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Chapter 157: Roja’s making a move
The Magma fell like meteors, it smashed the ice below, And although it was blocked by the ice, it still melted it quite a bit.

And as soon the ice was melted the water started to flow.

And of course, this wasn’t a good sign for the devil fruit users.

“Go Go, Quickly reach the island!”

“Follow Kaido sama!”

The beast pirates roared one after the other as they crazily rushed forward.

Kaido’s power was almost invincible even an admiral will find it hard to resist his power, not to mention, the three Disasters is also present, so it will be really hard to block their path.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Kisaru and Akainu’s attacks intertwined and roared like thunder.

With the beast pirates getting closer, the officers in front of the base tightly held their weapons.

The person in the front was Roja.

This scenario has long been simulated in Roja mind many times, but seeing the real thing was shocking, the three admirals abilities really something, each one of them had the ability to destroy the island.

Perhaps they can’t stop Kaido, but their potential is really something else.

“Jack is still here, he really didn’t die.”

Roja’s eyes shifted from the three admirals and fell on the beast pirates incoming, and exactly on Jack the Drought.

Jack not dying didn’t give Roja much surprise, he already expected it.

“This distance should do.”

Looking at the beast pirates incoming, A touch of excitement appeared on Roja’s face as he pulled his Hiru.

This Saijou O Wazamono sword was really eye-catching.

“Bankai, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!”

Roja turned his sword down and let it go, and under him, a water like a ripple formed as the sword fell down and swallowed by it.

Following that, in the eyes of countless shocked Marines, Ripples gradually appeared behind him, Huge blades emerged from the ground then suddenly shattered into Cherry petals.

“It’s here!”

“This is one of the Ghost Sword’s abilities!”

Some Marines who had seen this before had their eyes flashing while looking at Roja.

And those who didn’t see this scene before couldn’t help but exclaim loudly.

“What is this ability?”

“Wow… it’s so beautiful!”


Some Marine looked at the Cherry petals in the sky amazed and others were suspicious as they didn’t know what those petals were.

On the battlefield pirates directly looked at the sky that was filled with cherry petals.

“What the hell is this?”

“Beware of it, it must be some weird ability!”

In the beast pirates not many knew about Roja’s ability, and when they saw the petals, they were unsure of what it was but still were vigilant.

But their vigilance was for nothing.

Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!

When the petals fall down into the crowd, in a second, screams sounded and blood spilled.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

The screams sounded one after another.

Blood was dripping on the battlefield, The petals were beautiful but also fearful and very powerful, which made most pirates reveal a look of horror.

“This is…”

“What is this terrifying power, what is this terrifying ability!”

“Ghost sword… Roja?”

Beast pirates were falling one after the other under the attacks of the petals, and the people who could defend were very few.

Whether the ones under attack or the ones looking all you could see in their faces was horror as the sky was filled with cherry petals.

What a shocking scene!

Not only pirates were shocked.

Those officers of the Marines all showed their shock on their faces.

Kisaru was fighting Kaido while glanced at what is happening on the other side then said: “Wha a strange ability, His really a monster, Mr. Garp’s nephew…”

“Is this the ability he used to defeat Doflamingo?”

After taking a Glance, Akainu didn’t have time to look again as he punched violently at Kaido, at the same time Kaido punched.


The two fists collide, and Akainu was on the losing side, obviously, one on one he wasn’t Kaido’s much at most he could hold him.

Roja ignored Kaido and Akainu’s fight as he stood in front of the square manipulating his petals to continue attacking the pirates.

Roja will absolutely be an Admiral in the future, he was the rising star of the headquarter, and his actions brought shock comparable to The three admirals’.

Roja blood was boiling as his hands spread upward.

After his actions, the petals in the sky spread into two parts, and each one formed a hand that was raised in the sky.

“Not good!”


Some pirates saw this scene and under their horror, they started to flee to both sides, unfortunately, their speed wasn’t comparable to the petals’ speed.


With Roja’s backhand come down, the two giant hand in the sky like dragons came down from the sky!

With the petals down, as long as those pirates didn’t use Busoshoku then they can only die with their blood splashing everywhere, and even if they used Busoshoku, not many can defend against the petals!

