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Chapter 154: Vice Admirals’ Entrance

“Kaido… that troublesome guy.”

“Is Sengoku’s arrangement going well over there? What are the odds?”

“This war must be won at any cost!”

The five old man was concerned about the things happening in the new World, Kaido was always a troublesome character, he was more troublesome than Whitebeard or Shanks.

“If we can call the Shichibukai the odds will improve a lot!”

“Shichibukai system was just established, Even if we were to call them most of them won’t come and the few who would come will take too long to reach there.”

The five old man continued talking about the war.

This time, although they didn’t send the Cps to support the Marine, they secretly did many things, like controlling the public opinion and exerting pressure on the major forces so they won’t intervene in the upcoming war, they even sent a large number of ship to help the Marine move and so on.

After destroying the G9, G8, and G7 they begin to focus their forces toward the G6.

At this time, Most of the Marines held their firearms, bunkers and other things, Those below the officers rank were gathered in the harbor.

As for those officers they were eating and resting to be prepared whenever the enemy arrives.

The beast pirates destroyed the G7 after that they lost all news about them.

Ships were dispatched to monitor the breast pirates movement, but they were directly discovered by them and were exterminated.

If they can’t grasp their specific position, then no one else couldn’t, so everyone focused on the G6.

In any case, this is clearly the real battlefield.

They just need to stay here and wait for them.

Since this wasn’t expected, there wasn’t any live broadcast prepared for this war.

But even so, many forces were using their own resources to spy on the G6.

If Kaido directly attacked the Headquarters directly then his chances would be almost zero. However, Kaido was destroying every Marine base in the new world which resulted in the Marine going to the New world entirely for the war.

No one could guess the outcome of this war.

The Normal people in this world although not so capable, they pray for justice to prevail.

If the Marine can’t defeat Kaido, then the world would be plunged by chaos.

 At this time in the G6 base.

More than 40 thousand Marine elite were gathered and waiting.

Not everyone can maintain their calm, most of the Marines were nervous, After all, they were facing one of the Yonko, The Beast Kaido!

“Look the officers are out.”

In this tense atmosphere, someone shouted, this caused many people to turn around and look at them.

What they saw were the officers coming out with a murderous aura around them, those were the

backbone of the Marines.

Their appearance and their imposing aura diluted the tension on the field, Many of the Marine looked at their boss.

“That is vice admiral Momonga as well as vice-admiral Yamakaji…”

Every vice admiral was present, those who saw their chief couldn’t help but call with respect.

Among them, Roja figure appeared, but this time many eyes fell on his body.

“It’s Vice admiral Roja! Sure enough his here too.”

“This is really great!”

There are few Marines that saw Roja fighting, they couldn’t help but be awestruck with their mouths open wide, especially those who were out with him the last time.

Most of the Marines, even if they didn’t see Roja they heard of him, especially after being the one defeating Jack and initiating this entire war, his name soared.

“Is that Roja, the one known as Ghost sword Roja?”

“His look is very ordinary… But he should be strong!”

Not seeing Roja’s force before, some Marine looked at Roja with awe, and some other tone was different.

“Of course, Vice-admiral Roja is said to be the strongest among his ranks!”

“Capt- captain?”

“Captain commander didn’t seem to be here, But I won’t lie about that!”

As the argument grew louder, Many Marines didn’t talk about Roja’s strength but also his identity, talking about Garp and so on.

While they were arguing the tense atmosphere completely disappeared.

All of the Vice admirals including Roja moved while looking at the Marines and stop in front of them in the square, their bodies were upright and their cape was fluttering in the wind.

Although Roja was the youngest Vice-admiral, he was the one leading all the others.

“we followed you unconsciously, Roja.”

Momonga with his sword on his waist looked at Roja and said.

If Roja just defeated Doflamingo, then it’s nothing, but he also defeated Jack one of the three Disasters which proved his power that is above all the others vice-admirals.

“Roja be careful later and don’t push too far.”

Roja was standing beside Yamakaji who was smoking a cigar, his words are the same words Aokiji said, because Roja was the one to ignite this war, the Beast pirates would very likely target him.

Roja stood in the camp, he can just defend and not attack, if he rushed out, gis safety won’t be guaranteed, it’s even possible that Kaido would go for him personally.

“Thanks for your reminder.”

Roja smiled at Yamakaji, toward his friends, Roja was always friendly.

Yamakaji was a disciple of Z, he also received many favors from Garp, so he would always take care of Roja, but now Roja was more powerful than him.

He was still worried that the beast pirates would target Roja.

If Roja encountered any danger in the war, he would do his best to support him.

Yamakaji thought in his heart.

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