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Chapter 159: Fighting again, Jack the Drought The G6 base completely turned into a battlefield.   The most eye-catching fight was that of Sengoku and Kaido, while the two are fighting Aokiji is supporting the side.   By the power Kaido revealed, anyone who saw him for the first time was completely shocked, it was necessary for Sengoku and Aokiji to cooperate together so they can suppress Kaido.   The two Disasters were fighting Kisaru and Akainu, the fight was pretty much equal, the outcome won’t be seen anytime soon. However, Akainu and Kisaru weren’t just fighting the two Disasters, they were also attacking the pirates.   In addition to those three fights, there was another fight not inferior to these ones.   That is the fight between Roja and Jack.   While the two were fighting ice kept cracking, countless Marine didn’t dare to enter the range of their fight.   Before they think about helping Roja, they need to stop those pirates, and they can only do that as they almost didn’t have the qualification to intervene in that kind of a fight.   Jack rushed toward Roja, he wasn’t injured, his skin was really hard, but he also couldn’t hit Roja.   All the vice admirals were aware of this so they didn’t interfere.   Dong! Dong! Dong!   Roja’s figure was constantly flashing while he held Hiru is his hand which was dyed black.   The Petals attack were meaningless against Jack, So the only way is to defeat him using pure swordplay and Getsuga Tensho.   Roja has gone all out and Jack appeared full of blood and wounds.   Although all of those wounds were just scratch on the skin; it was extremely shocking for the people who knew Jack the Drought.   Many beast pirates were looking at this scene with awe.   “Unbelievable! Jack-sama… was actually hurt?!”   “Even Jack-sama couldn’t stop his attacks.”   Jack being suppressed was normal, he is a defensive type, he isn’t as flexible as Roja. But to be injured, it’s extremely rare!   Previously, Roja’s Getsuga Tensho wasn’t able to injure Jack, But now after enhancing his swordplay, Getsuga Tensho was capable of cutting Jack Busoshoku and body.   Roar!   Jack roared loudly, His left sickle put Roja’s sword away, while his right sickle was going down on Roja trying to cut him in half.   But the ice under Roja’s foot cracked as he directly used Soru.   He appeared away than again used Soru and attacked.   Wouch!   The sword energy hit Jack’s back, Jack instantly used Busoshoku on his back, but he still couldn’t completely block Roja blow and a bloodstain appeared on his back.   “Damn!”   Jack Growled, his two weapons fiercely moved toward Roja, Roja blocked them, suddenly his

nose stretched and while covered in Haki attacked Roja fiercely.   Roja moved back to avoid this attack!   Bang!   The huge nose hit the ground, Suddenly the ice crushed.   Roja saw this and rushed again without fear! When it comes to madness in a fight, Roja wouldn’t lose to Jack.   Dong! Dong! Dong!   Another light flashed and Jack’s body had a few more wounds.   “No use! your attacks can’t kill me!”   Despite blood gushing from his body, Jack didn’t panic, but his eyes were bloodshot while staring at Roja.   The first wounds he received have now healed, and the ones after that already stopped bleeding.   “What a terrible healing power!”   “With that much attack, Vice-admiral Roja could barely cut his defense… This is really one of the beast pirates’ three Disasters, Jack the Drought.”   Some Marine were shocked seeing what is happening, especially some Vice admiral who sucked in cold air, If they were in Roja’s place they won’t be able to break Jack’s defense.   Again jack rushed toward Roja.   “That super move you used last time, Why don’t you use it again?”   Jack waved his weapons and wanted to rip Roja to pieces.   Last move… White Emperor Sword?   Roja looked at Jack while resisting his attacks, his face revealed a sneer while his eyes flashed with a fierce light.   Wouch!   Roja parried Jack’s attacks then suddenly used Soru, He appeared tens of meters away and put Hiru in front of him.   This wasn’t the action he used to use Senbonzakura or Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.   “Condense!”   With Roja’s murmur, Hiru’s blade turned red, then it turned Golden.   There wasn’t any flames pouring out of it and no heat coming from it.   “What is this?”   Jack’s eyes were cold, his looked at this in disdain, even when Roja used his last move, he had confidence in stopping it.   Jack continued to rush toward Roja.   after Hiru’s blade turned red then gold, Roja stood there quietly, he seemed to release a momentum in all directions. ======   Chapter 160: Why would I need White sword emperor to kill you? “If Getsuga Tensho can be used along Senbonzakura, than so can the flames.”   “Flames can be used from within, It doesn’t need to go out.”   Looking at Jack rushing toward him, Roja bowed slightly, put one of the best strength postures, he held his sword and jumped at Jack.< /div>

