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Chapter 12 : Dealing with mental disability

With a thought from Roja the property bar disappeared .

Although this is just a test Roja could experience real battles and could measure his strength .

Roja put away his sword and was ready to leave and look for other preys.

without waiting Roja took his first two steps .

He heard a sound from the bushes by the side.

“Come out !!”

Roja stopped . He was surprised .

After all even if this island is full of living creatures it’s not concentrated to that degree . He encountred 3 Monster in the same place ?

To Roja’s surprise when the bushes separated it wasn’t a monster that apeared but a beautiful pink haired girl instead.

This is the same person who reminded him to take guns with him and he didn’t listen which resulted in that person being angry at him : Hina.

Hina wasn’t far away and when she heard sound made by a battle she directly came over.

Her hands were on the gun . She looked vigilant while coming out of the bushes just to see a barbecued Brown ape . she forze for a moment then looked extremely shocked.

Isn’t this one of the strongest monster in island ?

Hina was diffrent then Roja . She not only had an early understanding of the combat assessment but also at the monster that may apear from the island. Maybe she won’t remember the weak monster but she wouldn’t mistake the strong ones.

Although the ape was burned to a crisp Hina only took a glance to recognize it .

There is no doubt this is one of the strongest monster on this island.

and such a strong monster was burned to crips . And looking around the area also burned with the same flame . Hina was shocked.

For a long time Hina stayed still.

Because she focused on the brown back ape she didn’t pay attention to Roja until she recovred from the shock . When she rocovered she looked Roja and asked while showing her surprise

“Why are you here ?”


Roja had black line from what Hina said .She stood there for half a day and only now did she notice him . Is his presence really that low ?

His mouth twitched then Roja snappily gave Hina a look “Why can’t i be here ?”

When She heard Roja’s word she grunted “You really have good luck . This is a brown back ape . one of the strongest monster in this island . i don’t know how it burned to this degree ut if you encountred it alive do you think you’d be alive ?”

Hina thought to herself that even if she encountred a level 2 monster she could only retreat not to mention this level 1 brown back ape .
In her view Roja is very lucky for not encountring this ape alive.

However Listening to Hina in Roja’s heart was filled with black lines.

But it didn’t show up on his face and he didn’t justify either . But exposed a symbolic harmless smile and said .

“You just said that his a level 1 monster . What does that mean ?”

“you don’t even know this ?”

Hearing his voice Hina suddenly looked strangely at him but still replied “the creature on this island are divided into five grades . five is the weakest . one is strongest. and this should be the level 1 brown back ape .”

“So This means that i just killed a level 1 monster so my score shoudl’ve rised”

Roja said while thinking about the strenght of the ape .

Well this is an assessment .

If there is stronger monster then this will be a massacre and most the recruit will die .

Hina who was observing the body of the ape heard Roja’s word and subconciously nodded .

“Yes . You killed the brown ape so the score would of course …”

The sound stopped suddenly.

Speaking to here . hina stopped and stared at Roja ” You what did you say ?”.

Looking at Hina Roja nodded and said “Nothing . since i killed this ape and it’s the strongest creature here .So i will be assured.”

With his flame he could behead this ape so in this island there shouldn’t be any monster who could threaten him.

However Hearing Roja’s word Hina was silent.

after a while Hina went to Roja’s side and stretched out her white hand and put it n Roja’s forehead .

“What are you doing ?”

This action suddenly made Roja lose his calm.

Hina revealed a look of care as if she is looking at a mentally retared person and said “That is … i think If you have a fever you can call the instructor and leave .”


This sentence almost made Roja spat blood.

Fortunatly , In his past live some of his friends made fun of him so he learned how to keap calm even in a situation like this .

“I won’t leave an also i will continue to look for preys . Goodbye” He said to Hina and directly turned to leave .

Hina looked at Roja decisive look. Her mouth twitched and a burst of helpessness invaded her heart .

If Roja wasn’t the nephew of Garp She would be lazy to care about him .

However, Hina was about to leave.she found out that Roja came back .

hina watched him and said to Roja “Why did you come back?”

Roja exposed a serious expression and said “there will be other preys here”

Roja just thought about it . This ape is burned and smell like a barbecue So He estimated that large number of monsters will be attracted to the smell.

With Roja’s additional fire damage ability He wasn’t afraid of group was . They all shall become barbecue.

Unless the creature has a fire resistance all the other won’t be able to stand infront of him.

Since this place will attract many monsters why bother looking for them.

“Wait for the preys here !! Are you crazy ?”

Hina wasn’t stupid so hearing Roja’s words she knew what he ment and stared at him with her mouth wide open .

With this smell most monster will be here in no time .

and I am afraid that they difinitely aren’t just two !

Roja wanted to use this ape as a bait . If we were surrounded by a large number of monsters . only death will await us .

Hina didn’t know how mentally disabled was he to come with such a deadly idea !!

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