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Chapter 14 : Torch!

This time she couldn’t know who started running first the wold or Roja but she was vertain about something … Roja is way faster.

Honoo no tsuki fomed a red bloody arc in the air.Like a sunset it was beautiful but also contain a touch of murder.

Roar !

The Giant green wolf is a level 2 monster so it reacted fast. The wolf felt that if it continued to try biting and didn’t retreat it will die by Roja’s sword.

If this was an ordinary wolf it go no way out.But this is after all a level 2 monster so naturally they werent the same .

but despite that it couldn’t avoid Roja’s strike completely and a part of its flest was cut and instantly blood spilled through the air.

Red blood died the ground like a blooming flowers.

Roja didn’t stop his attack after the wolf avoided his strike and the next moment swept his sword over its head.

Roar !

The injured worlf hair stood seeing Roja’s sword coming down at it .It directly opened its mouth to stop the strike and to force the sword out of Roja’s hands.

However seeing his Roja laughed.

There was a trace of helplessness in his laugh and also a trace of mercy.Watching the wolf he shook his head slightly.

“Why … why bite my sword?”

almost at the next moment a flames brusted from the sword directly into the wolf mouth directly to its belly.

the next moment the wolf like it just reseaved an electric shock diretly released the sword and couldn’t even scream.

its whole body shook twice and the wolf directly puffed down to the ground his mouch let out a weak flame .

looking at this scene Hina revealed an incredible look.

“Dead… It died !!!!”

From the beginning to the end ,from where he first stiked to where the wolf died ,almost all of that happned in the blink of an eye.

Hina couldn’t even understand how that giant wolf died.

Although she could go one on one with the wolf but if she attacked like Roja she would be killed in an instant.

This is simple … Impossible .

“You you …”

Hina looked at Roja in disbelief.Her impression of him was : he can’t beat anyone , his phisical strength is the weakest, every time running he will come last.

It’s like the person changed completely.

“i don’t know . is this considered as joint kill or a single one ?”

Roja had a hehe smile and his mouth made a evil arc and his eyes where burning with excitment.

Hina still looked at Roja in shock with a pair of crystal clear eyes.Showing how shocked she wa by the fact that Roja just killed the wolf.

And at this time

Countless monster come surging from all direction like crazy which made Hina awake from her shock.

In the forest many shadows appeared with bloody red eyes .

Emitting a freezing killing intent that made Hina feel as if she fell into an ice basin.

When Roja beheaded the wolf the smell of blood made all those monster violent.

If the smell of barbecue attracted the monsters then the smell of blood will make them violent.

Although Hina beleived Roja now about him killing the ape But even so against so many monster what will he do.She thought they were unfortunate this time.

Hina’s heart was cold while she was thinking about a way for her and Roja to go out of this place But all the monster turned completly violent.


At least dozen of ferocious creatures issued a Roar that reverbrated through the entire forest.

Although many recruit heard this they didn’t come over to look as they were afraid.Even if the assessment is for them to kill Monster they wouldn’t go to place full of them as they weren’t looking to die this early.

They thought that the monster are hunting not the other way around.

Almost in a blink of an eye the entire forest turned into chaos.The monster began to fight each other for the ape and other monster saw Hina and Roja as food.

The monster already blocked all direction so Hina suddenly went pale from fright.

“Were finished.”

Hian said in her heart.

However standing by her side Roja who didn’t reveal even a trace of panic but rather his mouth revealed a little evil smile.

Roja sword in his right hand as he brought it to the left and suddenly waved from the left to the right.It didn’t seem special it’s seemed as a normale wave of a sword But a ray of hot Looking flames suddenly burst out from were the sword passed.

“Sword Torch!!”


Roja’s honoo notsuki turned red coaxed by flames from left to right until it connected together into a circle wrapping Roja and Hina in it like a ring of fire.

This flame was somewhat wea but after it connected and fromed this fire ring a hot burst of flame come crushing into the surrounding area and spread out for several meters.

The monsters rushing almost all were hit by the flame wall.Suddenly you could hear roars of pain from all the surrounding monsters.

Most the Monster that touched the flames for a moment stopped then started rolling on the ground in pain.

And some continued and euched into the flame to find Roja waiting for them with his sword and all of them were cut by him.

The flame ring continued to stretsh from ten meters in range as the flame continued surging.

The monsters looking at that ring many stopped fighting and stared at it with fear and panic.

And most of them feared the fire.

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