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A+ A- Chapter 168-169
Chapter 168: Roja Vs Shiliew The power of Roja and Shiliew is strong beyond what those people can imagine other then Magellan.   Many Marines and guards looked at the confrontation in the sky and felt horrible.   When Roja’s blade swept away, the flames filled the sky which shocked most people.   “Flames…”   The only one who can be calm is only Magellan.   Since it can not be stopped, he can only watch the fight, and if there is anything unexpected, he will stop it before something big happens.   Magellan can only know Roja’s strength through the newspapers and the intelligence, but he didn’t know exactly how strong the latter was, and now seeing Roja and Shiliew fight, he could only nod his head secretly.   Roja’s strength was indeed close to Shiliew’s, if he wants to win over him, then that would be extremely impossible.   On the other hand, Magellan understood Shiliew’s power better than anyone.   …   “Interesting.”   Looking at the fire moving toward him, Shiliew waved his sword and split the flames in two.   At the same time, he moved in the air and threw a kick at Roja.   Rankyaku! (Tl: the kick from the Rokushiki.)   This kick was powerful not any inferior to a sword energy attack, this attack flew toward Roja.   Ding!   Roja waved his sword and stopped the energy, Roja didn’t try to learn this technique at all, he was only proficient in Soru and Moonwalk.   And he already mastered the two into a satisfying degree.   “It’s about time, the warm-up is over!”   Roja stood in the air, his eyes were ignited, he turned the sword toward the ground and let it go.   “Bankai, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!”   Against someone like Shiliew, Roja didn’t want to play around and use the Shikai, so he directly used the Bankai, he’s going all out.   However, the moment Shiliew saw Roja drop his sword, he felt weird but still attacked.   Shiliew was bloodthirsty, even if Roja was a Vice-admiral, he will not show any mercy, Even if Roja died, he didn’t care.   Although it’s a spar…   In a fight, injuries are inevitable!   Shiliew’s face held a cold expression.   But, He

was surprised to see that Roja retreated a little bit while a rippling appeared out of nowhere, suddenly numerous swords emerged from the void, directly turning into petals and blocked Shiliew’s attack.   “What is this?”   Shiliew looked at the cherry petals that appeared out of nowhere, but he didn’t hesitate and used Busoshoku to defend himself.   After just a little observation, Shiliew knew that those petals were like small sized blades, and once he was touched by one, unless he used Haki he will be ripped to pieces.   When Senbonzakura Kageyoshi is out, the situation suddenly turned around.   Originally, Shiliew thought that he had the upper hand, he thought he was stronger than Roja, Even though Roja’s Getsuga Tensho was strong, but it didn’t have any effect on Shiliew.   But now facing the cherry petals, Shiliew didn’t know what kind of ability this was so he directly retreated.   “So pretty, Is this a devil fruit ability?”   “This forced Shiliew-sama to retreat, it seems that those cherry petals are really dangerous.   A lot of guards looked at this scene while their eyes revealed their shock.   Even Magellan’s expression became more serious.   “He got something that allows him to make a strike stronger than Shiliew, his sword can release flames and also can break into these cherry petals, such strange abilities… Is this the origin of the name ‘Ghost Sword Roja’?”   He wouldn’t have pay any attention to the fight if he wasn’t afraid of those abilities.   Even if his poisonous dragon or any other trick were launched toward Roja, those cherry petals would break the attack or even cut it apart.   “At this rate, Shiliew has to go all out too.”   …   “Troublesome abilities.”   Shiliew was forced to retreat, his eyes were cold as he waved his sword while rotating, in an instant, numerous shadows appeared.   The trick is fast movement and also a higher level of Tobu Zangeki.   For Mihawk, his swordplay was equivalent to millions of swords, with only a sword strike, he can make a gally in the sky and cut it in half.   After attaining such a high level, Swordplay would become like a battle of tactics, with unbelievable power.   Om!   As Shiliew kept moving his swords, The cherry petals beside him burst open, suddenly he moved really fast toward Roja.   At this moment,