Chapter 158: War
The Admirals’ moves were enough to affect the entire battlefield, so they were directly blocked by the three Disasters.

and following them, Roja’s power had the same effect on the battlefield. If they don’t stop him, then most of the pirates will die.

“Let me stop him!”

Jack was in his semi_human shape, his eyes were bloodshot, and looked at Roja with a crazy killing intent.

“Hey, Jack what are you doing?”

Next to Jack, another Disaster was fighting with Aokiji.

“I must kill that guy!”

Jack roared and rushed directly at Roja, He didn’t consider whether he could kill Roja or not.

Before, getting defeated by Roja was too shameful for him, and that fight was in the air mostly, he wasn’t as flexible as Roja, but now the fight is on the ice If he is on the land that he won’t be afraid of anyone.

How can there be a drought in the sea? Only on the land could he really be the real drought.

“He is coming!”

“Beast pirates three Disasters… Jack the drought with a bounty of 800 million berry!”

The Marines looked at Jack pushing people from his way and were a little bit afraid.

“Does he think that I am that easy to kill?”

Roja saw Jack rushing over and without hesitation smiled, he gasped the air and suddenly a sword formed from the petals.

Jack was already in front of Roja.

With Roja speed he could easily avoid Jack, but if he did that the Marines behind him will be slaughtered by Jack.

More importantly… will Roja retreat?

Absolutely not!

“Come then, I defeated you last time and I will do the same now!”

Roja held the sword in his hand and looked at Jack, suddenly the sword fell.

“Getsuga Tensho!!”


A crescent-shaped Sword energy flew toward Jack, this attack was much stronger than the time when he fought with Jack.

Jack looked at the attack coming toward him and waved his weapon to welcome it.


The Huge Sword energy as if carrying tens of thousands of pounds come crashing at Jack, The ice under his legs cracked open. He used Busoshoku to try resisting the pressure but still couldn’t, sparks kept on flying from the collision until he was smashed into the ice.

After the Getsuga Tensho disappeared, there was no trace of Jack anymore, there was only a human-shaped hole in the ice.


Someone from the Vice-Admirals gulped down his saliva, This scene may seem not as shocking as releasing thousands of petals to kill the pirates, but the vice-admirals deeply understood the horror of such strike.

with one strike from Roja, even one of the three Disasters of the beast pirates was smashed into the ice?

His swordplay is really incredible!

Momonga who fought Roja before was clear in his heart, if he was in Jacks position he won’t be smashed into the ice, he would’ve been dead.

That’s right!

Roja’s strike was indeed fearsome, the terrible thing is that it is three time the normal attacks.

Even without reaching the grandmaster level, with just reaching the fifteenth compression he would have the strength to compete with them.


As soon as the vice admirals were shocked of Roja’s power, a sound of Kacha Kacha was heard under the ice, Then the ice surface exploded and Jack came out, he jumped out and fell in the square.

“That guy is stronger than before?”

Suddenly Jack mind was uncertain, but his mind had some problems, he didn’t think about it anymore. he glared at Roja again and Roared.

Roja saw this and didn’t fear him, he waved his sword at him.

The vice admirals didn’t come to assist Roja, they knew that Roja can win against Jack, after all, he defeated him once.

Kaido took the lead, even if Aokiji, Akainu, and Karu wanted to stop him, they can only drag him for some time.

Kaido was like an invincible beast, he moved forward crazily.

Behind him, the other two Disasters followed behind as well as a group of pirates.

The war now was in it’s most intense moment!

“Heis about to arrive?”

Sengoku who was watching the battlefield said.

“If so then I will also make a move.”


Sengoku figure began to grow and then turned into a Buddha statue, then he comes crushing from the sky directly toward Kaido.

This was Sengoku’s devil fruit.

This is the Human-Human Fruit, Model Buddha!

“Take this!”

Sengoku shouted a palm come down with terrifying impact toward Kaido, and the earth suddenly began cracking before the palm even touch the ground.

The beast pirates saw that Sengoku come down and a touch of madness overwhelmed them as they began shouting.

While the Marine moved forward together after Sengoku made his move.

Finally, the war officially started!

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