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Chapter 162: White emperor sword: remake!
“This is Bad! Vice-admiral Roja is in danger!”

“Kaido is coming here.”

Seein Kaido angrily rushing toward Roja, all the Marine turned aghast, everyone was afraid to even get in his way.

On the other hand, the pirates that were chased by Roja before are showing excitement now.

“That Marine has angered Kaido-sama!”

“He’s dead!”

The pirates didn’t escape anymore but stood there with smiles all over their faces.

As if they were already seeing Roja dying under Kaido’s attacks.

Kisaru looked at this and his expression changed.

“Oh, this is not good!”

Kisaru pointed his finger toward Kaido’s back and fired a laser beam, it hit Kaido’s back and exploded creating a huge cloudy mushroom.

But in the next moment, Kaido ran out from the smoke without any apparent damage only a few imprint on his back which disappeared in an instant.

On the other side, Akainu couldn’t ignore Kaido’s action, he just took some actions but he moved slowly.

It was so slow that it didn’t have any effect on Kaido.

Roja just killed Jack, But he still got some power in reserve, so if something like this happened then he could do something.
Although Akainu was unhappy about Roja, he tried to block Kaido, he didn’t do it seriously and his face was flushed red as he said.

“Since you want attention… If you die here, you will be the Marines hero.”

In Akainu’s view, Roja’s entire family are criminals because of Dragon, If an average man’s family was the one who had the most wanted criminal in the world, it’s hard to save it.

And apart from Dragon, even Roja and Garp are all characters that completely do what they want to do, not orders from the world government nor justice, which made them unstable factors.

Roja will do anything.

In his eyes, Roja killed Jack and many other pirates, if he dies now, then his good deeds will freeze there, there won’t be any chance for betrayal anymore.

“Beast… Kaido!”

Looking at the Rampaging Kaido coming toward him, Roja’s heart was on high alert.


Kaito’s defense and resilience are much stronger than Jack also his attacks too, it may not even be lower than Aokiji and the others.

Kaido’s defeat in his life, was from him going alone against the Marine, or challenging a Yonko, in addition to those almost no one can win against him.

Roja’s eyes suddenly calmed down, he was now super focused.

Escape? impossible.

Not to mention that he will leave his back to Kaido, even with his character he won’t do something like this.

Even if he was Kaido so what? Since he came let’s attack.

“Getsuga Tensho!”

Roja suddenly clapped his hands and the petals turned into a sword then he waved.


The white sword energy hit Kaido.

Kaido after facing those hundreds of thousands of petals, he was a little angry, and now he didn’t even try to evade the Getsuga Tensho, he punched, and under this punch, the air in front of Kaido exploded.

“Your attacks tickle you little Brat.”

Kaido’s face looked at Roja as if looking at someone stupid, in his eyes Roja was already dead.


Kaido punched again and that punch collided with Roja’s sword energy, Blocking Roja’s strike consumed most the power from the punch and the remaining power didn’t do a thing to Roja.

However, Kaido punched again.

The left fist was blocked by Roja, and the right hand comes crashing down on Roja.

Seeing this Roja’s face sank, He used all his power to retreat away, Kaido’s first hit empty air, but still, the ground was full of crack that continued to spread like a spider web.

“His defense stronger than Garps, his attack power is about the Same of the Admirals, But that kind of combination is really troublesome, The whole person was like a mountain, even Garp would find it hard to push him back.”

After the brief confrontation, Roja had a general idea about Kaido’s power.

In this case, Roja used the remaining spiritual power and physical strength, and those hundreds of thousands of petals came together.

“Senbonzakura Kageyoshi… White sword Emperor!”

“No use, Die brat!”

Kaido Roared, his fist come down toward Roja’s face before the fist even falls, the pressure would make anyone find it hard to breathe.

In Kaido’s back, Sengoku and Aokiji had already rushed over, but it will be too late to stop this blow.

“There is no use? That not for you to decide.”

Roja looked at Kaido, not being timid even for a little bit, as he also released his Haoshoku.

If Kaido’s Haoshoku was like a general, The Roja’s Hoshoku was like the boundless sky.

At this moment, Roja waved.

Using Getsuga Tensho and also Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, this is His white sword emperor, he will use every bit of his spiritual power fo this attack after he reached the thirteenth compression this attack will be much more powerful than before.

For an instant, the world seemed to freeze, then it accelerated with Roja sword and finally, it hit Kaido’s fist.

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