moment, Shiliew while person seemed to turn into a sword, he was full of killing intent, It gave the illusion of a bloody battle.   “This is really fast!”   Roja saw that Shiliew speed improved, this time Shiliew will probably go all out, So Roja also used his Kenbunshoku and Haoshoku this time, he reached his hand and a sword formed from the petals.   The two collided in the air.   Boom!   Shiliew proved that he is worthy to be nearing the Grandmaster swordsmen, While using his peak power and speed, he could resist most of Roja’s moves.   Shiliew and Roja had the same fighting style, There defenses are much weaker than Jack’s, but the attack is much stronger than even Doflamingo. =======   Chapter 169: Defeating Shiliew Most people who have the strength of Quasi-Admiral would have strong points and weak points, like Jack who got defense but not much in the attack, and Shiliew with his speed and attack power and low defenses.   Between that kind of people, it’s hard to know who is stronger.   Roja was still fighting Shiliew, who will come out as the winner we will have to wait and see.   Crash!   Roja used Getsuga Tensho then the sword turned into Cherry petals and attacked Shiliew who used his speed to cut the petals, his figure was flashing.   “Although these things are very powerful, it takes too much energy and attention to manipulate them, also there are some flaws too.”   Shiliew’s eyes flashed as he moved toward Roja extremely fast, suddenly he used a flaw he talked about and waved his sword at Roja.   Ding!   Roja’s figure moved away, his clothes were cut but he didn’t have any wound. Because before the sword touches him he used Busoshoku.   Roja’s Busoshoku wasn’t the strongest but at least in front of an attack like Shiliew’s, he could defend himself.   “Good Haki.”   Shiliew was looking and instead of smiling he was turning madder and madder, he was bloodthirsty, he was crazy.   “I am happy because I got new prisoners to kill, but I am also not happy.”   The attacks from Shiliew were getting stronger and stronger, he was like a crazy swordsman, he waved his sword at Roja while sometimes he defends against the petals but wounds would appear now and then   If Shiliew was attacking fiercely would Roja just watch?   As the fight got

fight got more intense, Roja’s attacks were getting stronger and stronger, he was not paying attention to defense anymore.   This was a terrifying fight, some Guards and Marine were about to faint from the dense killing intent.   “Is that Marine… Crazier than our chief?”   “He is a terrifying guy.”   A few guards looked with shock at the fight.   “But it looks like Shiliew-sama has the upper hand.”   “If it goes like this then Shiliew-sama will win.”   On the other side, Magellan was having a headache.   “Letting them fight like this is a little bit bad.”   Watching Roja and Shiliew getting injuries as they fight, he didn’t know if he should interrupt the fight or not, and if he tried but couldn’t the situation would get even more chaotic.   Fortunately, the two are fighting in the sky and not on the ground. if they fought in Impel down then it would surely be destroyed.   “Do you have any stronger moves? If not then you will definitively be the one losing.”   Shiliew didn’t care about his own injuries, his face held a crazy and grim look, if the fight continues, he was sure that he could receive serious injuries and kill Roja.   Regardless what Roja was, he is the chief of the Impel Down.   Roja didn’t have a good impression on Shiliew, this guy was too bloodthirsty, he betrayed the Marine to join the black beard pirates, he could only be a villain.   “Do you know that the villains have to die?”   Roja listened to Shiliew and sneered, then he put his sword in front of him.   the White Sword Emperor need time to prepare, although not long but it was a good choice to deal with Shiliew. So he was going to use another move.   Om!   Roja’s sword suddenly turned crimson red, and the atmosphere around it changed as if it would explode and shake the world.   Using his Kenbunshoku, Shiliew’s look changed.   The next moment Roja waved his sword.   Getsuga Tensho fused with the flames flew toward Shiliew, this can’t be considered Getsuga Tensho anymore, so Roja named it Bakuen Tencho.   Boom!   Horrifying heat comes out from the strike, it crashed down with the huge sword energy.   Roja launched this attack quickly, so Shiliew had no time to dodge, time to dodge, he could only go all out and try to face this attack head-on.   Bang!   Roars like thunder sounded from the sky with Roja and Shiliew at the center, mysterious waves swept all directions which made huge waves form at the sea.   The impact of this attack was too big.   Almost everyone was on alert.   Even the people on the underground floors of the prison felt it.   “This presence… Isn’t this Shiliew?”   “Who is he fighting against.”   Many prisoners felt the powerful strike. Even the guards and Marines were on the verge of fainting from shock.   Even Magellan was shocked.   I thought Roja will be defeated, but I didn’t expect him to have such a powerful attack.   Who was a winner?   …   Boom!   Shiliew couldn’t resist Roja’s attack.   Although he wasn’t as miserable as Jack, his body was had a countless wound from the evaporation blood.   The outcome was obvious.   “Did I… Lose?”   Shiliew fell down from the sky, he couldn’t get up anymore.   He never thought that he could lose.   Although he didn’t die, Roja’s injuries were minor, he was seriously injured and he lost the ability to fight, even if he could, the outcome was already clear.   “Shiliew Lost?”   Magellan looked at Shiliew, then looked at Roja who was still up in the sky, His face was full of shock.   Roja last attack, even he felt his heart shook, perhaps even with his fruit ability he would barely be able to resist.   Magellan didn’t expect Shiliew to lose, even though Roja defeated Doflamingo and Killed Jack the drought, He knew Shiliew’s power clearly, even an Admiral won’t find it easy to defeat him. (Tl: I don’t think so personally.)   Although Roja suffered some injuries, Magellan still couldn’t help but be shocked.   As for the Guards and Marines present, their faces had weird expressions, although they couldn’t tell what happened in that last attack, Shiliew losing was a fact.   The chief guard was a terrible monster, it’s not weird for them to lose against him, but for Roja to defeat him who is one of the two trump cards of the Impel Down.   What a powerful person!

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