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A+ A- Chapter 143-144
Chapter 143: The encounter and the battle Roja’s task was to monitor the beast pirates, he didn’t need to initiate a fight, and when he faced them he should avoid them.   But will Roja really do that?   Roja’s hands were itchy, he wanted a good opponent for his practice.   In addition, Kaido was still battling with shanks, He didn’t know when he would come back, but even if he was here why not fight?   (Tl: Because this is f**king Kaido we’re talking about.)   The most powerful thing about Kaido is his immortal body, but since Whitebeard could defeat him them he should have a weakness, and this weakness probably is his slow movement and the like.   Even if it’s difficult for Roja to defeat him, he has confidence that he could fight with for some time, and also even if he couldn’t beat him he can escape and Kaido won’t be able to hold him.   The Marine found Kaido troublesome because even if they could suppress him, he won’t lose a thing and his body would heal but they might lose many lives.   Can Roja alone beat Kaido? He didn’t have Many people with him and also he wasn’t an Admiral, but among the threat of the Yonko, Kaido held the smallest amount toward him.   …   Not far From Roja’s warship, The pirates’ ships were under the command of Jack,  one of the three right hands of Kaido known as Disasters, he is Jack the Drought.   Their goal wasn’t originally Roja’s warship, but they directly changed their course toward them.   “Sheepshead-sama, we still have important this to do, let’s let the others clean up the Marines.”   A pirate nervously said to Sheepshead.   “Moron!”   Sheepshead glanced at the Pirate and said:” Those Marine aren’t here to fight, they are here to monitor our movement and let the others handle the rest. What will we do?”   “However, Jack-sama is still waiting to send that thing over…” The Pirate said nervously to Sheepshead.   Hearing this, Sheepshead coldly looked at the pirate and said: “What is your meaning? Jack isn’t here, Do you think I will

screw things up?”   Sheepshead respected Jack, But if one of his pirates questioned his authority, it would be impossible for him to tolerate.   Sheepshead was angry, the pirate didn’t dare to speak anymore as he revealed a touch of heartlessness, he couldn’t only turn to the warship in the distance and exposing a ruthless look.   Since it’s already decided, then he will first dispose of the warship then go back to what had to do.   The warships that appeared in front of the beasts pirates the past few years were completely exterminated.   “Start firing!”   After getting in their Fire range, the beast pirates were first to open fires, a large number of cannon balls flew toward the warship.   Roja saw that the enemy opened fire, he didn’t rush like always but instructed the soldiers to also open fire. The cannon balls didn’t reach the Ship as the of them were stopped.   After all, this was the new world, not the west blue, all the officers were stronger, even a captain from here was stronger than a rear admiral from the west blue.   “This is really better.”   This time, Roja didn’t stop the Marines under him from fighting. In the past, he was always fighting alone, As they weren’t strong enough.   Boom! Boom! Boom!   As the ships were getting nearer and nearer, the Shells were getting harder and harder to block. Roja just drew his sword randomly.   Wouch! Which!   Under Hiru’s strikes, the seven to eight cannonballs stopped in mid-air then split in two.   After stopping those Shells, Roja looked at the Pirate ship in the distance and waved his sword.   “Getsuga Tensho!”   Today, Getsuga Tensho was almost like a normal attack for Roja, The strike was huge, the same size of the warship as it flew toward the pirates’ ship.   The Huge sword Energy split the sea apart and made a terrifying deep gully.   “What?”   Sheepshead who was on the deck of his ship, saw the strike coming toward him and was surprised, apparently he didn’t expect to encounter a master on that warship.   Seeing this Strike,

Strike, he knew that the one who unleashed it wasn’t an ordinary Marine.   However, Sheepshead had to react or else his ship would be split by the huge strike, so he could only try and block that attack.   Om!   The next moment, Sheephead two arms deformed and were turned into sheep horns, those horns suddenly turned black with a metallic luster as he rushed towards Roja’s strike.   “Sheepshead-sama!”     The other pirates saw the strike and were terrified, and were more horrified when Sheepshead went to block the strike head-on.   Sheepshead bit his teeth tightly and used his two hands to try and force the strike away.   =======   Chapter 144: Want To Escape?   Clang!   The friction between Sheepshead hands and Roja’s strike produced sparks and a numbing sound.   The power of that sword strike is beyond Sheepshead imagination.   Even though he is someone under Jack one of the three disasters in the Beasts pirate, but his strength is that of a Commodore at best, facing Roja, he was already vulnerable.   Boom!   Even if Roja used his normal strikes, Sheepshead would still find it hard to resist their strength, Sheepshead was pushed due to the power of the strike and finally that energy exploded, then Sheeps head came out with a bloody body and flew away.   At the same time, on the side of the pirate’s ship, cutting marks started to appear, it directly formed a huge Gap.   “How is it possible for Sheepshead-sama to lose…”   “Just who was that person who attacked!”   The pirates looked with horror filling their faces, then they saw Roja standing on the deck of the warship with his sword in hand.   Some people didn’t know him, Some people found him a bit familiar and for some time they couldn’t be sure of who he is. Still, some recognized him and suddenly their pupil shrunk.   “He is… Ghost sword Roja!”   “Ghost sword Rojaa, The name is so familiar, Wasn’t he the one who defeated Doflamingo?!”   Most pirates and mostly Beasts pirates don’t pay attention to the names of Normal Marine officers, They know the Admirals and Vice-admirals

