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Chapter 105: Incoming Storm

Trebol face was cold, His tone was evil.

“We The DonQuixote family, It’s not something that just anyone could crush!”

The DonQuixote family business has spread all over the world. In this world, there weren’t any stronger underground forces than them.

Although Doflamingo isn’t the king of all the sea, But still in underground business, they had many relations with many strong people in this world.

But now, Just after the base in the south blue was destroyed, another base in the west got destroyed too.

The most difficult problem was that all the forces were questioning the DonQuixote family now.

This is the reason for Trebol murderous intent.

Doflamingo calmed down and faintly said.

“Is there any information?”

“The one who destroyed the base is the new leader of the first Marine base. The previous leader perished under some pirates attacks. And the new assigned leader seems to be more powerful but there is no more information about his identity.”

Trebol answered.

Listening to Trebol words, Doflamingo had a slightly mocking expression, he said: “A Marine base leader in the west blue? Such a powerful role, it’s not just words, how dare he hit our base.”

Although his mouth said that his role was powerful, from his tone and expression, you could guess that Doflamingo didn’t put that role in his eyes.

For him, a leader of some Marine base in the first half of the Grand line even someone from the new world, was nothing in his eyes. And now someone from a west blue Marine base was causing trouble?

The Gap is too large, And even without any information or strategy, he could trample on them with absolute strength.

Doflamingo’s Tone was cold with some ridicule, He asked Trebol: “Where is Diamante now?”

“He should have arrived to the West blue by now, His going to the largest Mafia organization, the Capone ‘Gang’ …”

Trebol paused a little, his eyes shined as he said: “But now that I think of it, we can just send him there.”

“Fuffuffuffuffu, isn’t that right?”

Doflamingo and Trebol laughed, There laughter was creepy. no one knew what kind of eye did Doflamingo have now under his sunglasses.

West blue.

The sky was dark, a storm will appear soon, a ship ignored that and was riding the waves.

“I know, Leave it to me.”

One of the strongest members of the DonQuixote family, Diamante hung up the den den mushi. Standing on the deck and watching the incoming storm, his eyes flashed with a cold look.

“The underground forces on the West blue dare to question our family … But the culprit is the Marine. It seems that if we don’t do anything the DonQxuixote family will seem weak in their eyes.”

“I, Diamante, Need to mobilize the Families intelligence to inquire about something.”

In the next moment, Several pirates from the DonQuixote family were nervous, they didn’t even dare to breathe.


Diamante nodded and said: ” We need to go intercept the Marines, get rid of them and recuperate the goods. Is there a common route, we should take it and intercept them.”

“If we were too late …”

Diamante sneered, his eyes flashed with killing intent as he said: “I will let all the people on the west blue now about Our DonQuixote family’s power, the Marine base will turn into ruins and will regain our prestige in the West blue.”


The pirates glanced at each other, swallowed their saliva.

The Marine headquarter Sengoku’s office.

In this office, Sengoku was sitting on his desk as he looked at a message from the west blue.

“Gecko pirates were completely destroyed? Moreover, the number of casualties …”

Sengoku looked in front of him and shook his head. The position of base leader in the west blue wasn’t something big, he will transfer Roja out of there after some time.

While thinking, Sengoku took a cup and drank his tea, then he continued to look.


“He also found a DonQuixote family underground base and he already destroyed it too?”

Sengoku’s face was full of surprise, They could only find a few base of the DonQuixote family. he didn’t expect Roja to find one.

Roja also seized a lot of arms and other materials, this was as if he exterminated numerous pirates already.

“And not only that, When he broke in, the DonQuixote family was holding an auction, Roja destroyed it and captured major underground forces’ representatives…”

After reading this, Sengoku’s face was hard to describe.

in this world, the strongest people are those in the GrandLine, even those in the first half of the Grandline were stepping stones to the ones in the new world. So even if all the forces gathered from the west blue, they wouldn’t amount to anything for those in the Grandline.

Sengoku pondered solemnly.

“Those underground forces wouldn’t do anything even were some of them are caught. They don’t have that kind of guts. The possibility of them attacking a Marine base is low … In this case, they will end their cooperation with the DonQuixote family.”

“If this was the case …”

Sengoku’s heart suddenly sank.

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