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Chapter 101: Momentum and spiritual power
Haoshoku Haki is unlike the other two. This type isn’t something anyone can obtain. In the new world, the people with the Haoshoku are known as people with the qualifications to be kings.

Some people are strong even without the Hoashoku Haki, But when someone does have it, His potential is way over the others.

The Haoshoku is an entirely different force.

You don’t need your hand to use it. You can directly make people faint using it. And when the strength of the Hoashoku reach a certain extent, like red-haired shanks, the power of his Haoshoku could make a ship crack.


After the outbreak of Haoshoku Haki, Roja jumped lightly out of the hole he made.

All the people were on the ground. They all lost their consciousness.

“Hoashoku Haki … This power shouldn’t be regarded as simple a momentum.”

Roja’s eyes flashed when he realized that he had just used the Haoshoku Haki.

His soul is much stronger than ordinary people, Maybe even stronger than anyone in this world. He got a different feeling about the Haoshoku.

Momentum ?

It was hard to say, This kind of power is the spiritual level. Some people had strong power, And over the time they will have superior momentum.

When ordinary people stand in front of them, They will naturally feel restless.

But this momentum is too weak to make people faint. This wasn’t a simple momentum but a release of spiritual power.

In this world, this power is called Haoshoku Haki. But in Roja’s view this power, perhaps … can be called spiritual power.

Spirit pressure depends on the density of one’s soul. It can also be called the power of the soul. In the world of bleach, This power is probably called Reiatsu and in this world, it’s Haoshoku Haki.

In Roja’s soul, there is a sword which had only two abilities so far. Roja was thinking if all the abilities he will get would be the abilities of bleach’s swords, But he wasn’t sure of this.

It seems that those two abilities use spiritual power.

Before he thought about this. Those two abilities should have used spiritual power not the physical one.

The reason he would feel that his body is tired isn’t that he used a lot of his physical power. That should be an illusion he got after consuming too much of his soul power.

“Did all the people on this island faint ?”

Roja jumped to a high place and glanced all over the island. He found out that indeed all people on this island fainted.

Roja’s Haoshoku was really something. He just awakened it but still made all the people on a small island faint.

“If the Haoshoku is really the power of the soul then … All the people in this world won’t be able to practice and increase the power of their Haoshoku. But I can.”

Roja closed his eyes, He was carefully inspecting his soul.

Just as he was checking, his found something strange.

He found out that he could touch the sword of the soul. Before he couldn’t touch the soul sword as it was like an illusion in his soul but now he found out he really could touch it.

Roja made the property appear before him.

The third stage: smart sword of the soul +10

Attribute: Attack power +300, power +100, agility +100

Special attribute: All things in the world, turn to ashes – sword attack has additional fire damage (Evolution’s condition isn’t met)

Special attributes: Getsuga Tensho – Can release an arc-shaped red energy attack.

Energy: 510/220.

The moment he saw the value of the energy, Roja froze for an instant. He thought that there was something wrong with his eyes. He looked again carefully, only to find he really didn’t see wrongly. The energy really did reach the value of 510!

“Awakening the Haoshoku has directly made the energy increase by some hundreds point ?!”

Roja was amazed. He didn’t think before that the energy would increase this much in single time.

He pondered a little bit.

He concluded that the Haoshoku is a power from the soul so when he awakened it the energy increased as he unlocked a power from his soul.

“There is no restriction to the upgrade …”

Roja saw that there is no restriction on the next stage upgrade. It seems that only the first stage had some restriction.

Maybe that time he didn’t pursue the way of the sword firmly. So when he got the Honoo no Tsuki the condition was met.

At this time Roja had a feeling that the condition to upgrade the soul into the fifth stage to use Ryujin Jakka wasn’t a restriction on him, He felt that it was there to protect him.

If he was weak and released Ryujin Jakka while he didn’t have the ability to bear its power, Then perhaps before his enemy dies, His soul would be drained of its power and he will die.

Looking at the property bar, Roja took a deep breath, His eyes flashed and without hesitation, he chose to upgrade the soul sword.


Almost the next moment, A golden light shined beside Roja and only Roja could see it.

The soul space was moving.

The golden light illuminated the entire soul space. The light was flashing on the center of the space where the sword was hovering on the air. The light formed a golden vortex.

the vortex rotation speed kept getting faster and faster. It was merging with the sword which made it seem like a sun was hanging in there.


A strange change happened as the golden light gradually disappeared. The soul sword appeared in its place but it appeared more refined from before.

In Roja’s memory there wasn’t any sword like this one it’s as if it only exists in the world of dreams.

Even the almost perfect Hiru was nothing compared with the soul sword before him.

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