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Chapter 199: Revolutionary Army
Roja walked from the Grove and went outside the Village, Recalling what just happened, he couldn’t help but chuckle, He didn’t know if what he did was the same as what Mihawk did in the Original story.

This island was big, Next to Shimotsuki Village there was Shiodome Village, Continuing along, there were more villages after that it should be the Goa Kingdom.

Foosha village should be located on the Island where the Goa Kingdom was located, it was in some remote place, so if you didn’t know where Foosha village is you ask about the Goa Kingdom.

When Roja came to the Harbor and was About to leave, he found a ship on the shore, some guy who was there became sneaky after seeing him.

“How did the Marines appear here… And that guy seems to be a Vice-Admiral.”

A bearded man hiding behind the deck of the large warship with only half of his head out carefully looked at Roja who was walking down the Dock.

“He shouldn’t be coming here.”

Roja seemed to be alone and wasn’t going toward that warship, so the bearded man was relieved but he was still staring at Roja.

But in the next moment.


Roja, who he was staring at disappeared.

“Can I ask you for the way?”

Roja appeared next to the bearded man, sitting on the railing of the ship as he touched his chin, he looked at him like a harmless and peaceful man.

The bearded man forehead was full of cold sweat as he was frozen in his place.

“Ask… Ask what…”

The bearded man forcibly kept himself calm but his trembling tone simply wasn’t anywhere calm.

Roja narrowed his eyes and looked at him, then said with a calm tone:” You know… the way to Hell?”

After Getting that bearded man to talk, Roja got a surprising answer.

At first, he thought that the bearded man was a pirate, but it turned out that the guy was from the Revolutionary Army.

The ship was a ship belonging to the revolutionary army, most of the people on the ship were buying items from the island and knew that they were getting their food supplies.

“I came to this world for so long and this was the first time I encounter the revolutionary army.”

When Roja stood on the ship he was too lazy to start attacking and used His Haoshoku directly and made them faint.

After all, his cousin Monkey.D.Dragon was the leader of those people.

But as far as he knows, he didn’t encounter him yet.

“Since I have encountered the Revolutionary army, I can’t just ignore it so… I will go.”

After returning from the ship, Roja walked toward the interior of the island, and entered Shimotsuki Village again and went to The Isshin Dojo.

Outside, Many members of the revolutionary army were carrying the food and other materials, They noticed Roja coming and all the people stopped as if they saw a ghost.

“Hey hey hey… A Marine?”

They couldn’t disguise themselves as ordinary people anymore.

Anyone can tell that those guys were not normal.

“You guys are from the Revolutionary army.”

Roja stood there looking at them then said faintly: “Are you going to fight or retreat?”

“Damn it!”

When they heard Roja, the revolutionary army’s people were dazed as they were exposed.

One of them suddenly said while pointing at Roja: “Get rid of that Guy! then hurry up and leave!”

At that moment all of them took out their guns.

On the other side, people looked at this scene and suddenly were surprised, they didn’t know the revolutionary army.

Looking at the confrontation, they were inclined with Roja, Since he was a Marine.

“Are those guys pirates?”

Some people glared at the Revolutionary army, and when they saw their guns they couldn’t help but retreat.


Do not know who took the lead, following that, All the other fired too and the place was filled with smoke.

A lot of swordsmen seeing this couldn’t help but shut their eyes, they were afraid to see Roja getting killed.

But, In Roja’s eyes, those bullets were moving slowly as hell.

Roja pulled the sword from his waist and waved two times and deflected all the bullets.

After the intensive gunshots, Roja was standing like nothing happened.

The audience was quiet.

The swordsmen at the scene looked at this scene dazed, their eyes were almost popping out.

Although they couldn’t see what happened exactly… They knew that Roja blocked the bullets with his sword and all the bullets were laying quietly on the ground.

What was that swordplay?

They didn’t know!

Could swordsmen be that strong?

“I thought there were some masters, I didn’t think only ants were here.”

Roja shook his head and didn’t expect that this group was full of ordinary people he was too lazy to use his sword and just used his Haoshoku again.

The revolutionary Army saw that Roja blocked the bullets with a sword and their eyes were full of terror.

In the next moment, Roja’s Haki comes crushing at them and then all of them fainted.

Plop! Plop!

Those guys fell one after the other.

After that Roja didn’t really care about those guys, he turned around and looked at one direction and said:

“You were cooperating with the Revolutionary Army, As the owner of this dojo, shouldn’t you give an explanation?”

Everyone who was here was terrified, and when they heard Roja they tried to see where exactly was he looking at.

Over there, Zoro’s master, Koshiro came out from within the crowd with a wry smile on his face and looked at Roja before saying:

“Today is really a bad day.”

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