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Chapter 19 : The essentials of swordplay

After The end of the assessment Roja directly returned to the courtyard.

He is not interested in the result or the ranking .It’s not that he is completely indifferent about fame and fortune like saint But he could guess the ranking already. Moreover this is just a common camp ranking test There wasn’t anything worthy to care about.

At this time Roja was setting cross legged with Honoo no tsuki on his knees .

This time in the assessment He was unstoppable ans killed most of the monsters but he didn’t let all this get into his head .

Also he was able to show that much because the envirement was suitable with his ability . if it was an open place with his current power he can’t do mcuh.

Of course those things didn’t make him feel bad but in his heart he was more concerned about his battle power .

For example he didn’t have a special move and his swordmanship depended only on his flames all he could do is swing the sword around.

ordinary pirates are no problem but if he faced a strong foe he would easily avoid the flames .

“A special move is very important. My current powers reside in the flames and i only have two techniques”Roja Recalled the assessment and concluded.


The most basic swing that will produce flames .

Fire sword , Torch!

This trick half attack half defence move. It will produce flames around him and block the enemy from escaping or from attacking.

The simple explanation is that the cremate is had hight dmg output but was simple to evade and the torch was strong ability to block but the output isn’t that strong so both have merit and demerit.

And the other moves can be seen as extention of those twolike the flame bomb and so on.

In addition to those two technique using his flames ability there isn’t any other technique as he is a complete begginner in using the sword.

“This is the forest envirement I took advantage of that and killed as many monster as i found but still figting techniques are a must and i have to learn some quickly.

That month of training was used to improve his physical strength and Garp didn’t show him any fighting techniques.

But now he no longer had to use all his time in physical training but can take some to sharpen his fighting power and swordplay.

But then a thought emerged in his mind and he became helpless .

“If i need to train then then i will have to fight agaisnt someone and that someone would be Garp But He probably can’t control his strength.”

The more he thought about it th emore black line apear over his head.


Roja tried to think of a way that would spare him that abuseand suddenly his room was opened.

“Garp please don’t barge in without knocking on the door.”

Roja looked at Garp who just entered without knowcking with more black line apearing over his head.

It’s best to learn as soon as possible.

His heart helpless Roja looked at Garp and asked “What is it ? what’s so important ?”

Garp crossed his hands on his chest and said “Because i wanted to give you a surprise.”


Roja almost fell down.

Fortunately he was accustomed to Garps way of doing things .

“Because your score was outrageous and your actions affected the whole assessment results and other things . So they will not judge all the recruits based on this assessment so there won’t be anyone getting into the elite camp after this assessment”.

Garp standing infront of Roja continued to say “So a month later a competition based assessment will be held.”

Roja was already Z student anyway as he was garp nephew so he didn’t care much about the elite selection.

After saying this Garp suddenly caught his hair as if he forgot to mention something.

“What ? is there something else ?”

As for Garp he suddenly put his hand into his pocket and passed a book to Roja .

“This is for you.”

Roja was listening for a long tme As he didn’t care about the assessment or the selection so he was about to lose interest .

All of a sudden Garp threw a book at his . His eyes flashed with light .

Roja caught the book harriedly.

Garp saw Roja hurrying to catch the book so he smiled and turned away leave Roja’s room.

Roja took this unknown book .He thought about Garp saying he will give him a surprise .Could this book be the surprise ?

“This is really a surprise …”

This book was compiled after looking at all the sword related books in The Marine and brought out the essence of swordplay .

This kind of book probably is a secret book from the collection of the marine and even strong swordsman couldn’t comprehend it and looking at the information within this was only a part of it.

Garp himself wasn’t proficient in unsing swords but that didn’t mean that he can’t teach it . and with his position in The Marine he could access all kind of information.

And this information is what Roja need right now.

For Roja the sooner he get stronger and use more power from the fire the better and he will become more powerful in swordplay faster as he got the sword of the soul .

This book was the essence of the sword althought it is a summary there is much more powerful things he can’t use yet.

Roja directly skipped what he know and went to the part where his need resides.

Roja now can only be regarded as an average swordsman despite the additional fire damage but sstill can not be called a real swordmaster.

The book pointed out the difference between a swordsman and a swordmaster.

The swordmaster is a realm as well as a state of mind.

Those ordinary swordsman that want to became swordmasters have to caomprehend “the rhythm of everything” state which is the most basic state for a swordmaster.

Being familiar with the original story “the rhythm of everything” which was shown when Zoro was fighting Daz Bones who had the Supa Supa no Mi and could only defeat him through comprehanding that state.

For a swordmaster using even a rusty iron sword would let him cut steel which is impossible for ordinary swordsman.

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