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Chapter 111: Scatter, Senbonzakura

Roja’s Hoashoku was withstood by the most powerful group of people in the ship. Those people heard Diamante’s words and the look of fright disappeared from their faces.

“Finally, you guys are ready to fight.”

Roja looked at pirates that didn’t faint as they gathered themselves beside Diamante, preparing to fight, Roja chuckled. His eyes flashed with excitement.

Since it is necessary to fight then … Let’s try my new power!

Hiru which was placed on Roja’s hand, turned back to its white color after Roja retracted his Haki.

“What is he doing?”

Although Diamante didn’t understand Roja’s action, they felt something strange was going to happen. They couldn’t help but be vigilant while waiting.

A strange atmosphere surged from Roja’s body and entered into Hiru, At this moment the blade of the sword suddenly changed shape.

Roja was in the sky, overlooking all that was under him, His eyes flashed with light.

“Scatter, Zenbonzakura.”

The voice seemed like a sound coming from his soul.


Diamante and the other pirates looked at Hiru in Roja’s hands as it’s blade suddenly collapsed and turned into numerous cherry petals, Which was Beautiful to look at.

And on Roja’s hand, only the hilt remained.

“The blade … is gone?”

“What’s going on, wasn’t that sword one of the Saijo O Wazamono series, Hiru?”

All of them heard about Hiru being taken by the Marine. But the strange thing that happened in front of their eyes stunned them.

On the warships, The Marines looked at this scene, they were alarmed while watching the Cherry petals moving beside Roja.

While Diamante and his pirates were still stunned, the Cherry Petals moved.

Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!

Suddenly the petals accelerated, like an endless rain drop, it fell over Diamante and his men.

Blood and petals scattered in the air.

After just a moment, Diamante and the several pirates around him fell into panic as wounds started to appear on their bodies.

“Damn it! What is this?!”

These guys were barely moving their weapons around, trying to resist but the petals still found their way to them. Bodies dripping blood fell one after another to the ground. A look of horror was apparent on every pirate who fell to the ground.

Diamante who was being attacked by the petals, suddenly roared, He waved his sword as he wore new clothes, Under the attacks of the petals, as if Rain was falling on an iron roof that kind of sound was heard.

Diamante already guessed that the blade that disappeared was the cherry petals that were attacking him.

Fortunately, With his devil fruit, he made thin clothes made of iron and he even wore an iron mask.

Coupled with his sword he was blocking the attack of those petals.

“Damn … You still have this ability up in your sleeve?”

Diamante saw that all the people that were with him are now lying on the ground. he was on his own, he couldn’t help but look up to see Roja.

“Your sword tuned into petals, That’s really a terrifying attack, but unfortunately, When you turned it like that, the power behind the attacks won’t be enough to break my defenses.”

“Your ability isn’t effective against me.”

Diamante roared loudly, his body suddenly floated as he rushed toward Roja who was in the sky, he waved his sword fiercely toward Roja.

He clearly saw that in Roja’s hand, only a hilt remained, as the sword turned into those petals, Roja’s body should be extremely fragile, and as long as he can destroy his him, then he will win.

“Is that so?”

Looking at the figure of Diamante rushing toward him, Roja was interested in Diamante’s clothes.

“It seems like you have read my ability, but there is something that I’d like to ask you about.”

Roja toned turned into one of mockery, he said: “Do you think that … I can attach Busoshoku Haki to those petals or not?”

Hearing this sentence, Diamante who was rushing toward Roja, suddenly paled.

“Could it be that …”

Fright was apparent in Diamante’s eyes, he looked subconsciously toward the petal and to his surprise, all of the petals in the sky, suddenly turned Black.

Compared to the beautiful Cherry petals from before, those Black metal were rather … Frightening.


Diamante waved his sword, trying to resist the attack of those petals.

But, the petal kept on coming toward him no matter how he resisted, as they wrapped completely around him.

Almost in the next moment, Diamante’s steel clothes were completely cut apart.


Blood spilled out, on his body countless frightening wounds appeared.


Diamante spat blood, He no longer held his sword in his hand. He fell from the sky into the flames that were still burning on the ship.

In the sky, Roja looked at the defeated Diamante, He shook his head as he retracted his Haki from the petals. and with a though those petals began to gather.

And finally, the Original Hiru returned in his hand and he gently put it into the scabbard.

“This is just the Shikai, and someone as powerful as Diamante couldn’t be my opponent ?”

looking at the pirate’s ship below him, Roja murmured in his heart.

