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Chapter 171: Eternal Hell
The next floor is the Level 3: Starvation Hell, After that the Level 4: Blazing Hell.

The third level is like a desert with dry and hot air, the pirates held here won’t get any water or good, all of them are basically half dead in that level.

Roja and Domino didn’t stop at this floor because there was nothing here so they directly moved to the next level.

In this floor, there was a pool filled with boiling blood heated by a raging fire making it extremely hot. Also, Magellan’s office is here.

When Roja Domino arrived here, after a few steps they met Hannyabal.

“Vice-admiral Roja! Welcome to my prison… Ah! I exposed my thoughts, Welcome to Impel Down’s fourth level, Blazing Hell.”

If Magellan looked like a devil then Hannyabal looked like a sphinx.

When Roja arrived at this world he saw too many big guys, but he remained undisturbed.


Roja casually asked.

His impression of this guys was Ok, although he has some unrealistic ambitions he is always direct.

People of this world have their shortcoming, but there is no absolute evil, they all doing things for their own purpose.

“The director is suffering from diarrhea… neglecting the guests, I will take the responsibility as the chief warden, ah wrong, Do I need to call him out?”

“There is no need.”

Roja’s mouth slightly twitched, he shook his head and moved forward.

This floor doesn’t affect Roja at all, even if he jumps in the boiling blood nothing would happen to him since his body isn’t that of an ordinary person.

As for Kaido even if he was thrown into a magma pool he won’t die.

After a tour, Domino put on a coat and walked out, while holding another coat for Roja.

“Vice-Admiral Roja, the fifth level is very cold, The temperature is really low, do you need a coat?”

“No need.”

“There is also ice wolves, so please beware.”

She didn’t need to hear Roja’s reply, Roja did not show any unexpected expression, but rather looked at him with more respect.

When they opened the door of the Freezing Hell and walked in Roja said: “The temperature is really low…”

Roja felt the sudden change from the hot to the cold temperature, he couldn’t help but think, this temperature is nothing to him but it may help him train.

he is now using weight to train and has so much difficulty to break his limit, perhaps he needs an alternative way.

Impel down is really a good place to practice.

Impel down was big, and outer walls were thick steel walls with a layer of kairoseki and in the middle, there is a shock absorption device.

Even if it is a giant seeking attack this place, it would be extremely hard to even leave a dent.

Of course, it wasn’t possible to build the interior of the Impel Down using Kairoseki or people like Magellan won’t be able to be here, so the ceiling and the floor are vulnerable.


Even wearing a coat, Domino seemed a little bit cold, her constitution is far from being comparable to Roja’s, in a trembling tone she said: “In this level, most prisoners would die from the cold.”

Roja smiled, maybe some pirates that he captured would be here, of course, he had his memory, so except Doflamingo, the rest should be here.

As Mihawk said, I can’t remember the name of every kid one by one.

This level is far more dangerous than the previous ones, even the wolves are more powerful than any monster on the other level.

Even when this level had such a low temperature, there was a den den muchi monitor installed.

Roja and Domino turned around and entered the passage for the next level.

Not anyone can enter the sixth floor, but Roja is a Vice-admiral so he had the privilege to enter.

The sixth level is known as the Eternal hell, in there, most people are famous pirates, some even could fight against the admirals.

“It seems the five and a half level wasn’t made yet, it seems Ivankov Of the revolutionary army wasn’t caught yet.”

Roja used his Kenbunshoku Haki to feel any presence but he still didn’t find anything.


“Someone is coming!”

“What is happening, is Whitebeard dead?”

After stepping into the sixth level, the pirates looked at them with grim and ferocious looks.

Now Magellan isn’t here, it was only Domino and a seemingly young vice-admiral, a lot of people looked at them with brutal eyes.

“Magellan didn’t come.”

“Hey hey hey, when did the sixth level a place for the Marines and jailer to come when they want?”

Some pirate said, he directed his words at Roja and started oppressing Roja with his momentum.

Followed by the second and the third…

There are many huge cells in the sixth level each present held powerful pirates, Kairoseki was used to build most of those cells unless it was someone like Kaido there is no chance for escape.

The pirates one by one released their momentum.

The entire floor turned dark, with an eerie feeling. Domino beside Roja seemed to see a dead sea, she paled and her heart almost stopped beating.


And at this time, Roja swept a glance at them.


Chapter 172: Haoshoku Haki conflict
The whole atmosphere on the sixth level was unbearable, and with Roja’s glance, the momentum exploded.

As if a thunder was striking down, there was a shockwave through the air.

Although most the people on the sixth floor are people with 200 or 300 million berry, those who can get in his eyes are a few.

At least his opponent’s bounty has to be in the 500 million and above for him to have the qualification, he at least had to have the power of one of the Disasters.

In the sixth level, there was a few with that kind of power.

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