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Chapter 106: Arrangement
If it only was destroying the DonQuixote family underground base, then it’s nothing. But now, an earthquake has set off to all the West blue underground forces.

This made the DonQuixote family lose its prestige in the west blue, So they won’t be indifferent about this.

The Marine headquarters and the first base in the west blue are too far from each other So, if the DonQuixote family wanted to do something, it would be hard to send support from the headquarters.

Also, The Donquixote family captain, Doflamingo isn’t some weak pirate. In Sengoku view, He’s a very powerful pirate.

His power wasn’t the problem, the problem is Doflamingo was a previous noble. He was stripped of his identity but that still gave him a subtle relationship with the world government.

Sengoku’s face was gloomy, he took out his den den mushi and dialed.

“Hey, Tsuru-chan?”

“It’s me.”

“Tsuru-chan, Are you still chasing after Doflamingo?”

“No, I stopped chasing, why? What happened?”

“That is …”

Sengoku’s told her about what just happened.

On the other side, Tsuru kept on listening and fell into silence. After a while, she said: “Doflamingo is still in the north Blue… However, If there is someone already there from the DonQuixote, It is certainly too late to deal with them.”

Hearing the crane’s words, Sengoku also couldn’t help but smile a little.

“Yes, This event was too sudden, no one thought that Roja will uncover a DonQuixote base just after stepping in the west blue. Not only that he destroyed it and also arrested some people who were present for the auction which caused a sensation in the west blue.”

“Are you sure that everything about Roja’s identity stayed in this office?”

The crane asked calmly.


“Sengoku affirmed, Roja’s information is confidential. Now if anyone wanted to know him he will only find him as white as a paper.

“Well, Roja isn’t weak, as long as Doflamingo didn’t appear there and just someone from his pirates made the move, regardless of who it was, Roja could hold his own against them. I don’t have to worry too much I just need to send a warship as fast as possible.”

“I am afraid it’s not that simple.”

On the other side of the den den mushi. A pair of eyes shined and murmured with a low voice.

in Barna island, the Marine carefully arrested the pirates who were among the ordinary people.

Because the Marine in the eyes of the civilian is the embodiment of justice, The island didn’t fall into chaos but it was peaceful instead.

The DonQuixote goods were being moved.

There were many slaves compared to the last time. It seems that slaves were popular in the auction.

Beside the warship, Tika stood.

He comes to help carry the goods.

Even if he received an accurate information, He almost couldn’t believe it, Until he came to Barna island. When he saw the scene before him he finally believed and his attitude changed completely round Roja.

Roja’s temporary office.

“If there is nothing else, I will be leaving first,” Said Tika, After saluting Roja solemnly.

“Well, you can go.”

Roja nodded And Tika left his office.

Roja didn’t care about the leaving Tika, His complete attention was on the document I front of him as well as the three devil fruits on the table.

Roja transferred some information about the devil fruit in front of him to the headquarters.

In the illustrations of the devil fruits handed to him when he was in the headquarters, Roja didn’t find any of those three fruits.

But from their appearance, Roja could roughly judge what they were. They shouldn’t be logia type.

“Two Zoan and one Paramecia …”

looking at the information he just received, he confirmed his own judgment and nodded slightly.

“Sure enough, they are no Logia.”

After knowing what those three fruits are, Roja lost interest. they were just some common fruit which Roja wasn’t interested in.

Finding some new animal fruit or some logia fruit is simply unrealistic.

If they really were such a demon fruit, the DonQuixote family wouldn’t just sell them in the west blue.

“Speaking of which, Shouldn’t the idea of the Shichibukai be spreading now …”

Roja put the information on the table, no longer looking at the devil fruit but he was looking at the ceiling.

It seems like the time for The Shichibukai system to appeared wasn’t specified in the original story.

According to his memory, Roja generally knows that Doflamingo stayed as a Shichibukai for ten years. and also he occupied Dressrosa for also ten years.

And now there is still ten years for Luffy to start his journey. Which means, twelve years to Doflamingo’s defeat. (Tl: Of course not in this story.)


Chapter 107: Waiting
When Roja thought about Luffy, He couldn’t but think about Shanks. At this time Shanks should have left the Grandline and went to Fousha village where he will inspire Luffy to start his adventure.

