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A+ A- Chapter 127-128
Chapter 127: Distance The warship was docked on the shore of the island.   All the Marine witnessed the battle of Garp and Roja, they didn’t dare to get close to them. In the last attack, the island nearly collapsed, the waves made the warship sway along with everyone on it.   The officers were shocked by this fight, it seemed like two admirals were fighting.   After the fight, Roja put his sword into the scabbard and followed Garp back to the warship.   The warship left the island and soon returned to the headquarters, Roja recovered a little bit of his spiritual power, but he still looks very tired, His physical recovery is very strong, but his spiritual power recovery is only ok.   “Vice Admiral Garp!”   Roja and Garp came down from the warship, a group of officers saluted them respectfully.   Roja’s name in the recent period can be said to be well known, In addition to the name of Ghost Sword Roja, he can be said to be the strongest Vice Admiral if Garp wasn’t there.   The Vice Admirals cape can be said to be more stylish than the rear admiral’s cape.   It was said that the pirates are freer, but pirates are pursued by the Marines, and Roja was part of the Marines which is bad for the pirates if he used his memories to chase them.   Becoming a Vice admiral, Roja no longer needed to chase pirates and he has the right to chose a small house to live in.   Roja didn’t choose a house as he still wants to live in the place he lived in before.   After returning to the house, Roja didn’t bath or anything, he directly went to his room and lied down, he slept soundly and woke up the next day with a complete recovery. All tiredness completely disappeared and his spiritual power has fully recovered.   This kind of recovery is cool, he knew the recovery speed of the people in this world and now he experienced it himself.   As a vice admiral, he now had an office in the fortress, of course, it can be compared to an admiral’s office but still, it was better than before.   On his way, Roja met Many people with a lower rank than his, all of them respectfully saluted him.   In the headquarter, Almost all knew about Roja, so young and

still became a Vice Admiral, he also defeated Doflamingo, with this kind of strength, there no doubt that his in the top of the headquarter.   If there is no accident, then Roja becoming an Admiral is a fact.   Roja didn’t look down on those who saluted him and greeted them back, he didn’t slow down and disappeared into the fortress.   “I didn’t expect Mr. Roja to be this kind.”   “With that kind of strength and such a young age, I though he would be arrogant.”   When Roja left, some officers saw him for the first time and didn’t know his personality, they respected him more.   This part is something that every officer likes, Not like Akainu, who in a task he doesn’t care about his men, even if they die he will just say that it’s their glory to die for the Marine.   …   Everything was quiet in the Fortress, the soundproofing was excellent. the corridors were completely quiet and the Marines were walking with light step without producing any sound. Only in an emergency will they run.   Roja office was in the top of the fortress.   The top floor was for Sengoku, below that is The Admirals’ office and below that is Vice admiral’s office.   Roja did stay for long on the first floor, he directly walked into the second floor.   The second hall was still familiar, in addition to Smoker and the others who graduated, the other were still in the camp.   Roja glanced slightly here then continued on his way upstairs.   Far away, Hina, Drake, and others were practicing, they looked at the side only to see Roja silhouette disappearing.   Even when they only saw his cape and the side of his face, they recognized him.   “Is that Roja…”   “It wasn’t long after the graduation and in the blink of an eye he is a vice admiral now”   Although they were the elite in the headquarters, after graduation most of them will be lieutenants and captain, very few will exceed that.   As for vice admiral, maybe they will reach that at the ends of their lives.   Hina’s eyes held complex feelings, She knew after her first encounter that Roja will sooner or later soar, but she didn’t think that it will be this fast.   Drake shook his head, he has

has long since abandoned the idea of reaching Roja’s level, and now the gap between them grew even more.   “He has gone very far and if we want to close the gap we will need a lot of effort.”   Ain stood beside Hina and said, this sentence wasn’t for only herself or for Hina, it was for all of them, she gently sighed and then her eyes revealed a firm look and turned to practice again.   In addition to the second floor, the third floor has practicing Room.   But to enter those room there is a need for points.   When the elite camp practice they will not get any point, but they will train for free, and after they graduate they won’t be able to practice in the same conditions, they will need points to do that.   This is the balance.   Roja looked at the practice rooms and his eyes flashed, but he didn’t stay and continued to climb up all the way to his office.   =======   Chapter 128: The Weird Information Roja’s office was simple. There was only a table, a chair, and a cabinet.   Roja didn’t mind this environment.   “I fought with Doflamingo then with Garp, this time the energy increased a lot.”   After entering the office Roja directly sat down and made the property bar appear.   The fourth stage: exquisite sword of the soul +1    Attribute: Attack power +420, power +140, agility +140, physical +140    Special attribute: All things in the world turn to ashes – sword attack has additional fire damage (Evolution’s condition isn’t met)   Special attribute: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi. 8b" data-offset-key="fjkkd-0-0">   Special attributes:: Getsuga Tensho – Can release an arc-shaped red energy attack.    Energy: 241/240   After finding out that he could upgrade the soul sword, he directly selected the upgrade option.   “This time the energy needed was 240, then next time it would be 250? Really I Don’t like that number…” Roja said in his heart.   Golden light flashed and the property bar slightly changed.   The fourth stage: exquisite sword of the soul +2   Attribute: Attack

