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Chapter 134: Not Leaving unless You Agree “Ane-sama… Ane-sama!”   “That man…”   Hancocks two sister’s foreheads were full of cold sweat, they couldn’t help but retreat beside Hancock and nervously look toward Roja who was standing at the edge of the warship.   Roja stood there and retracted his Haoshoku, but the feeling was still there.   “Did you cause enough trouble now?”   Roja appreciated Hancock, Whether her charm or temperament, They were perfect in his memories, the only problem is that she is too headstrong.   Hancock is probably nineteen years old now, just one-year younger than him, basically, they were the same age.   Hancock looked at Roja and bit her lips, she didn’t know how to answer his question.   This question cannot be answered, Whether she says it’s enough or not, she would look like a child causing trouble.   “How could there be a man in this world who could resist my charm…”   Hancock’s eyes were showing her unwillingness, the fruit she ate complimented her greatly, with her charm and her fruit she could do anything, this is the first time someone was not affected.   Hancock’s charm will leave an impact on basically everyone, but the impact differ from one to other, For example, Aokiji and the other admirals would have a very small impact that they could easily suppress.   “Yes, he must be suppressing himself…”   Hancock thought, but she couldn’t believe her own idea because before when she used her Mero Mero Mero, Roja wasn’t using Haki.   “Wanting me to leave and cooperate with the world government and be one of the Shichibukai is absolutely impossible.” Hancock took a deep breath and said coldly.   Roja slightly shook his head and said: “That identity is very important to you, it should allow you to shelter this island.”   At this time, Nyon-ba who was thrown away, suddenly without anyone knowing how came back and looked at Roja deeply then turned to Hancock and said.   “Hebihime… What he said is right… If you refuse this time then the next time the Marine would send at least 5 warships and we’ll be wiped up without a fight.”   Nyon-ba was very shocked when Roja used Haoshoku.   With such a strong Haoshoku, how could he be a Marine? this matter made her puzzled and now this, she couldn’t just ask Roja, but since he has Haoshoku he wasn’t the same as those Marines.   From that strong Hoashoku, Roja surely wasn’t the world government dog, because those dogs won’t be able to use Haoshoku.   “Moreover, Let’s not say the Marines will act, This man’s power alone would wipe us all without anyone of us resisting.”   Nyon-ba continued to persuade Hancock.   “Even if the country will be destroyed I won’t agree.”   Hancock took a deep breath, she couldn’t yield because she is the Snake Empress, She has Haoshoku, Only those who don’t yield will be able to use it.   Because she didn’t want to yield, Roja appreciated this character of hers.   This is the temperament is what make kings, Never yielding always standing at the top, This was Boa Hanock’s grace.   But Originally Boa Hancock accepted the invitation, so Roja was sure to make her agree.   And this is his first mission as A vice-Admiral, He didn’t his first mission to be a failure.   “Ok.”   Roja stood at the warship looking at Hancock, He shook his head slightly and said with a smile: “I am not leaving until you agree then.”   “Well, stay there forever.”   Hancock saw that Roja won’t attack, and she herself didn’t want to face Roja anymore.   She didn’t hesitate and started to leave the place back to the castle while leaving Roja there.   “Hebihime, You…”   Nyon-ba wanted to knock her snake stick at her, but that was impossible as Hancock is really powerful.   After looking at Hancock, Nyon-ba sighed and looked at Roja with apprehension.   “That…”   “Don’t worry, I am not here to destroy the island, but to recruit her before she agrees I won’t leave the island and also I need her to turn my soldier back to normal.”   “Oh, I will go and ask her.”   Hearing Roja’s words, Nyon-ba sighed in relief.   Roja’s tolerance is difficult to figure out, basically, everyone who has Haoshoku will only do things to their liking. So people won’t care about being offended like Shanks, and some people will not be able to be even a

little disrespectful toward them or they will destroy the entire island of that person.   Although Nyon-ba didn’t see what happened, it seems something happened on the warship.   ========   Chapter 135: Thank you for your hospitality Roja didn’t have a killing hobby. Hancock also had Haoshoku and she always does what she likes. … In the Kuja castle, Hancock leaned on a soft couch, her hands gently rubbing her eyebrows, she couldn’t help but bite her lips. This was the first time for her to suffer such a big loss, She couldn’t fight against Roja so she could only return to the palace sulking. “It is absolutely impossible, I won’t agree to be a Shichibukai no matter what, and I won’t turn back his subordinates too.” Hancock looked firm which exuded a different kind of charm, the female guards were completely captivated. Amazon Lily prohibit men from entering to this island, but in front of her, be it, man or woman, there isn’t anyone who could resist her charm. “Hebihime… Hebihime-sama, You should have your meal.” After a while the woman standing at the door was breathing hastily, she finally recovered from Hancock’s charm. “I don’t want to eat.” hancock shook her head and the maid didn’t talk anymore. Gradually, Hancock adjusted her mood, and felt hungry, So she stood up and said to the maid: “Get