changed his pose, his sword flashed and a bloody strike rushed toward Roja.

“Ittoryu, Blood blade… instant cut!”

After Roja used such a strong attack, Koshiro unleashed one too, his while person was wrapped in a blood-like light and with a very fast speed, he flashed.

Roja didn’t hesitates to use his full strength against this attack.


Clear collision sound was heard in the sky.

Roja and Koshiro’s figures were standing still, after a short silence, the earth behind Roja and under his feet cracked!

This sword strike revealed the power of a grandmaster, If Roja didn’t fight against Shiki, he wouldn’t have been able to block it.

But, Even when Roja blocked the strike, his sword was full of cracks.

“The fight is finished.”

Koshiro said.

As Roja received the sword strike, Hiru in his hands snapped from the middle, one half fell to the ground, leaving the other half in his hand.

Hiru was really broken know, it wasn’t broken with the effect of the Senbonzakura.

Koshiro looked at this scene and sighed: “You are very strong, your skills are powerful, but the sword was damaged… You lost this fight because of your sword.”

Although he sighed after seeing Hiru break, in his eyes there was a trace of shock.

The last strike, he used his full power, but Roja blocked it completely.

He didn’t expect that Roja has this kind of strength, If Roja’s sword didn’t break, then the outcome if this battle was hard to predict.

But Koshiro noticed, that even though Roja’s sword broke, he didn’t reveal any regret, he just suddenly laughed and a smile formed on his face.

“No, this battle is… Far from over.”

Roja couldn’t see Koshiro in front of him anymore.

Fifth stage: the perfect soul sword +0

ttributes: Attack +1200, Strength +400, Agility +400, Physical +400, Spirit +400 

Special attribute: All things in the world, turn to ashes – sword attack has additional fire damage (Met the initial condition)

Special attribute: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.

Special attributes: Getsuga Tensho – Can release an arc-shaped red energy attack.

Energy: 0/340

Eleven years from the golden era of piracy, After nearly four years from coming to this world, Roja’s soul sword finally reached the fifth Stage!

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