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Chapter 117: Senbonzakura   After the collision, Roja’s hand trembled for a bit, his body stood straight but under his feet, the ground was cracked open.   Anyone could guess how much pressure that attack had.   “They ‘re all out.”   Roja didn’t look back, but using his Kenbunshoku Haki he could feel the presence of those Marines, building behind his back was cut in half by that last attack, but fortunately all those Marine had gone out already.   But this scene made every Marine reveal a trace of fear in his eyes.   The entire base was split in two, What kind of monster is that?   “Doflamingo… What is that monster …”   “Can Mr. Roja really win against such a monster?”   When the base was split in two, All the Marines fled from the scene quickly, then when they looked back they couldn’t help but swallow their saliva.   In the face of such a terrible Monster… How can Roja endure for half a day? how can he wait until the warship from the headquarter reaches here?   …   Boom! Boom! Boom!   Roja and Doflamingo were Moving while fighting, they’re already deep in the island.   The split base is getting more and more destroyed.   Roja was using his flames, while Doflamingo used his threads to cut the flames before they get to him.   Doflamingo couldn’t get closer as Roja’s flames were in his way so he could only. Still his long ranged attacks are pretty strong since he has his Devil fruit.   Roja’s Getsuga Tensho was blocked by the spider web, The flames can’t burn his thread if he used Haki on them, So he could ignore the flames and attack Roja’s body directly.   “This game is useless, your flames can’t hurt me, You should already know that this is a useless struggle, All of your abilities are useless against me. You don’t have any chance to win.”   Doflamingo kept on waving his hand and relaxedly cutting the flames and whenever Roja

used Getsuga Tensho he will make a spider web again.   “Is that so?”   Roja was in the middle of flames, he stood like a king who governs all flames.   His flames are not strong enough, his Sword energy is also strong enough. With those abilities alone, He really stands no chance against Doflamingo.   But… He still had another ability.   “Since you said this, then I think the warm-up is over.” amidst the flames, Roja suddenly held his sword in front of his chest.   “Warm-up… Over?”   Doflamingo looked at Roja strangely.   And in the next moment, He felt a really strange power coming from within Hiru using his Kenbunshoku Haki.   This force is much stronger than the one used for the flames, Doflamingo suspected this to be the power of Roja’s Fruit.   Roja was smaller than Doflamingo by a big Marjin, the latter was about twice Roja’s size but suddenly this seemed to reverse and Roja’s figure was towering like the heaven looking down on Doflamingo.   “Scatter, Senbonzakura!”   Without any feeling, Roja just said gently, After the voice echoed the blade of Hiru suddenly scattered and turned into countless Cherry petals.   “What?”   Seeing this Doflamingo felt a wave of vigilance, This ability… Wasn’t in any information he collected before.   Roja’s sword should be Hiru, One of the Saou O Wazamono. This sword was too hard to be shattered naturally, this should be one of Roja’s ability.   Cherry petals filled the sky.   Doflamingo didn’t look relaxed anymore, He waved his hands at the drift of petals coming toward him.   Wouch! Wouch!   Ten threads come across the petals but they were easily ignored by the petals.   Haki was fused with those threads, so their toughness was harder than steel, coupled with the flexibility they had, even Roja’s Getsuga Tensho couldn’t cut it off.   But… But they passed through.   The Petals were more flexible and thinner than his threads, they directly ignored them and

and fell toward Doflamingo.   There was no sun in the sky anymore, but there were flames.   The light of the flames made the cherry blossom seem too beautiful, it was a piece of art, gently fluttering in the wind, they seemed harmless, But Doflamingo was vigilant, his heart couldn’t calm down.   “What is this weird ability?”   Seeing the petals passing directly without touching his threads, Doflamingo once again used Spiderweb and formed a huge net.   This web was though to the degree that it could nullify Getsuga Tensho, but it was useless against Get those petals as they passed through directly.   Wouch!   Doflamingo backed away quickly but unfortunately, a petal hit his cheek, a line mark with blood dripping appeared.   “Damn!!”   Doflamingo cursed in his heart, Such a beautiful Cherry blossom was actually a flying blade.   In the face of the Senbonzakura, Doflamingo as helpless, This ability was made to restrain his devil fruit, this thread may resist Getsuga Tensho but they cannot defend against this. -0-0">  =======   Whiz! Whiz!   The Petals were as sharp as a blade, Doflamingo didn’t dare to let them touch him. he was trying to avoid the petals while attacking Roja at the same time.   “He deserves his reputation…”   Seeing Doflamingo attacking him even though he was being attacked, Roja wasn’t surprised, but he was a little shocked at Doflamingo’s talent.   Senbonzakura has its weaknesses.   firstly because the blade was split into so many petals, it lacked attack power… But using his Busoshoku, that weakness disappeared.   Secondly, by using Senbonzakura, the blade will turn into petals and only the hilt will remain in his hands, which makes his body defenseless.   Whiz!   But Roja wasn’t slow, He could use Soru and Moon Walk to avoid Doflamingo’s attacks while attacking.   The two’s