the dinner ready.” She just said that she didn’t want to eat and now she said she wanted to eat, Hancock was always like this, even the maid seems to be used to it. Since Hancock was the Empress, there is surely a grand dining room, with a round table in the middle. Placed on that table there is everything from dessert to meat and vegetables. Many types of exquisite food were present on the table. Hancock threw the thing that just happened to the back of her head and began enjoying her meal. The maid was naturally far away and quiet so she doesn’t bother Hancock. However, a sound suddenly was heard. “Yeah, dinner is ready so I will help myself.” Everyone in the castle looked really afraid, the figure comes in like it’s his home and stood next to the table and picked up dessert from the table and put it in his mouth. The figure was, of course, Roja’s. The maid saw this and their eyes were about to pop out from their socket, he looked like his in his own room, he just entered and began to eat, they even forgot to block his way. Even Hancock looked at him stunned, She was enjoying the cake and suddenly he just took the other half and put in his mouth. “This is indeed the empress’s food, it tastes really good.” Roja was eating while commenting on the food, he was praising her food, at the same time he was enjoying her expression. “Who allowed you to come here!!” Hancock finally broke out. Accompanied by the murderous look, the whole table crashed, and the food was thrown all over the place. Roja held to a plate and continued to eat. “What a pity but i am almost full.” Roja ignored everything while Hancock turned violent, using Kenbunshoku Haki he avoided her attacks and finished the plate in his hands, then he clapped his hands. Bang! “Thank you for your hospitality.” After that Roja left the castle while waving to her, Hancock stood there and looked at Roja who disappeared, her fists were clenched and if looks could kill, then Roja would be dead by now. “Damn! Damn! Damn!” Finally, Hancock vented her anger on the broken table, the maid was really scared a hid far away. For daring to be rude to Hancock, everyone hated Roja, but inexplicably they had a little admiration for him, Daring to do something like this in this island, perhaps only Roja could do it. Are men always so domineering? The maids almost didn’t see any man in their lives. … Hancock almost destroyed the entire dining hall, Finally, she felt tired and stopped, since meeting Roja only half a day passed, it was like half a year which made her feel really tired. So she went to her room to sleep. She decided to force any idea about Roja in the back of her head, otherwise, if she continued to think about him she may go crazy. But almost as Hancock took off her coat, ready to lie down on her bed, she saw that there is a silhouette on the bed. Who else could it be?   ======   Chapter 136: The Change Roja looked confused at Hancock then said: “Well, your bed is more comfortable than the one on the warship, So I will be sleeping here, look where to sleep.” Roja turned around and returned to sleep, he didn’t care about the black lines on Hancock’s forehead or her Anger that was about to erupt like a volcano. “Get out of this empress bed!!” This roar was heard by all people on the island, countless guards rushed to the room.

room. Roja didn’t wait for them to enter and used his Haki. All of them fell unconscious. “Don’t run in the night and go to sleep” Roja was stood up and went beside the window, while Hancock looked at the window then bit her teeth. “After causing so much trouble, aren’t you tired?” Roja looked at Hancock then shook his head and said: ” Well if you don’t sleep you will be sick.” (Tl: I know that feeling.) After speaking, Roja didn’t care about what expression Hancock was making, he directly jumped from the window. Hancock was about to go crazy. Who is sick in the end? Hancock felt that compared with the fights she fought in the past couple of years, dealing with Roja is more tiring. She didn’t think of Roja anymore as she directly went to the couch to rest. If she didn’t rest she felt like she will go crazy. Although the couch wasn’t as comfortable as the bed she could rest. She thought that if Roja doesn’t appear even sleeping on the ground she will feel comfortable. After sleeping and waking up, the nightmare continues. “Yo, your breakfast looks really tasty.” “Where do you usually take a bath?” “Don’t you bath? I came here for a long time and didn’t take a bath, Do you mind if I eat with you?” Roja was casually touring in the palace like it was his home. Many places in the castle were destroyed these past few days, and the guards were desperately reconstructing it. As for Roja, they can’t do anything, With just his Haoshoku he could defeat them all if they tried anything Roja will send them to ‘Sleep’. Hancock felt like Roja was her nightmare, she was afraid that he will emerge whenever she was alone, and in every corner, his face would appear. (Tl: Is this Love? :p .) Hancock was sitting in a trance while holding a glass of red wine. Silently Roja appeared next to her, and took the glass from her hand, drunk it and said: “This is really good wine.” “…” Hancock saw Roja and felt really powerless. “Now, Don’t you want me to leave?” Roja smiled while sitting there, If she signs the Shichibukai contract and turns back his subordinates, he will directly leave. Hancock looked at Roja and for the first time, she didn’t shout at him with an angry tone. “Why is a man like you with the Marine? Why are you with the World government…” From the past few days, Hancock