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The third floor of the fortress in the Marine headquarters is divided into an ordinary room and a kaiseki room, the Kairoseki practice room needs more points to practice in.   But compared to the points that Roja accumulated, it’s nothing.   When he entered the Room, Roja was surprised to find a weight of thirty tons.   Before he left last time, the max weight he saw was only twenty tons. He didn’t know if this was also something Vega Punk made or something that the ones after him made.   Roja was too lazy to know its origin, So he directly carried the 30 tons and started his practice. He didn’t do any physical exercise for a long time, even when he fought it’s mostly spiritual power not physical.   Roja took the thirty tons to see if he can break the limit again.   …   In the Fortress highest floor, Sengoku sat there with the three admirals, Garp, Z and the Crane also were present.   This was a top meeting in the headquarters, not even a Vice-Admiral had the right to be present here.   Only those present had the right to attend.   “The world government send some orders about the thing that happened recently.”   Sengoku took the document and opened it up. Although he didn’t want to catch Doflamingo and then release him it was the world government orders.   Sengoku wouldn’t disobey their orders.   Garp was asleep in his chair, he didn’t want to ask about the order and didn’t care at all. Z was unhappy, but before he could complain to Sengoku the world government already sent the orders.   Knowing that he won’t be able to change anything, he sighed with a face full disappointment.   “Alright, the matter of Doflamingo is already finished, next is the most important thing …”   Sengoku said then opened another document, his expression was solemn.   “In this document, The world government has just instructed that a new system will be made, independent of the Marine and will only receive orders from them.”   “This system is called, The Shichibukai.”   The world government made a new system which is a major event, everyone who heard this turned solemn.   Sengoku put the document on the table and looked at those in front of him, Z paused a little then opened the document slowly.   He was stunned.   “What a joke.”   Z couldn’t suppress his anger and fiercely slammed his hand on the table. Cracks appeared on the table as he directly stood up.   “Making the piracy legal, looting and being an outlaw is legalized, this is a joke, how the hell did those people in the world government even think of this.”   “Are you talking about the five seniors?”   In addition to Z outrage, Akainu was gloomy.   The Shichibuaki system will put those well known and powerful pirates under the command of the world government and they won’t be pursued by the Marine anymore.”   The only thing those pirates had to do is to respond to the world government summon.   So those pirates will have the law behind them.   “This is really… Unexpected…”   Kisaru put his hand on his head and said with his usual tone.   Aokiji was also gloomy as he said: “What does the world government want to do?”   Sengoku seemed to expect this, he looked at the crowd calmly and said: “In the world today, Four powerful forces formed, they are called the Yonko.(Four emperors)”   “In addition to those, there are more like the DonQuixote family, with the power of the Marine alone, it’s difficult to keep the balance.”   “This system will make those powerful pirates into an ally to the world government, which will reduce the pressure on the Marine and will make those Marine deal with each other.”   This was the view of the world government as well as Sengoku’s.   “No!”   Z didn’t calm down as the rage is apparent on his face, he said: “Because they can’t deal with those pirate they will make piracy legalized? they will let them loot and hurt people as they liked?”   “Even if it is difficult to deal with those pirates it’s part of the Marines mission to do it, How can this be called justice anymore?”   Turning piracy into a legal thing, this was something intolerable to Z.   Sengoku looked at the raged Z and didn’t know how to calm him down, he took a deep breath and said: “Z… This is already approved by the world government.”   “Approved, How? this old man will not approve, absolutely not.”   Z was angry; he hit the table and smashed it, and then turned away to look at everyone present one by one and left.   The Crane was drinking her tea, from the very beginning to the end she didn’t say a word.   After taking a deep breath, Sengoku didn’t chase after Z and turned to Garp.   “What do you think Garp…”   “I didn’t hear a thing.”   “I just applied for  a long vacation to go and see my grandson.” he stood and said: “I will leave first.”   After that Garp left the conference room.   Only the three admirals and the Crane were present.   Sengoku stood there watching Garp and Z leave, he shook his head and sighed.   “The meeting continues.”   “let’s talk about the candidates for the Shichibukai.”   Chapter 129: Shichibukai System Chapter 130: Z and the Task   A few days later.   The world government announced the Shichibukai system officially, and instantly the world was in chaos, countless forces paid attention to it.  

