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Chapter 198: Zoro’s Challenge
This young boy with short hair, Roja was very familiar with him.

It was Luffy’s Future crew member, he is the swordsman that uses three swords, Roronoa Zoro.

Zoro struggled to knock down all three targets, and picked up his sword again, his firm will be apparent in his eyes.

The sword in his mouth was the Wado Ichimonji one of the 21 swords, in his form looked very simple with no name to it.

Although it has been a long time since Kuina died, Zoro couldn’t help remember their promise each time he picked the sword and said.

“one of us will become the worlds strongest swordsmen! I will fulfill our dream.”

Zoro clutched his sword tightly, his breathing steadied as if he had rested and continued.

But as Zoro stood up again, he suddenly looked at one direction with alertness.


“A passing person.”

Roja didn’t think that Zoro could find him,,. although he didn’t hide, he was found anyway so he came out directly.

Zoro has been living in the Village next to Shimotsuki Village, later he entered the Dojo in  Shimotsuki Village and never seen a Marine since.

Moreover, even if he has seen them he didn’t care.

Roja said he was just passing, so Zoro was prepared to ignore him, but in the next moment, he suddenly saw the sword in Roja’s waist.

Although Zoro didn’t know all the famous swords, he had a natural instinct, he felt that Roja’s sword is absolutely strong.

“Are you a swordsman?!”

Zoro’s once again returned to Roja’s body, his eyes revealed his thirst for battle,., as he said to Roja.

Roja noticed Zoro’s thirst and smiled.

“That’s right.”

“Then how about a battle.”

He was even more excited to fight now as he took the two ordinary swords and smiled, his eyes were sharp.

He was only a teen but has such a strong momentum.

The only opponent that he ever truly had was Kuina, except for her the other weren’t his opponent, he can be said to already invincible in the dojo.

Now that he encountered such a strong looking guy he can’t let it pass.

“A fight…”

Roja couldn’t help but laugh, He wanted to refuse but nodded in the end, as he reached out his hand to the tree next to him and pulled a branch.

Seeing this, Zoro’s expression suddenly sank.

“Hey, What is the meaning of that ?!”

“Nothing, I am your opponent now, why do you care about what is your opponent is doing?”

Roja looked at Zoro with the branch in his hand and chuckled.


Zoro knew that Roja was underestimating him, Suddenly his anger rose as he said: “You dare underestimate me, Don’t regret it later!”


In the next moment, Zoro was biting Wado Ichimonji in his mouth and two other swords in each hand and attacked fiercely.

And Roja didn’t hold any sword, in his hand, a simple tree branch faced the swords as he waved it.


The clash was between a branch and a sword but the sound was as if two swords collided, Roja was motionless as he stopped Zoro with the branch.

“How can this be!”

Zoro’s pupil Shrank and his eyes revealed his shock.

He clearly saw Roja pull the branch from the tree, it looked so delicate and fragile, but it blocked his full attack with the swords.

Is this a Joke!

Zoro’s suddenly Clenched his teeth again and attacked Roja, his hands were waving crazily.

At this age, he was able to wield the sword so fast and swift that it was incredible. There is hardly any ordinary adult that can match him.

But Roja holding that slender branch, blocked Zoro’s attack like nothing at all.

still, the branch trembled slightly.

“Impossible, How can the gap be so big! How can I not even be able to cut a tree branch!”

Zoro’s was shocked in his heart, with that kind of crazy attack and swordplay he could cut a tree from the middle let alone a tree branch!


Zoro clenched his mouth and swept away using the sword in his mouth, Roja still waved gently at that attack.


The collision between the sword and the branch made the same metallic sound, a wave formed between the two as the dust blew away around them.

Even if Zoro’s attack was fierce, he couldn’t shake Roja and even if the branch was thinner the same thing will happen.

“There are people outside there… much stronger then I am now. Where do you stand in this world as you are now?”

Roja smiled and looked at Zoro while blocking his sword with the branch he attacked.

This was Roja’s first attack.

Looking at the slender branch coming down on top of his head, Zoro’s heart fell a sense of crises, as if he will die and his heart will stop beating.


Finally, the branch didn’t touch his head but passed slightly to the side.


Roja gave a faint glance at Zoro and threw the branch away, then walked toward the jungle.

Zoro stood there with a blank look, his eyes aghast.

Beside him, the place the Roja waved the sword in his attack, there appeared a long gully with at least a hundred meters almost dividing the grove into two.

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