knew what kind of person is Roja, he definitively has his own ways, he wasn’t the kind to be ordered around, he didn’t put anything in his eyes as he looked at the world from above. This seems to be the reason for his strong Haoshoku. For such a man to be with the Marine was something Hancock couldn’t understand. “Ha ha…” Seeing that Hancock doesn’t want to put a fight anymore, Roja chuckled as he leisurely said. “Who told you that I hold the World government in my eyes?” “Then you…” Hancock didn’t find his answer surprising, but she still couldn’t understand why was he a Marine. “In this world, no one can order me around, whether the Marine or the World government, if you ask for whom am working, then I will say I only do things for myself.” “The reason why I am in the Marine is because it’s interesting.” Said Roja while playing with the glass in his hand: “Does that answer your question?” Hancock listened to Roja and light flashed in her eyes. Just because it’s interesting? “That is, the fact that you are in the Marine…” Roja smiled then said directly interrupting her: “Do you know the revolutionary army?” “Yes.” Hancock nodded, Although she was overbearing she wasn’t a fool, she knows a lot of things. “The leader of the Revolutionary army is named Monkey.D.Dragon, and my name is Monkey.D.Roja.” Roja smiled at Hancock and directly sold his cousin out.   =======   Chapter 137: Task Completed Hancock did hear Roja’s name these days, But she heard it from Nyon-ba so she didn’t pay attention. Hearing Roja words about the revolutionary army, Hancock’s face revealed an amazed expression. Roja’s Haki was absolutely a very clear fact to what he’s saying. “Then you…” “My only care now whether you sign the Shichibukai contract or not, will you?” Roja smiled at Hancock and took a document out and put it in front of Hancock. Hancock looked with a complex expression at Roja, she bit her lips, then took the document and signed her name. “After signing this Document, The Marine won’t enter the range of three Km from the island as per the agreement.” Hancock threw the document at Roja then said while standing up. Roja took the document and nodded his head: “Yes.” “Well.” Hancock slightly closed her eyes, took a deep breath, then opened her eyes again,

eyes again, she said directly to Roja. “So next I need to turn back your subordinate and you will go far, far away from the island and never come back!!” “Gee” Roja that Hancock turned back again and was surprised, it seems the plan he executed those past few days didn’t succeed. “Well, usually people don’t speak to me like this, talking rudely without honorifics isn’t beautiful at all.” . Roja also stood up, he leisurely said to Hancock, then suddenly with lightning speed he reached his hand and squeezed Hancocks little face. Hancock couldn’t react and was stunned in her place. When she was about to react, Roja had already disappeared. Fortunately the past few days, Hancock was almost used to his behavior, she sighed and looked at the direction he left in with a complex feeling. … The warship slowly left the Island. All the Marines on the Warship were turned back to normal. If he was completely impatient with Hancock then this would’ve been impossible. These past few days, he was trying to change Hancock’s behavior. “Well, It seems, in the end, I still failed to do so.” Roja looked at the distance and smiled a little then turned around and entered his cabin. There is still a chance that they will meet again. Roja didn’t care about her past slave status, for the so-called world nobles, Roja hated them to the bone, Roja was planning to throw all of them into the prison. Well, when he becomes the king of the Marine, if those five old men or the nobles said anything displeasing he will arrest them. Roja thought to here and couldn’t help but smile. … The warship passed by the calm belt again, along with the road they met a sea king but Roja dealt with him with one strike, after that there wasn’t an accident as they returned to the headquarters. Roja directly went to hand the document that was singed by Hancock to Sengoku. Roja came to Sengoku’s office several times but he always was with Garp, this is the first time he went alone. “Roja, you’re back.” Sengoku was sitting on his desk with a pile of document’s in front of him, Seeing Roja he directly smiled and said with friendly tone: “How did it go?” “Success.” Roja took the document and put it on the desk, Sengoku took the document and looked at it, then he laughed and said: “That woman is very strong, and it’s said that her character is very bad, when it was suggested for recruitment into the Shichibukai, I thought it would be really difficult.” Roja listened to Sengoku’s words and couldn’t help but feel that the past few days was a holiday for him. Of course, Roja won’t say that. “It wasn’t that hard.” Roja nodded his head with a look of ‘I don’t care”. Seeing this Sengoku enjoyed Roja’s expression, He thought that if it took him so long then it must’ve been hard and still he looks like he didn’t care. “Well because it’s a special task, when completed you will receive ten thousand points.” While saying this Sengoku put the Document in a bag beside him. Hancock’s reward didn’t reach 100 million berry yet, but the ten thousand points weren’t related to her bounty, it was related to the danger that person put to the World government. “How much points do I have now…” Roja didn’t ask Sengoku but was talking to himself. Probably I have more than 80.000 points. Roja didn’t calculate accurately, now he could simply capture pirates with 300 million bounties easily. So reaching 200 thousand points is easy, all he needs now is to get more powerful than an Admiral. Thinking to here Roja said: “If there is nothing else I will go back.” Roja looked at Sengoku, nodded and turned away to leave.   =======   Chapter 138: Return to Amazon Lily “Do not worry.” Sengoku looked at Roja leaving, He said then nodded at Roja: “You may have to return to Amazon Lily again.” “After the Shichibuaki are selected, we need to hold a meeting with them, and we expect them not to obey that, so we will have to use video calls for that.” “At that time you will have to deliver the camera Den den mushi to Amazon Lily.” “Understood.” Roja nodded his head, With them just being recruited, there is no way they will obediently come for a meeting the only way is using calls. The strength of the Shichibukai isn’t weak. For example Doflamingo, he can’t be compared to the three admirals but he isn’t that much weaker, in a one on one he will give them some trouble beating him, Of course, beating and killing are different. Not to mention Mihawk, the world’s strongest Swordsman, Even Roja can’t accurately judge that person power, But he at least has a power comparable to the admirals or else the so-called world’s strongest swordsman is just words. If those people come to the same place for a meeting, with the combined effort of combined effort of the three Admirals and Sengoku, they could suppress them, but they won’t be able to hold a peaceful meeting. Also if the world government did this to suppress those seven, that would be really stupid, even if they suppress those seven another eight will emerge, the Yonko are still there and pirates won’t end. Those things flashed in Roja’s mind then he shook his head and left Sengoku’s office. Roja rarely considers the balance in this world, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand, it’s easy to understand but he is just too lazy. If it wasn’t because he appreciated Hancock then he wouldn’t go the next time. … After leaving the office, Roja directly went to his home, He rested up for a day then started the boring practice again. (Tl: Guess what.) He didn’t know why before he could endure the boring practice with no feeling at all, but now he often felt impatient and in his mind, a figure always flashes. His memories of the days he passed in Amazon Lily always pass in his mind. (Tl: Roja is in love? :p .) Roja didn’t hate such feeling, When he saw Hancock for the first time, he really appreciated her, She was more perfect Than he imagined before. Because she was so rude at first, Roja used a not so hard not so soft method for the few days he stayed there, After a few days he accepted to sign the deal. Occasionally there is some intimate contact, He recalled that fragrance, that beautiful face, and the white skin, Roja’s expression didn’t change but in his heart, he was really excited. He wasn’t a saint, it’s only that his soul is stronger than others, he can control his emotions better, he wasn’t devoid of emotions. At the same time, On The island, Hancock was also remembering the past few days, she was the same as she really couldn’t forget about him. After a few days of his departure, when she eats she eats, she would always look at the corner, but that person wasn’t there. Her memories started to get hazy by time, but Roja’s figure and Roja’s look, she couldn’t forget them. She didn’t know Roja temperament clearly, Would he take the trouble and dismiss an order from the world government. The more she thought The more she didn’t want to meet Roja again, They were different, Whether their thinking or their behavior. … A month later. Finally, the Shichibukai were recruited, It seems that they didn’t change even Doflamingo was one of them. Bartholomew Kuma. Dracule Mihawk. Boa Hancock. DonQuixote Doflamingo. Jinbe. Gekko Moriah. Crocodile. A total of seven people, each one of them is famous in the Grandline when they signed the documents and became Shichibukai, the world was shocked. And a few days later Roja was in his warship going back to Amazon Lily, He will once again meet Hancock, Roja stood on the deck with a flat face, but in his heart there a strange feeling. (Tl: Will Roja’s heart be broken? ) “Vice-Admiral Roja!” Roja heard the officer’s voice coming from the side which disturbed his thought. “We won’t be able to go after reaching the three Km distance.” “well, it’s only three Km.” Roja nodded at the officer,  The officer issued an order so that the warship slow down, the stop. Today Roja used his Haoshoku whenever he met with a Sea king, So either they faint or surrender. But the strange thing, the ships of the guards didn’t react, and there wasn’t any movement on the island. “What is going on?” Roja looked at the distance, there is no movement at all on the island. Roja couldn’t help but frown. “Although the Warship didn’t dock by the shore of the island, it is only three Km in an open sea, if you can’t see then you are blind. “There is something wrong.” Seeing that there was no movement at all on the island, Roja issued an order:” I will go to the island, Don’t move from here wait for my return, I will let a few sea king guard the warship and  I will go on one, so don’t worry.” After that, Roja didn’t wait for them to reply, He suddenly jumped on the back of one of the sea kings. Roja fell on one of the sea kings back, The sea king knew Roja’s intention and immediately carried Roja toward the island. The rest of the sea king didn’t move, they stayed beside the warship like guardians on duty.


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