Those three days, Roja continued to practice with the thirty tons.   Those thirty tons played some role, after a few days his strength improved a little, also now he already mastered the eleventh compression and nearly mastered the twelfth.   When the news about the Shichibukai system reached his ears, Roja wasn’t surprised.   (Tl: I think the Gecko pirates aren’t the pirates of that Gecko Moria after reading the next line.)   “Doflamingo was released after he was caught by me, So most likely the candidates won’t change.”   While warming up with the thirty tons, This idea flashed in Roja’s mind.   Garp left a few days, He said he was going to the East blue to take care of his grandson, he left in a hurry, Roja felt a bit strange, but it appeared that Garp left after the words about the Shichibukai. He left most likely because he didn’t want to get involved.   Suddenly the door of the room was pushed open, Someone with purple hair appeared.   Roja was surprised and turned around and said with a friendly smile: “Teacher Z, Why did you come here?”   “Nothing, I just wanted to see you.”   With a cigar in his mouth, Z went to the side and sat down.   Roja put down the weight he was carrying and sat next to him then said: ” It seems like Teacher isn’t satisfied with the Shichibuaki system.”   From all people, Roja was someone who appreciated Z’s emotions.   “How can pirates be recognized? How can justice and evil be put together, this system shouldn’t exist, but I can’t do anything about it, I am simply enabled to change anything.”   Z tone was lonely and very disappointed.   The world government issued the order, so not to mention that he is just an instructor, even if he was an Admiral now, he won’t be able to do anything about it.   These days, Z used various channels, he even talked to the three admirals to not approve this system but to no avail.   It can’t be helped that he begin to question, What is the Marine, Why was it there.   Does the world government really represent justice?   Or, is the world government itself, is a group of powerful pirates that control the World?   “I can understand teachers feelings.”   Roja shook his head.   Every senior officer is Z’s disciple, Z cultivated most of the kids in the Marine, but suddenly those kids will turn to be allied with evil.   This change will bring disappointment.    If Roja wasn’t present, in the next few years, Z will be attacked by the pirates and most the recruits on the ship will die, two people and Z with an arm cut.   And a few years later, after the war, Z will be completely disappointed by the Marine and the world government and will be hunting pirates to cleanse the world.   Roja didn’t know what to say, He and Z are different, he came from another world, he had a clear goal, and that is to be the most powerful in the world, Whether he was a Marine or a pirate, whether he represents evil or justice.   But Z wasn’t the same.   For a disappointed Z, he can only say words that Z would like but it had no effect.   Z finished his cigar, patted Roja’s shoulder and said: “Anyway I won’t be able to change this.”   “I hope you can change the world in the future.”   Change the world?   Hearing Z words, A picture emerged in Roja’s mind.   Want the world’s wealth, Want fame and power of the Marine king, A word from me Monkey.D.Roja will change the Seas.   Do want my power? Do you want my wealth? Then join the Marine, I put everything I have there… from there the world greatest Marine era begins.   (Tl: Looooool.)   Caugh!   Thinking of this, Roja’s head was full of black lines and he suddenly erased this idea from his head.   Z saw the change in Roja’s face and his eyes flashed.   “What happened?”   Roja took a deep breath and said: ” Nothing, but if teacher Z wants that, then I will create a new era.”   Seeing Roja’s firm look and hearing his determined words, Z showed a happy smile, all the loneliness disappeared.   He patted Roja’s shoulder and stood up to leave. Although his back was still a little bit lonely, Roja’s words pleased him a lot.   But changing the era isn’t easy, he has to be more powerful than an admiral and even more powerful than the Yonko.   Even with Roja’s amazing talent, alone, he won’t be able to change the era, but perhaps Roja can do it, perhaps there is hope.   The hope to see that day.   Z left the practice room.   Roja watched Z leave, Roja will certainly won’t forget Z’s teaching, So he won’t look at Z in his most difficult time, he doesn’t want his image to collapse.    “Sir Roja!”   The secretary came to Roja while holding the document in his hands.   “Reporting, There is a new mission Sir…”   “What is the Mission?”   Roja looked at the Document, he originally didn’t care, but after a glance, he was surprised.   “This task… Really is unexpected.”   This is Roja’s first task after becoming Vice-admiral, the degree of danger isn’t high and it wasn’t a combat mission, but there is a possibility to fight.   This was a recruitment task for the Shichibukai system in the Amazon lily island.   As the name of island suggests, the island is full of women, there wasn’t a single male there.  

