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A+ A- Chapter 173-174
Chapter 173: Upgrade The fourth level, blazing hell, Magellan was standing in front of the passage leading the fifth level, sensing that there was no more movement, his eyes flickered.   “It Quiet?”   “But I have to go take a look.”   While Magellan was ready to go down, Roja appeared while holding the unconscious Domino.   Several Guard and Jailers beside saw Roja and were relieved and said: ” Vice-Admiral Roja and Head Jailer Domino.”   “What’s wrong with Domino?”   Of course, some people looked worriedly at the unconscious Domino.   After Roja came up, He dropped Domino gently and held her shoulder so she won’t fall down: “She is just unconscious, Don’t worry and get her to someplace to rest.”   Someone immediately brought a stretcher and lifted Domino.   And at this time, Magellan looked Roja and said: ” Nothing bad happened right?”   “No, It’s just some of your prisoners are not obedient.”   Roja shrugged, Magellan responded with one sentence: ” Obviously.”   How can you be obedient if you were a prisoner in the sixth level of the Impel Down?   Magellan looked at Roja rubbed his eyebrows and said: “Since Roja-sama has finished his visit, you can go and rest, we’ll take care of those prisoners.”   Roja nodded and turned to leave, Magellan went to the sixth level, seeing that everything was in its place, he was confused, then he felt relieved.   After that, he hurriedly returned to his office in the fourth level, and immediately plunged into the toiled again.   …   As a Vice-admiral, Roja has the power to go in and out of the Impel down whenever he wants, Roja wasn’t fond of the atmosphere in the Impel Down, so he returned to the warship.   Back to his room, Roja thought about something and his eyes flashed a little.   When he was in the sixth level, that large-scale Haoshoku conflict was centered on him, although he was really strong, it was still quite hard to suppress so much Haoshoku.   But his hearing was strong, and his will was even more so, he was dead set on suppressing all that Haoshoku.   His strong will seemed to stimulate his soul

and soul sword, making his Haoshoku get even more powerful which made him instantly defeat the Haoshoku pointed at him.   Roja can clearly feel that if he retreated in front of those Haoshoku coming at him, then something really bad would’ve happened to him.   Fortunately, he didn’t retreat, his heart was strong, he wanted to win, he wanted to withstand all that power coming toward him and try to defeat it.   Feeling the joy coming from his soul Roja who was lying on his bed made the property bar appear.   The fourth stage: the soul of the delicate sword +3    Attributes: Attack + 540, Strength + 180, Agility + 180, Physical + 180   Special attribute: All things in the world turn to ashes – sword attack has additional fire damage (Evolution’s condition isn’t met)   Special attribute: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.   Special attributes: Getsuga Tensho – Can release an arc-shaped red energy attack.   Energy: 572 / 260.   “Really! This isn’t an illusion… It increased by so much” Roja looked at the Energy value and his eyes flashed with happiness.   Although at that moment, only the Haoshoku was upgraded somehow, he felt this was due to the strong will that his soul produced this transformation.   Perhaps When Roja came to this world he didn’t have the will of a king. but in face of the repression and rejection, his will transformed into such a strong will.   Never back down in front of anything, suppress all the kings!   With a thought, Roja hurriedly chose to upgrade his soul sword.   This time the Nergy value increased so much that he could do multiple upgrades at the same time, so this time he upgraded it two times.   blinking twice, the sword which was suspended in the air seemed more real than before.   The fourth stage: the soul of the delicate sword +5    Attributes: Attack + 660, Strength + 220, Agility + 220, Physical + 220   Special attribute: All things in the world turn to ashes – sword attack has additional fire damage (Evolution’s condition isn’t met)   Special attribute: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.   Special attributes: Getsuga Tensho – Can release an arc-shaped red energy attack.   Energy: 42 / 280.   He got closer