He thought that someone as strong as Diamante would be a good opponent, but it turned out that he was so fragile. It seems from today on, The vice admirals won’t be his opponents anymore. (Tl: of course Garps isn’t included :p.)

“I don’t know how strong I am now, and I don’t know if I can defeat Doflamingo.”

There is wasn’t anything he could measure my strength with, And even if h know Doflamingo’s power, He is not certain about the outcome.

After Hiru returned into the scabbard, The flames eventually extinguished.

Even so smoke was still rising into the sky, while the ship was completely broken now, which indicated that this wasn’t a dream. All of this is real.


Chapter 112: The World In Shock

Roja returned to the warship.

All the Marines on warships were unconscious, only a small number regained their consciousness.

“Clean that mess, then let’s return to the base.”

Roja shook his head and returned to his own cabin.

After a long time, the Marines on the warship woke up.

They didn’t see anything like the last fight before, this fight wasn’t something that could happen on the West blue.

They didn’t understand what happened and they didn’t have to, all they need to know is the result.

And without a doubt, the result was … Roja’s win.

And a complete victory at that.

“Even the DonQuixote family aren’t Roja’s opponent…”

“this is the strength of rear admiral Roja… It won’t take long before he is promoted to a Vice admiral and he probably will be transferred to the Grandline.”

Watching the almost destroyed pirate’s ship, many Marines muttered, Fear crept into their heart when remembered Roja’s figure that was in the sky.

The top officer of the DonQuixote Family, Diamante was defeated when he tried to raid the warships of the first base in West blue.

When this news come out, everyone in the West blue was in Shock.

Sengoku didn’t expect the DonQuixote family to make a move this fast, they even attacked before Roja could go back to the base.

What he didn’t expect more is that Roja could actually defeat them.

This was definitively a slap on the Face of everyone in the DonQuixote family. No, it’s more like he stepped on them.

Sengoku could do nothing, After all, the first base in the West blue was too far from the headquarters.

This time Roja formed a huge hatred, If he doesn’t have the ability to Defeat Doflamingo, then probably only the headquarters was a safe place for him.

After Sengoku received the news, He directly decided to transfer Roja back to the headquarters.

The underground forces were all concerned about how will the DonQuixote family deal with the Marines that destroyed their base.

But They were shocked to know that the DonQuixote family failed in their attack and even one of their top officers was defeated.

This news spread quickly throughout the west blue, which made all the underground forces in a state of chaos.

Was the West blue Marines… This Strong?

The underground forces were terrified, every one of them stopped every operation they were doing and hid.

The Deeds of the First base spread through the west blue like fire.Countless forces who were waiting to regain their prestige felt like a cold bucket of water was poured over their heads.

Countless pirates were frightened, they didn’t dare to cross the waters under the first base’s jurisdiction.

And the cause of all this was without a doubt, Roja.

Many underground forces were acting like crazy in search for information about Roja.

Even if Roja’s identity was confidential, Sengoku wouldn’t be able to suppress it completely, After all, many in the camps and many officers knew about him.

After a huge crazy questioning, The underground forces finally Dug up his information.

Roja’s full name, Monkey.D.Roja, The Marine’s Hero Garp’s nephew.

This news spread even to the new world, Which made many pirates shocked.

Even the Yonko heard this news.

After all, Garp’s name was spread through the seas, everyone would know about him.

Even Roja’s deeds in the mission and his confrontation Against Lao G, and also the result of his Graduation exam, all of it was dug out.

The shock wasn’t limited to the west blue, Every force in the world was shocked.

Everyone found it normal that Roja could defeat Diamante, Even if their defeat was a big loss, it’s justified, after all, he was Garp’s nephew and also, in the future if there was no accident, then Roja would be an Admiral.

How will Doflamingo react now?

Countless people that had ties with the DonQuixote family were tense, this wasn’t a small matter anymore.

If the one who defeated Diamante was a pirate, then this would be no less than declaring war against the DonQuixote family.

Even if Roja wasn’t a pirate, this move will undoubtedly push Doflamingo to the limit.

What will happen next?

Everyone was waiting to see what will happen, Many forces focused their eyes on the West blue waiting.

Roja is Garp’s nephew, this background would make many tremble in fear.

There is no one that could control his background, being Garp’s nephew is his fortune, Not to mention Hoashoku Haki, that guy probably will walk the path of a king.

“Soon … The West blue will turn upside down …”

A leader of a certain force in the west blue murmured, this wasn’t just his idea, All the people on the west blue had this same idea.

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