And the one he had to recruit is, the Snake Princess, Boa Hancock!   =======   Chapter 131: The Snake Empress Boa Hancock “Boa Hancock …”   Roja was looking at the document in his hand while thinking.   This task is risky, He may be charmed and if he gets a little bit careless, he may become a stone.   Of course, Roja won’t let himself be charmed.   “Well, Since I came to this world I didn’t encounter any women pirate.”   Roja raised his head slightly with a proud expression, he threw the document at the table and said to the officer: “Prepare the warship will set sail right away.”   (Tl: lool he is eager to see Hancock.)   “Yes!”   The Officer saluted Roja respectfully and immediately turned away to prepare the warship.   Roja returned home and threw away his sweaty clothes and rushed to the bath. He changed his clothes and then moved directly to the harbor.   After a while, the warship was being prepared.   Some Marine who was doing some preparation heard the objective of their mission and most of them had strange expressions.   “The Empress of the Amazon lily, Boa Hancock, is said to be the most beautiful women.”   “Have you seen her?”   “No.”   Some Marines were having their own fantasies, Soon a Rear-admiral exclaimed loudly.   “Are you all serious! Boa Hancock is a terrifying pirate, Many said that when someone looked at her he will turn into a stone.”   The group of Marines were instantly frightened, Turning into stone… That is really frightening.   With the thought of turning into stone, the Marines gulped down their saliva.   The preparation to set sail ended quickly and moved out with Roja on board with other Marines.   The island was located in the calm belt.   The lack of wind made many pirates unable to get there. The island was full of women, most of them are warriors, so invasion rarely happens.   The most outstanding woman among them is Boa Hancock, the snake empress.   Boa Hancock was selected as a Shichibukai, She is very strong herself and even more, the whole island is full of warriors.   In the Calm belt anything might happen, the most dangerous thing is the sea king that may appear.   The current Roja will be able to deal with most danger here.   …   Amazon lily, in the center there was a building, the Kuja castle, Boa Hancock lived there.   And At this time, A voice sounded inside the castle.   “Hebihime, This is a golden opportunity, you can’t decline.”   A short old lady is standing inside the castle, she was talking seriously with the Empress.   The Empress in front of her had black hair drifting in the air, a pair of eyes that can capture the soul, cherries like lips and white beautiful skin like snow.   Any man sees her will lose his soul.   (Tl: Except for Roja he is so… He saw her in the nude and didn’t have a reaction, Are you a man.)   She is Boa Hancock.   Hancock now is only twenty years old, compared to the original she is still young and full of charm.   “Said the old lady, Who would be interested in such an offer.” Hancock put a leg on the other gently and looked toward Nyon-ba.   “Hibihime!”   Nyon-ba hit her snake stick on the ground and said seriously: “In the past, The Kuja pirates relied on the calm belt to resist enemies, but the Marine invented an Engine that could sail in this environment.”   “Our safety is no longer guaranteed, At any moment this island could be raided by the Marine.”   Nyon-ba exposed a look of excitement, holding the newspaper in her hand she said: “The World government invented the Shichibukai system, this is simply a golden opportunity, as long as you become one, our safety will be guaranteed and The Marine won’t be able to threaten us.”   Nyon-ba was talking with a face full of excitement, and Hancock eyebrow suddenly twisted and said.   “Enough! I said before, I have no interest.”   She stood up and revealed an overbearing look then said: “What can the world government do, I don’t like it, if you want it, Do it yourself.”   Hancock made two guards directly see Nyon-ba out.   “This is related to the life and death of everyone on the island… ” Nyon-ba struggled while the two guards are carrying her while looking at Hancock with rage.   Hancock heard this and gently gestured to the two guards to let Nyon-ba down.   Seeing this, Nyon-ba was relieved, finally, Hancock was willing to listen to her.   Hancock stood there and suddenly stretched out a finger and pointed at Nyon-ba, she proudly raised her head and said.   “Even if the island perishes, I will still be forgiven, Because this princess is… Very beautiful.”   This moment Hancock look was difficult to describe.   This kind of charm even in the eyes of women was irresistible, which made Nyon-ba and the two guard out of breath.   “Hebihime… Hebihime…”   Nyon ba breathed out to calm down, fortunately, she was with Hancock for a long time and had a certain immunity to her, she recovered and shouted at her.   “What is this? Hebihime, you…”   “Shut up already.”   Hancock looked at her full of contempt, she then looked at Nyon-ba and wanted to throw her out of the window.   And at this time, A burst of emergency was heard, Hancock actions paused while the expression of everyone changed.   “Hebihime… Hebihime-sama, this is bad! A Marine warship will soon arrive

