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Chapter 170
Chapter 170: Roll! After Shiliew got down from the sky, Roja also returned to the ground, he stood in front of Magellan and the others and slightly laughed.   “Then in the coming few days, please take care of us.”   His tone was calm and gentle, but the blood on his body gave a very eerie feeling, so countless people felt cold.   To be able to fight such a fight then come down and smile like this, this guy isn’t a good guy.   This guy shouldn’t be provoked.   At the next moment, the officers helped transfer the prisoners into the prison.   …   Roja’s physique

was very strong, but he was slightly injured and it would soon heal. After a bath Roja returned to his clean appearance.   As for how did Shiliew leave, Roja didn’t pay attention to it.   At this time, Roja went to visit the prison.   Although there are many places he had a seen in his memory, they couldn’t compare to the real thing.   The first impression he got when he got here is, Impel Down in big.   This prison was like a steel island under the sea.   “Vice-admiral Roja, below us there is the underground prison.”   Leading the way was Head Jailer Domino, with long curly hair, wearing a sunglasses, her body lines were apparent but compared to Hancock

Hancock she was almost nothing.   Domino looked at Roja with eyes full of awe, and also she got an inexplicable feeling from him.   Powerful with extraordinary temperament.   If you see Roja for the first time you would think that he is just a good face. But after the fight, Domino was impressed.   “Really cruel.”   Following Domino, Roja came to a high platform, he looked down to see a world completely red, a forest full of sword trees, and the ground full of needlegrass.   Numerous prisoners were pinned down.   Domino pouted and chuckled then said: “This is the first layer only, if this can’t be cruel then the rest won’t be called hell!”   “What hell…”

“What hell…”   Roja slightly let his thought drift, then he remembered that the hell is for the soul or in other words the world after death, but he thought of his own identity.   He didn’t recover until Domino called him a few times.   “Let’s go.”   Roja nodded to domino, then went down with her to the beast hell.   The beast hell was holding a large number of special beasts, some of which were quite familiar with Roja because he encountered many in the first examination in the camp.   Ordinary people using guns and sword won’t be able to do anything to those beasts.   “Vice-admiral Roja, please be careful, even though those beasts won’t attack the guard they will attack others will attack others if they were attacked or if they were furious.”   Although she was aware of Roja’s power, she still couldn’t help but remind him.   “I know.”   Roja glanced at Domino and nodded.   He noticed that the attitude of this sister was not right, he couldn’t help but smile, did Hancock’s charm stick to him and now he could go anywhere and there will be fans of him?   In the second floor of the Impel Down, you could hear a loud roar from time to time.   Many pirates were held here, they stayed here with the fear of being eaten at any time.   Some people saw Roja and domino, but they dropped their head with despair.

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