Attribute: Attack power +480, power +160, agility +160, physical +160    Special attribute: All things in the world turn to ashes – sword attack has additional fire damage (Evolution’s condition isn’t met)   Special attribute: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.   Special attributes:: Getsuga Tensho – Can release an arc-shaped red energy attack.    Energy: 1/249   Roja was ready to put away the property bar, but when he saw the required energy for the next upgrade, he was shocked.   “It isn’t 250!”    Roja was surprised, he didn’t expect this.   Before, after the upgrade from +0 to +1 the required energy increased by 10, but this time it actually increased by 9.   Roja’s laziness instantly disappeared, he carefully stared at the property bar, And with a thought, he directly appeared in his soul space and directly stared at the sword in the air.   After the upgrade from the third to the fourth stage, Roja didn’t have time to observe the sword, now that he looked at it, he found out that the sword was more refined and seemed like he gained intelligence.   “9 points… 10 points… 249,250…”   Roja started thinking about the cause of this change, he felt like this change wasn’t because of the sword but it was because he himself didn’t like that number so it changed.   But this was unreasonable.   If he could control the energy required for the upgrade, then the soul sword would’ve reached the highest stage already.   “Maybe… my previous guess is right.”   Roja directly comes out from the soul space and took a deep breath after the property bar disappeared.   He always felt that the soul system wasn’t simple.   After pondering for a moment, Roja stood up, he was free so he will go take a room and practice.   There won’t be a lot of tasks, and even if there is it didn’t want to, no one will be able to force him with Garp there.   When Roja was ready to leave a knock was heard from the door.   “Come in.”   Roja’s footsteps paused.   From the door, Roja’s secretary entered. This was an officer put in charge of every trivial matter of the Vice Admiral.   The secretary took a document and gave it to Roja.   “Vice-admiral “Vice-admiral Roja…”   He seemed afraid of talking, while his hand still held the document. He was trembling, he feared Roja’s anger.   Roja looked at him, he smiled and said: “What is it?”   “That is… Please take a look.”   The officer was timidly watching Roja then handed the document with hesitation.   Roja took a glance.   “Well, the world government issued an order to release Doflamingo…”   Seeing the content of the document, Roja was slightly surprised, then with a careless smile, he threw it on the table.   Looking at Roja reaction the secretary was stunned, he thought that Roja would be furious, he thought that he will rush to Sengoku’s office to complain.   “Vice-admiral Roja, Did you see? The document said, but…”   “I am not blind.”   Roja snapped as he glanced at the secretary then said: “But what does this have to do with me?”   “…”   The secretary didn’t expect such words, his face stiffened, he couldn’t help but say:”Vice-admiral Roja, Doflamingo was caught personally by you, so after he is released, I am afraid that he will…”   “Take revenge? Let him try.”   Roja didn’t care at all as he shrugged his shoulders Since he defeated him once, he can do it again, the gap between them will only grow bigger.   Roja didn’t pay him any attention at all.   As for Doflamingo trying something on his family, Roja wasn’t worried at all.   Roja’s parents weren’t in the Marine, and because some accident Garp took him to the headquarters.   So only Garp, Dragon, and Luffy are his family in this world.   Garp is there, let him try to take revenge on him, let’s who will get beaten.   Dragon is also there, try going to the revolutionary army to fight him, Dragon was the enemy of the world, what a mere Doflamingo can do?   As for Luffy, His luck as the protagonist of one piece story will Guard him, Also Red hair, Shanks is there, let’s see what can Doflamingo do.   Roja’s was relieved that his family members are all monsters.   “Okay, I will go train now.”   Roja patted the Officer on his shoulder and took Hiru with him then left the room.

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