closer to the fifth stage again, Roja was looking forward to that day.   the next two weeks, Roja spent most of them in the fifth level of the Impel Down.   Roja didn’t worry when he practiced as the walls were made of Kairoseki.   In order to take advantage of the cold, Roja didn’t wear anything on top, he was using the heat generated from his body to resist the coldness that drilled into his skin.   Staying for a short time is nothing, it’s scary to stay for a long time.   The wolves didn’t even dare to come provoke Roja, they tried to attack him when they first saw him, but with a little Haoshoku, they were scared and didn’t dare to do anything anymore.   In this frozen hell, Roja was getting more powerful and also he mastered the thirteenth compression and is heading toward the next one slowly.     Chapter 174: Penetrate Roja stayed in the Impel Down for half a month, Most people are still talking about the loss of the Beast pirates. However, they knew that as long as Kaido isn’t dead then the beasts pirates is still a monster that countless forces fear.   The beasts pirates had no attention of retreating from their territory and no one dared to run wild there.   On the contrary, the Marines were having a hard time trying to rebuild the destroyed bases.   In this way, the sea was calm for nearly a month.   This time on an island that was about 10.000 meters above the sea, a figure was standing at the edge while looking down at the bottom.   Indeed, it was Kaido.   Kaido quietly stood on the edge of the empty island, no one dared to come forward to disturb him, behind Kaido, there were some pirates from his beasts pirates, they could only stand there while their foreheads were full of cold sweat.   “Kaido-sama… This idea is a bit crazy…”   “Shut up.”   After Kaido spoke they couldn’t say anything more.   The atmosphere suddenly changed.  

  In the next moment, Kaido under the gazes of those pirates jumped down.   This was a place more than 10.000 meters high.   Even if someone ordinary jumped and fell into the sea, he would definitively die.   “Kaido-sama really jumped…”   “This is …”   The bast pirates looked at each other, they didn’t know what to say, their eyes full of fear, this was their boss, even if this island was more than 10.000 meters above the sea, he still jumped.   After jumping Kaido was falling faster and faster.   Just below him appeared a building.   That is… The Impel Down.   …   Impel down.   Shiliew killed a few prisoners, and now he was wiping the blood from his blade, his injuries have long since healed, He challenged Roja again but he still wasn’t his opponent.   He couldn’t win so he was releasing his anger on the prisoners, although he killed them ruthlessly, he didn’t abuse this hobby too much.   “These trach prisoners are really boring, and Magellan wouldn’t let me kill people from the sixth Level.”   Shiliew had a cold expression, he shook his head and prepared to return his sword in the scabbard, soon an earth-shattering sound was heard, shocking the entire Impel Down. his face suddenly changed.   What happened?   …   On the other side, Magellan was arranging an interrogation report to pass to the headquarters.   Magellan stopped after just after finishing the report.   “Although nothing happened the past month, don’t reduce your vigilance and stay alert, Magellan.” On the other side of the call, Sengoku’s voice was heard.   Magellan nodded and said: “Yes.”   Afte hanging up, Magellan didn’t mind the warning, after all, the Impel down had never been invaded in its history, also nothing happened the last month.   “It has been a month, in two months Roja should return to the headquarters… Well with the strict supervision in these two months, it will be hard for them to fight again.”   Magellan touched his forehead.   And just as Magellan stood up and was ready to go to the toilet, Suddenly an earth-shattering Roar was heard, and the ceiling vibrated which almost made Magellan tumble.     Fortunately, he wasn’t just anyone so he instantly regained his balance.   “Damn! What happened? Did that bastard and Roja started playing again?”   Magellan was furious, even his body began to transform into venom. this time he was prepared to beat some sense into Roja and Shiliew, fighting inside the Impel Down is just too much.   Although Roja was here to assist them, Magellan was the chief warden of the Impel Down and here he is the boss!   Magellan went out of his room and moved toward the guards and asked.   “Where are Shiliew and Roja?”   Outside most of the guard had a terrified expression, they looked at the blood pool, and after hearing Magellan’s question, someone replied.   “Reporting to the chief warden, Vice-admiral Roja should be in the Freezing Hell and Shilew-sama should be in the Starvation Hell, they didn’t return yet.”   “Freezing Hell and Starvation Hell?”   Magellan suddenly revealed a strange expression, If Roja was in the Freezing hell and Shiliew was in the Starvation Hell, then it’s impossible for them to fight.   What’s going on?!   Just as Magellan was still in doubt, He noticed the weird expression on the guard around him. he couldn’t help but turn around and suddenly saw a big hole in the ceiling above the blood pool.   It was as if something had fallen from above.   Purupurupurupuru purupurupurupuru!   There was a call on Magellan’s den den mushi.   Magellan frowned and immediately picked up the phone, from the other side came a horrified voice.   “Reporting! There was an unidentified creature that has fallen from the sky and smashed  into the first level’s ceiling and continued moving down.”   “What?!”   Magellan looked astonished, Listening to this urgent report and then thought about the hole in the ceiling above the blood pool, his heart was instantly terrified.   Could it be that…   Sure enough, the next moment, Magellan continued to receive reports from the guards in the second and third floor about the same unidentified creature.   That thing descended from the sky and smashed into the Impel Down, it smashed its way into the fourth level,  only after it plunged into the blood pool did it stop.      

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