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There were not even a thousand nor eight hundred cultivators watching from the sidelines. Some of them were desperately rubbing their eyes while the others were biting their tongue and pinching their thighs.

An Aurous Core stage cultivator was actually killed in a single exchange. Moreover, from the aura on his body, he seemed to be only at the first level of the Fragmentation Realm.

How was this possible!

An illusion, it must be an illusion!

However, whether it was the cultivators rubbing their eyes or biting their tongue, pinching their own arms and thighs, they all saw the poor passer-by cultivator mutter, "Forget it, since I beat you to such a state, if you don't die, then you really would be in pain. Your character guarantees that you will definitely die, so that you will feel more refreshed."

At the same time he muttered, that poor looking passer-by took out a black knife and stabbed it into the heart of Li Shaohua who seemed to have broken all his bones and organs.

"Ah, it's really too cruel!"

At this moment, all of the cultivators began to react. This was all incomparably real and not just an illusion.

"How could a bloody hole suddenly appear on a good foot? What magic treasure did he get his hands on to create such a bloody hole? "

"What magic treasure did he smack Li Shaohua to death? His power seems to be even stronger than high-grade Dao rank magic treasure. Even Li Shaohua's aurous core glow wasn't able to block it for even a moment, he was directly killed by it."

"Why does this magic treasure have a sword hilt?"

However, after confirming that it wasn't an illusion, the surrounding cultivators became even more crazy.

This was because other than the fact that they couldn't figure out how Li Shaohua's foot could suddenly create a bloody hole, they also saw that the magic treasure that this shabby passer-by took out actually had a sword hilt on it. Could it be that this terrifyingly powerful magical equipment was actually a flying sword?

"Alright, it seems that your cultivation is quite good. With your character, I'll help you find a place where you can be buried." At this time, he saw that cultivator pull out a black knife and directly put the Li Shaohua he killed into his storage bag.

"Hurry up and help me activate the teleportation nexus. I still have things to do." After which, this poor looking cultivator directly walked to the front of the transfer array and said to the two cultivators in charge of guarding the transfer array.

The Seven Stars City's transfer arrays were all under the control of the Star Condensation Sect, so these two cultivators who were responsible for guarding the transfer arrays were naturally disciples of the Star Condensation Sect. Because a cultivator of the Aurous Core stage had been killed in an instant by a remembrance stage cultivator, such a scene made them doubt their own lives. Only when a poor looking passer-by walked up to them and said this to them did the two cultivators gulp and swallow their saliva, regaining their senses.

There were not a thousand nor eight hundred cultivators in the crowd, of course, there were also quite a few disciples from Dongyao Resort, and our sect had sent out another Aurous Core stage cultivator, suppressing Star Condensation Sect was like waiting for a day, and he was incomparably excited and honoured. I am very proud of myself, but Elder Li, who just formed his aurous core, was unexpectedly slapped to death by a poor passerby just because of a mouthful of saliva.

These disciples of Dongyao disciples were also standing on the spot with their mouths agape. It wasn't until this shabby looking passer-by said that he had something to do that they all came back to their senses and screamed as if they had lost their mothers.


"Elder Li was killed by someone."

"Take revenge for Elder Li."

"Don't activate the magical formation. Don't leave, Elder Li's murderer!"


"What is going on?"

"What?" Li Shaohua was killed? "

At this time, a dozen or so Star Condensation Sect disciples, who were originally in charge of patrolling the area, had already noticed that something was wrong and rushed over while carrying the light. The majority of the Star Condensation Sect disciples still had ice-cold expressions on their faces, thinking that Li Shaohua had successfully formed his core and became an Aurous Core stage cultivator. Upon hearing the shouts of these disciples from Dongyao resort, these Star Condensation disciples also widened their eyes. They almost couldn't control their flying magic treasures and directly fell from the sky.


According to the rules, not only were the two Star Condensation disciples unable to trigger the formation to send this person away, they also had to deal with him at the first possible moment. However, this seemingly shabby passerby cultivator casually killed a great Aurous Core stage cultivator, and this great Aurous Core stage cultivator was only killed because he had exchanged a few words with him and disturbed his departure. Moreover, this person was too brutal. He had clearly slapped his opponent to death, and now, he had to stab him in the heart. Facing this kind of fella, these two Star Condensation Sect cultivators naturally didn't dare to make a move, but these two Star Condensation Sect cultivators also didn't dare to activate the formation array, and when the time came, they might be held responsible for the investigation, so after looking at each other, these two Star Condensation Sect cultivators both let out a cry, and then immediately ran away. As they ran, they even said to Wei Suo, "No matter what happened between us, we were just passing by, we aren't the ones responsible for this formation."

"What's going on? I can't believe it. It seems like I can only rely on myself to get there."