soon arrive here!”   ======   Chapter 132: The Island Full Of Girls An anxious female guard suddenly reported to Hancock who was about to throw Nyon-ba.   Everyone’s expressions changed, Even in Hancock’s eyes, a vicious flash appeared as she put Nyon-ba down.   Nyon-ba’s forehead was full of cold sweat, then she thought about something and asked: “Several warships?”   “one… Only one.”   Hancock moved forward and said: “let’s go and see.”   …   In the island port.   The warship docked and countless arrow was pointed at it from below. All women, they were all warriors capable of using Busoshoku Haki, If they attacked it will be more powerful then bullets.   But this time no one attacked because the Marines in the warship were also holding their pistols and aimed at them.   The two sides confronted each other.   No one attacked and no one put down his weapon.   In front of the Marines, Roja was wearing his Vice-Admiral coat which wasn’t flattering because there is no wind in the calm belt.   Roja eyes weren’t on the warriors in front of him, he looked away inside the island with a trace of interest.   And in the next moment, The female warriors suddenly began to open a path from the rear, A girl with no language capable of describing her appeared and was moving step by step.   This beauty was really out of this world, Roja could describe this as … Charm : +10086!   “What is going on?”   The girl was, of course, Hancock, She saw the warship docked and there was no fight so she asked.   “Hebihime-same, They said they didn’t come to fight and they didn’t open fire.”   “Not to fight…”   After hearing this, Hancock’s eyebrows rose, She was about to ask but suddenly her expression changed and said: “Then tell them to leave.”   “Wait! Hebihime!”   Nyon-ba rushed from behind Hancock and stood between the female warriors and the Marines.   “Since they didn’t come for war, then they got to be here to recruit you to be one of the Shichibukai, Right?” Nyon-ba looked at Roja and Roja spread his hand to say his not hostile.   Roja’s eyes were fixed on Hancock, he was not love struck but he looked in interest and appreciation.   Hearing Nyon-ba’s words, Roja’s eyes were removed from Hancock as he nodded and said: “Yes.”   “Great.”   This was going better than Nyon-ba expected when a look of surprise appeared on Hancock face then she said: “Hebihime, This is a golden opportunity, The Marine took the initiative to recruit you into the Shichibukai, as long as…”   Her voice was getting smaller and smaller and cold sweat appeared on her forehead.   “Because in front of her Hancock’s face was very angry.   “Who allowed you to stand in front of me… are you commanding me?”   Hancock grabbed Nyon-ba and threw her, she flew in an arc shape then fell down quite a distance away.   “Hebihime… Hebihime-same!!”   Standing behind Hancock, the warrior’s foreheads were full of cold sweat and they couldn’t help but exclaim.   “How could you tread an old woman like that.”   Hancock turned around and looked at them, She completely changed from the overbearing woman who threw their elders to a charming and delicate girl.   “I accidentally…”   All the warriors, even when they are all female, they couldn’t resist such charm. all of them nodded.   “Yes, yes, No one told her to be careless.”   As for Nyon-ba, no one even cared about where she landed.   In the warship.   “… She really is exactly the same bad character.”   Roja stood in front of the Marines, looking at the scene that just occurred, he chuckled, He looked at her with a faint smile.   Seeming like she heard Roja, Hancock turned again toward the warship.   When her eyes fell on Roja, her brows slightly rose, she felt a very strange atmosphere around Roja.   But, Hancock didn’t mind, she leaped into the sky and fell directly on the warship in front of Roja.   She glanced at Roja and the Marines behind him, She held an arrogant look as she said: “Shichibuaki… Not interested, you will leave everything behind and go home.”   The Marines behind Roja has long been fascinated by her charms and when they heard her command, some started to move thing from inside the cabin.   Roja looked at the Marines behind him and couldn’t help but reveal a helpless sigh.   Roja turned again toward Hancock and looked at her directly into his eyes: ” I say, are you really… really okay with this?”   Roja’s attitude wasn’t serious, This was Hancock’s first time seeing a Vice admiral who isn’t serious and what’s more important he is really young, Even so, he wasn’t affected by her charms.   How can this be?   Hancock had absolute confidence in her own charm, Be it a man or a woman they won’t be able to resist her charms, but Roja didn’t which she couldn’t believe.   “No matter who it is, They will all recognize this empress because… This empress is really beautiful…”   Roja: “…”   (Tl: Facepalm!)   Although Roja had some memory of this, but witnessing and hearing those narcissistic words, Roja was left with a twitching mouth.   ======   Chapter 133: isn’t This enough? Hancock’s charm wasn’t completely ineffective against Roja, But the moment he is effected, the soul sword tore it apart, I won’t allow anything to happen to Roja’s spirit even if it was a Haoshoku of one of the Yonko.   