“Should I inform uncle Garp and let him go back to the East blue early on So that Luffy won’t turn into a pirate? I feel like I can change

many things in this world, Which feels so good.”

(Tl: Please Don’t, I will hate you if you do that.)

After a while, Roja chuckled and leisurely said: “Unfortunately, I don’t want to change the world, I only want power.”

Roja stood up, stretched his body, He picked his Hiru (Tl: this is so easy to write, not like Honoo no Tsuki :p.).

Roja Won’t use his Honoo no Tsuki again.

That sword helped Roja when he was weak and now it was damaged to a certain degree. If he didn’t use Haki to strengthen it, it would have been destroyed long ago.

Roja can’t repair it and wasn’t prepared use it until it’s destruction. He won’t hand it to anyone. So he just threw it into the water for it to rest.

After this day, The world won’t have 21 O Wazamono sword anymore, from today, it will only be 20 swords.

Roja now had a Saijo O Wazamono sword, Hiru, This sword was far better the Honoo no Tsuki.

Whether Roja used his flames or Getsuga Tenshi, this sword can withstand it for now which made him happy.

he reached the fourth stage and in the next stage, he could use Ryujin Jakka … If he used it, then he would have flames with the temperature of the suns surface. That would be six thousand degrees, that kind of temperature will not only melt steel, it would make it boil.

So, even this sword won’t be able to bear that kind of temperature.

Most materials in this world won’t be able to bear that kind of heat. Bu Roja had an idea but he couldn’t verify this idea until he reach the fifth stage.

Another two days passed by.

The chaos is the underground world gradually subsided, all the forces didn’t dare to attack or do anything to the Marine, They could only stay silent.

Those arrested also stayed silent, waiting for Doflamingo to do something about it.

They didn’t dare to do anything, and even DonQuixote won’t be Able to do anything to the Marine, But a small base in the west blue won’t be a problem.

It seems that a big storm coming toward the Marine.

This something all the underground forces in the west blue were concerned about.

Will the first base in the west blue … be Destroyed?

Barna island.

At this moment, all the arms and other materials were already transported into the ship. All the pirates were arrested.

All the people from the DonQuixote family were arrested and interrogated after a background check.

But there wasn’t anyone talking.

After everything was dealt with, Roja directly issued a command. All warship set sail to return to the first base and wait for the headquarters warship to hand the seized materials to them.

Almost at the same time, a pirate ship was heading toward Barna island. The ship’s flag was that of the DonQuixote family. This was Diamante’s ship.

“Sir Diamante, We received information that the Marine warships docked on the Barna island had just moved.”

“Are we Late?”

Diamante was setting down, in his hand he was holding a soft cloth. Suddenly his eyes flashed and the cloth in his hand turned into a hard sharp sword.

“Since we didn’t found them in the island then let’s intercept them halfway …”


The pirate said to Diamante: “They are headed to the Marine’s first base, according to the information we received, there are two medium-sized warship and two small sized ones, they’re not going too fast.”

“We are not far from them, we can intercept them before they reach the base.”

“Go fast!”

Diamante said coldly.

The pirate turned away in a hurry.

Even when they were going to intercept several Marine warships the pirates were nervous at all.

Destroying Warship wasn’t anything new to them.

And even if Diamante wanted to destroy a Marine base they would only feel excited. After all, this is just a base in the West blue not some base in the new world.

The warships maintained formation as they were moving on the sea.

The first base wasn’t that far from them.

Roja sat in one of the medium-sized warships and enjoyed the view with one hand on his chin.

Even if he caused so much trouble for the underground forces, they can’t do anything to the Marines.

Although the DonQuixote family was strong, the Marine was stronger. The dissatisfaction of those underground forces will make them end their business with the DonQuixote family.

Roja felt that something was wrong.

This wasn’t like Doflamingo at all. He was ready to face the attacks of the DonQuixote family after setting sail. But he was still waiting.

“After something this big happened, Doflamingo won’t stay silent. That not like him at all.”

After sometime Roja was still there enjoying the view.

A burst of knocks sounded on the door of his cabin. Roja gave permission for the marine to enter. A captain entered with a face full of panic.

“Mr. Roja, this isn’t good!”

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