The surrounding cultivators only saw the poorly dressed Wei Suo mutter a few words before he rushed out of the hall where the teleportation formation was set up. He then took out a small golden lotus seat magic treasure that could only fit one person.

A dozen or so light beams immediately surrounded him. These light beams were the Star Condensation Sect disciples that had just arrived.

"Senior, you're not allowed to fly or flee in Seven Stars City." A disciple from the Star Condensation Sect, who was wearing a bronze magic robe, was the first to speak.

"Do you think I want to fly away? Who told you not to even have someone to look at the teleportation array. Let me tell you, I'm in a hurry, don't stop me, or else I'll be rude to you guys too. " All the cultivators saw that Wei Suo did not stop at all and was about to forcefully move forward.

"Senior, are you trying to force my Star Condensation Sect to become your enemy?" The expression of this disciple from Star Condensation Sect, who was wearing a bronze magic robe, changed as his tone suddenly became stern.

"What's going on?"

However, all the cultivators who raised their heads to look saw the Star Condensation Sect cultivators sway a few times in the air before they went pale and stabilized their Escape. Wei Suo, on the other hand, continued to fly forward without looking back.

"How can his divine sense pressure be so strong!?" Is there some unique magical equipment? " At this moment, only the tens of Star Condensation disciples in the air, whose vests were covered in cold sweat, knew what exactly had happened in that instant. Because they had to deal with sudden situations, the disciples responsible for patrolling the city were usually the elite disciples with quite a high cultivation level. Because they had to deal with sudden situations, the disciples in charge of patrolling the city were usually the elite disciples with quite a high cultivation level. But just now, the opponent had used his spiritual sense to suppress them, and the disciple from the Star Condensation Sect, who was suppressed by the consciousness of this poor passerby, was suppressed to the point of being mind-boggled by the leader of the group. He felt extremely insignificant, and the opponent was incomparably majestic, incomparably tall.

"Flying Fire Lotus!" Isn't that the Young Lord's escape treasure? Why is it in the hands of this cultivator? "

Suddenly, a cultivator from Dongyao resort recognized the flying magic treasure beneath Wei Suo's feet and cried out in disbelief.


Originally, these ten or so Star Condensation Sect cultivators were prepared to grit their teeth and immediately chase after the group, because at this moment, there were at least ten or so flying lights flying about in Seven Stars City, and very soon, even more formidable Star Condensation Sect cultivators would arrive here. Furthermore, these ten or so Star Condensation Sect cultivators also saw the countless light beams shooting out from Dong Yao resort. However, when they heard the words of the cultivator from the Dongyao resort, the hearts of the ten or so Star Condensation Sect disciples who were in the lead suddenly trembled. They thought of a possibility and immediately waved their hands, signaling the surrounding Star Condensation Sect cultivators to stop and not surround and kill Wei Suo.

"Which fellow Daoist is he?"

At this moment, an exceptionally loud voice resounded throughout the entire city.

Along with this voice, a strong wind started to blow throughout the entire Seven Stars City. A group of dark clouds shot out at an astonishing speed from Dongyao resort.

It was obvious that Daoist Master Changfeng had taken action in this group of dark clouds with their might.

In the dark clouds, there were several flashes of spiritual light. It was obvious that it was not only Long Feng. There were at least two hundred of them, each with a different color. They followed closely behind Daoist Master Chang Feng and chased after Wei Suo.

"What? Li Shaohua, who just reached Core Formation was already killed by someone?"

In the sky above the gate of the Star Condensation Sect, a silver-robed cultivator stood in mid-air with a face full of shock.

This silver-robed cultivator's magic clothing was dazzling, countless silvery lights flickered, and it looked as though countless stars had formed his magic clothing. This person looked to be around thirty years of age, had a jade-like face, was extremely handsome, and his entire body emitted a kind of dignified aura unique to those in power. Behind him, there were five or six people that seemed to be Star Condensation Sect elders.

"Master, news came from Zhang Xiuqiu, who was present. That cultivator was carrying Dong Qingyi's flying magic treasure. It's very likely that he had an old grudge with Dongyao. He came here to exact his revenge." A middle-aged, purple-robed cultivator riding a black crane stopped in front of the silver-robed cultivator, waiting for his orders. "Sect head, what should we do now?"

"An Aurous Core stage cultivator has gone to Dongyao Resort, so the threat towards us has been greatly reduced. "In the current situation, our two sects are as cold as the fangs and fangs. Since the other party is killing people in our Seven Stars City, if we do not stop them, we will lose our dignity. Furthermore, the entire Dongyao Resort has been mobilized; it should be impossible for us to not be able to deal with this cultivator." This silver robed handsome cultivator exuded a dignified aura. He pondered for a moment before making up his mind, "Pass down the order to assist Dongyao Resort to kill this person!"

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