of course, that didn’t affect Roja appreciation for beauty.   But the current narcissistic gestures current narcissistic gestures and words… Roja’s face was full of black lines, then he decided to ignore it and directly said: “You’re saying that you don’t want to be one of the Shichibukai right?”   “What a rude guy…”   Seeing Roja still not affected by her charm, Hancock couldn’t believe it. She absolutely couldn’t believe that someone could resist her charm, mostly he hid it in his heart.   So in the next moment, Hancock looked down and put her hands in a heart shape.   “Even with just the idea hidden in your heart, I will let it out…”   “Mero Mero Mero!”   Hum!   A pink heart shaped light flew out from her hands, all the Marines that were obsessed with her look suddenly turned to stone.   The result made Hancock satisfied.   But she was shocked, Standing in front of her Roja still the same, he didn’t turn to stone.   “This is your devil fruit power…”   Light flashed in Roja’s eyes, With his speed, he could avoid her ability with no problem, But he felt that this ability won’t have any effect on him.   When it touched him, his spiritual power directly forced that power off.   “You… You Really… How could…”   This time Hancock was completely shocked, She didn’t believe that her charm was not effective on Roja, But he didn’t use his Haoshoku and nothing happened to him.     “If it’s you’re the one enjoying it, it won’t be called charm, right?”   Roja looked at Hancock with a devils smile, then said: “Well, the Bullshit time is over, Come over and sign the Document to be a Shichibukai, and return my subordinate back.”   Hancock looked at him, and after hearing his sentence, She immediately said: “No!”   Whiz!   The next moment, Hancock directly rushed toward Roja and threw a kick at hiù.   The kick could be described as a perfect kick, the angle the strength everything was perfect.   Seeing Hancock attacking, Roja shook his head and didn’t pull his sword out of its scabbard, he used it like that to block her kick.   Bang!   When the kick hit the scabbard, a roaring sound was heard and the air shook.   facing this force Roja didn’t move at all, he just stayed like that without moving or even trembling.   “This guy is strong…”   Hancock finally panicked, she fought with the Marines before, and she knew the strength of Vice admirals, She always had the upper hand and they couldn’t be her opponents.   But Not only her charm isn’t effective against Roja, Even in close combat, she isn’t his opponent.   “Perfume Femur!”   Hancock turned around and kicked with the other leg.   “That was close.”   Roja said calmly and this time he used his hands which were covered with Haki to receive the kick.   They were caught in a very indecent position.   Roja didn’t look anywhere beside her eyes and he said lightly: “Isn’t this enough?”   Hearing Roja’s arrogant words made Hancock angry.   When she was young, She was enslaved by the Celestial Dragons, which treated her with the same attitude.   When she finally escaped and her status as a slave wasn’t known to anyone, She returned to Amazon Lily, and she directly became the empress, she also awakened her Haoshoku Haki.   But Roja’s attitude wasn’t exactly the same as those Celestial Dragons, His attitude was more like an adult teaching a child.   As if she was a naughty little child and Roja was her elder who is faintly scolding her.   That feeling made Hancock somewhat go crazy.   “You bastard! Let go!”   Struggled for a bit, she found that she couldn’t break off from his hands, her strength was inferior to Roja’s, so she could only shout in his face.   Roja didn’t continue to hold her and directly let go, Stepped back and looked at her calmly like he was watching a cute little girl.   Hancock knew that she isn’t his opponent, she twisted her eyebrows and jumped back.   “Hebihime-sama are you okay?”   A look of tension was on Hancock’s eyes. The warriors couldn’t see what happened but they could hear, when they were about to go up Hancock came down.   Some Warriors were holding their weapons with a sharp look and looked at the warship.   “Go away you Marines.”    Someone shouted and the warriors were ready to go and attack.   But in the next moment, Hancock trembled as a terrifying atmosphere broke out from the warship and spread in all directions.   Tread! Tread! Tread!   Roja step by step stood at the edge of the warship.   Everything was silent.   Puff!   With Roja’s Haoshoku the warriors were starting to fall down with a puff sound.   Puff! Puff! Puff!   Like domino pieces, one by one, they all fell down.   Finally, only a few people were still standing with horror all over their faces.   “This is…”   “Hoashoku… Haki!”   Not just them, even Hancock was shocked because this Hoashoku was so much stronger than hers.   In the island, most of the Warriors had some resistance to Hoashoku due to her using it.   But, Roja’s Hoashoku made most of them faint.   Very few could keep their consciousness, and those who did have their foreheads full of sweat and their bodies were trembling with fear.   Even her who possess Hoashoku was affected a little.   What a terrifying Hoashoku!

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