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Chapter 195: Fuwa Fuwa No Mi powers
After stabilizing himself, Shiki felt that his legs were numb, his face revealed his shock, He didn’t feel the power of the sword stroke, but Roja could use brute strength to bring this kind of strength.

This kind of attack, even when he was at his peak, using his hands to wield the swords, it would be really difficult to suppress.

On the other side, Roja diagonally glanced at his back, there was cut on his cape.

“This is the power of a grandmaster? even blocking the front isn’t enough, there is still such a penetrative power.”

Roja remembers Rayleigh and Kisaru’s fight.

Although he didn’t see Rayleigh he is sure that he was a Sword Grand Master or more.

A great Swordmaster.

he is also one of the few in this world.

After the few strikes against Shiki, the ground was full of cracks due to the collision.

All the pirates including those following Shiki were stunned.

“Shiki-sama’s Attack… Was blocked again!”

“Who is that Marine exactly? how can he be so powerful?!”

Countless pirates looked at the sky aghast. They thought that Shiki could easily kill Roja, but now Shiki used his full power but still didn’t gain any advantage.

“Now that I think about it, that guy seems to be… Ghost sword Roja!”

It was at this moment that someone recognized Roja, and although they were in the sky, they occasionally received the news about what happens below.

Many of them heard this name before.

Ghost Sword Roja!

This name six months ago resounded throughout the sea, even if they were in the sky and got the new occasionally, Roja’s impact was left in many of their minds.

Killing Jack the drought, killing Doflamingo, and also many powerful pirates from the previous generation…

Ghost Sword title was built under countless killing and resounded throughout the sea!

Shiki in the sky heard the voices below and hid look toward Roja changed to a sneer.

“Hahaha, You were the nephew of that Bastard Garp… In the blink of an eye, you made yourself a name and came to me!”

Garp was known as the Marine’s hero, In the sea, numerous pirates were beaten using his fist of love, on the other hand, Roger’s capture was counted as Garp’s credit. And that was the cause for his execution.

Precisely because of this he attacked the Marineford alone and fought Garp and Sengoku for three days and nights.

“It seems like Garp left a lot of trauma’s for you.”

Roja stood in front of Shiki after the voice disappeared they rushed at each other again.


Shiki’s killing intent emerged and said: “I still have somethings I owe Garp, you dare to come here, then I will collect th

e debts with interest!”


Roja and Shiki clashed again, The Energy attacks collided constantly and the pirates were frightened into retreat.

“Do you think that I can only use Swords!”

Shiki’s strike flew out toward Roja, Roja roared and faced that strike and stopped it.

Then suddenly, Shiki used his fruit ability, and a strange force was felt.

The earth started rising into the air, then formed countless lion heads and surrounded Roja.

“Shishi Odoshi: Chimaki!”

This is the ability of his fruit, this attack is more powerful than the teasing done to Luffy and the others.

The huge lion heads gathered around Roja from all directions and then wanted to crash Roja.

However, just as they attacked Roja’s voice sounded indifferent, as he said.

“Bankai, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Hundreds of millions of Petals roared in all direction, Suddenly the lion heads shattered in the sky.

The shocking scene made all the pirates aghast.


Hundreds of petals come together to form a sword in Roja’s hand as he moved toward Shiki and waved.

The blades body was crimson and it seemed as if it could destroy everything.

Bakuretsu Tensho!

Roja’s sword waved and crimson sword energy emerged.

“Not good!”

Shiki felt the power of this move and his heart suddenly sank, this skill was powerful but fortunately easy to avoid, so his whole person moved sideways trying to avoid it.

Shiki was very fast, in the blink of an eye he was away from the strike, but Roja seemed to have expected this and his eyes flashed.


This move wasn’t simple.


A lout and devastating explosion sounded and a mushroom like a cloud suddenly rose in the sky. Shiki didn’t react in time and was enveloped in the explosion.

Shiki didn’t hesitate to use his Busoshoku while waving his sword trying to split the waves away.

But the waves were too fast.


He split the rising cloud into two halves but he still got out black and with some signs of burn all over his body.

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