and Vice-admirals but not below that, after all, it is almost impossible to know all of them.   And although Roja wasn’t a Vice-Admiral when he defeated Doflamingo, he was an exception, Not only is he special but he is also Garp’s nephew who defeated Doflamingo.   “This is bad… Really bad!”   Recognizing Roja’s identity made all the beasts pirates’ faces sink, they were scolding their boss in their hearts, Then they thought that if Jack was here Roja won’t be able to do a thing.   But Jack wasn’t here if they want to defend against Roja’s attacks it will be hard.   “Damn it! Retreat!”   Sheepshead was covered by blood but fortunately for him, Roja attack wasn’t focused on him as it hit the ship and some other pirates in its way, So he wasn’t seriously injured.   Even so, taking that one attack made him realize that he isn’t Roja’s opponent, He started regretting his carelessness, Who could guess that this Random warship had the Ghost sword Roja on it?   If he was near the territory of the beasts pirates he wouldn’t have anything to worry about, even so he wouldn’t start a fight with Roja as his task wasn’t fighting Marine but transporting some goods, if something went wrong, then even if he wasn’t killed by Roja then Jack would kill him.   Boom! Boom!   The fight between the two ships was still going until the beasts pirates’ ship seemed uninterested anymore and turned around to flee.   The ship had a powerful engine even if it isn’t something comparable to the one on the warship, they would only need to go for a little bit to reach Kaido’s territory as they thought that the Marine won’t dare go in their Boss’s territory.   But, they were facing Roja and they want to escape?   Seeing that the Pirate ship took the initiative to retreat, all the Marine were stunned a little bit because this was a pirate ship under one of the Yonko, they didn’t expect to see them run.   Looks like they were sacred, Roja was slightly disappointed, So he directly stepped out of the warship and jumped in the air beside the pirates’ ship.   “Scatter, Senbonzakura!”   Roja gently lifted Hiru in his hands and used Senbonzakura, and used Senbonzakura, suddenly beautiful Cherry petals went directly toward the pirates’ ship and made a bloody hell on it.   Those Cherry petals were like a flower from hell, it actually covered the ship, The Marine looking at this scene swallowed their saliva.   Basically, all of them knew that Roja defeated Doflamingo, but they didn’t Know the detail, Like what ability did Roja use, This was the first time they saw the combination of beauty and horror, they were extremely shocked.   Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!   Under Senbonzakura’s petals, Even Sheepshead fell victim to the bloody petals.   With a thought, All the petals gathered on the hilt of Hiru and returned back to the normal blade, Then Roja returned to the warship.   “Go clean that mess!”   Originally, Roja thought that he will encounter one of the three disasters after all their Bounty was about 700 million.   …   In the beasts pirates’ territory, In the center of some island, Two out of three disasters were sitting opposite to each other, they were drinking at eating.   One of them was jack the Drought.   When Jack appeared in the original story his bounty was one billion berry, but that was almost 12 years later, Jack seemed to be a lot younger now but he is extremely strong.   But his bounty was only 800 million.   In front of Jack, there was another Disaster who was talking to Jack while drinking wine.   “Do you know when will Kaido-sama return?”   “No, I don’t.”   Jack looked stiff, he seemed the type that isn’t good at talking.   It seems not only Jack was the drought, even his ship only knows destruction, it has an aura of death around it.   Although he was badly beaten last time, he wasn’t killed or Caught, To some extent, he had extraordinary strength, If he was facing Sengoku and Fujitora, no one knows how long can he stay alive.   While drinking wine, Jack looked the one sitting across with a Hehe smile and said.   “Hey, We just found a rare Devil fruit, Kaido-sama will be happy when he comes back, they are about to arrive now.”

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