The two’s figures kept on flashing, sometimes they appear in the sky and other times they appear on the ground.   The previously beautiful cherry blossom became terrifyingly black with Haki attached to it.   If before Doflamingo was suppressing Roja, then now the situation was reversed.   After just a moment, Doflamingo’s body had a few blood stains.   Although he wasn’t heavily injured his clothes were tattered.   “Damn it! he still had such a strange ability, what the hell is his fruit?”   Doflamingo kept on dodging while the petals kept on chasing after him, still even after trying to dodge, sometimes the petals would hit him.   Even though he tried to block with his Haki, a few scratches appeared every time he blocked an attack.   In contrast, Roja’s body didn’t have any bloodstain, and he still didn’t use the Bankai yet.   From the beginning to now the situation kept on worsening, Doflamingo is being suppressed and couldn’t do anything in front if Roja’s Cherry petals.   Doflamingo now knew that he doesn’t have a chance to win this battle like this, he took a deep breath and suddenly retreated, his expression turned cold.   “You are really powerful… Although I don’t know what is that ability you are using, you put it in a really good use.”   Doflamingo paused, his evil smile re-emerged on his face.   “But if you think that this alone would let you win, then you are absolutely wrong, in this world, there are more powerful abilities than you could ever imagine.”   Around Doflamingo’s body, a strange power started to emerge, it spread all over the place it even reached the destroyed base.   Silence.   Suddenly the building started to twist and turned into countless threads, and with Doflamingo’s command they point toward Roja and attacked him.   “Hillow White!”   tens of thousands of thread were arranged together and attacked Roja, Those threads were so massive that the Marines on the other side of the island saw it.   Waves after waves of thread kept on attacking Roja.     The petals rushed toward Roja and wrapped around him. Roja jumped away and created some distance, he looked at Doflamingo and his eyes flashed with a trace of light.   “Devil fruit… Awakening!”   “It seems that you know somethings, Fuffuffuffuffu…”   Doflamingo stretched out his tongue and licked the trace of blood on his lips, he revealed his evil smile as he walked toward Roja step by step while the building around him turned into endless threads.   Devil fruit awakening!   The awakening isn’t something common that every fruit user could achieve, once someone achieves the awakening, their devil fruit won’t be limited to their bodies anymore, it could even change the environment around him.   That’s what Doflamingo is doing now, he could turn the building and the earth beneath him into threads.   Boom! Boom! Boom!   The building kept on turning to threads as they rushed toward Roja.   The number of petals was far less than Doflamingo’s threads now, it can not block the threads.   Far away, the Marine looked at the buildings transforming like crazy, as everything is destroyed.   “This… What on earth is this…”   “Is this still our base?”   All of them were shocked beyond belief, they couldn’t understand what they were seeing at all.   “Is this Doflamingo’s power? So terrifying…”   Tika forehead was full of cold sweat, a look of dismay appeared on his face, in front of this even a rear admiral is like an ant.   Looking at the display of power, Many couldn’t help but tremble with fear.   “Such a powerful for… Can Mr. Roja come out alive?”   Everyone’s hearts were beating like drums.   Before even when their base was destroyed they saw the flames, so they could tell that Roja was still fighting, but now they felt hopeless.   Can a human resist this kind of power?   (Tl: Sorry Our Mc is using shinigami powers so it’s alright :p .)   Chapter 118: Devil Fruit Awakening

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