  The Golden Hiru in his hand directly moved.   “Getsuga Tensho!”   (Tl: Probably I miss translated this before, Getsuga Tensho he used was blue-white not red.)   it still the same Getsuga Tensho, but the difference is that It’s not blue-white as usual, it was Red.   It was no longer like the moon, but instead, it was like the scorching sun, it was so bright that who look at it will think that the sun came down.   Wouch!   The next moment, that strike collided with Jack.   Some golden light hit Jack and the rest fall in the distant ice. Suddenly the ice began to melt.   Silence.   The sickles are Jack’s hands broke off as if they were rotten wood.   Meanwhile, At the same time, a sharp thread appeared on Jack’s neck but there was no blood because it had already evaporated due to that strike.   “Why would I need White sword emperor to kill you?”   Instead of looking back, Roja made Hiru return to normal, While it returned the wind made Roja’s cape flutter gently.   Jack’s eyes had a trace of unbelief, It seemed like he wanted to raise his hand to his neck but he still failed.   Finally, his body fell to the ground.   Without any trace of blood.   Jack’s defense is certainly tyrannical, But after the fusion between Roja’s Cremate and Getsuga Tensho, All the wounds in his body helped, as Roja used them with his last strike to evaporate Jack’s blood.   Those scars were what brought Jack down.   From those skin wounds, the temperature invaded his body and burnt his blood.   Although Jack is powerful he wasn’t at the level of Kaido, in the face of such attack there is no way he could resist.   “Hey! Stop kidding! Jack-sama!”   “This is impossible!”   “Jack-sama get up quickly! you’re a Disaster that will not be knocked down!”   The beast pirates looked at this scene with horror, Watching Jack fall down and not moving anymore, they couldn’t help the fear that invaded their hearts.   And almost at the Moment that Jack fell down, The whole battlefield, including the other two Disasters, As well as the Three Admirals, also Sengoku and said, almost at the same time, they turned their heads to look with a shock filling their faces.   “He actually…”   Akainu and Kisaru were fighting against the other two Disasters, despite them holding the advantage, but to defeat them completely, it won’t be possible in such short time.   And Roja already… Won!   “That last attack invaded Jack’s blood and burnt his blood? That guy is terrifying!” The other two Disaster looked at Roja with Horror.   “Arara, Beautifully done!”   Aokiji who was supporting Sengoku

supporting Sengoku in suppress Kaido laughed.   Any assistance that can use the Kensbunshoku Haki could already tell that when Jack fell down he really died.   Beast pirates, one of the three Disaster, Jack the drought… Dead!   From the moment Roja got the Soul System, All the abilities he got from there can be fused together, except for the large consumption of the spiritual powers, there is no limit!   And if you have enough Reiatsu then you can fuse those abilities to your heart content.   Before, he fused Getsuga Tensho and fused it with Senbonzakura to get White sword emperor.   “Bankai, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!”   After killing Jack, Roja glanced at the distance where Kaido and the others were fighting, he didn’t go there instead he let go of his sword again and used the Bankai.   In the sky once again countless petals appeared, and at once they swept toward the beast pirates.   If it weren’t for Sengoku and Aokiji holding Kaido while the other two admirals Holding the two Disaster, then the Marine would have the advantage.   But In those low-level combat, although Roja and the three admirals helped by reducing their numbers, the Marines still found it difficult to resist the Beast pirates.   The beast pirates weren’t some small group, even if the lowest pirates in there would be like a thousand pirate from a normal pirates’ groups.   Even if the Marines gathered 40 000 Marine, it is still far behind the 100 000 pirates, and of the 40 000, only a 30 000 can be called elite.   And the state of the battlefield was balanced.   In those high-level fights, the Marine held the upper hand, and in those low-level ones, the pirates had the advantage, so generally, you can’t say which side will emerge with the victory.   Because even if Akainu and Kisaru defeated those two Disasters, by that time, the Marine would have received some serious Casualties, even if they win where the number of casualties is close, it won’t be considered a win.   And now, that balance will be broken.   With Roja’s fighting strength, he alone would break that balance.   Jack came to suppress Roja but failed, so now Roja will dominate the battlefield!   “Ruun… Fast!”   The beast pirates looked at petals in the sky and fear filled their eyes.   Before they saw those petals and what they can do.   But even if they tried to flee, they still won’t be able to escape the chase from the petals. under Roja’s control, The Senbonzakura was like a storm of blades.   Some strong one from the beast pirates tried to resist Roja but he still was easily defeated. What Roja is doing now is a complete slaughter.   Ghost Sword Roja is unstoppable!   The original Suppressed Marine gained the upper hand against the bast pirates when Roja began his slaughter, the his slaughter, the battle was completely reversed. 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