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Chapter 161: The Horrifying Kaido The beautiful petals continued to fly, and whenever a Beast pirates saw it, he will see the death scythe of the Shinigami.   Many Marine officers began to step back. under Roja’s attack, there was no need for them there, they would only hinder him, so most people got out of Roja’s range of attack.   “Vice-admiral Roja is really strong!”   “His power is so close to that of an Admiral.”   Even some Vice-admiral which had the same rank as Roja, began to look at him with worship and reverence, although they all are Vice-admirals, apparently, Roja’s strength exceeded their’s, his position can’t be said a Vice admiral’s position anymore.   his power swept in all directions, the Senbonzakura under Roja’s control attacked all the beast pirates without hurting any Marine.   The beast pirates became helpless under Roja’s attack.   “Damn!”   “That bastard!”   The remaining two Disasters saw the massacre Roja’s created, they were furious and tried to get rid of the Admirals to stop Roja.   But their action Made Akainu furious.   Roja already defeated his opponent, while he an Admiral still didn’t finish off his opponent, this made his face feel hot and now his opponent wanted to get rid of him and go fight Roja.   This was simply intolerable!   Akainu’s heart was full of fury, his fist punched like crazy.   The three Disasters were not something easy to deal with after all, against two Admiral they withstood until now, Roja could cut through Jack was because Jack had a little problem in his head, coupled with Roja’s attack that could rival Garp’s attack.   Akainu’s punches could suppress his opponent and can also wound him but he can’t hit a deadly blow.
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