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In this borderless universe, the characters that Desolate had to consider could be counted on one's fingers, and Sauron and Devour were those sort of characters…

As Desolate knew how strong Sauron and Devour were, they understood Desolate's intimidation as well. Once Desolate had completely united his soul clones and parts, he would become too fierce!

No one would like to see Desolate fully recovered, as it would be the biggest calamity ever for the other creatures. Moreover, Desolate would become invincible again!

Sauron and Devour had to take action!

By the Sea Domain of Nihility, numerous stars and territories were melting like a glacier, falling into the Sea Domain of Nihility and becoming a part of it.

At this moment, in a remote area of the Sea Domain of Nihility, a light dot flashed and swelled up with thick soul energy that could pierce through layers of shackling space to run directly to another end of the world.

The space could restrict the bodies, but it couldn't do anything to the pure soul energy or the divine weapons that had fused with soul energy. This place was Desolate Territory, Desolate's own kingdom. The soul energy was emitted from there, heading toward another location in the Sea Domain of Nihility, gushing into Cloud Mist Territory.

The invisible soul energy had crossed space connecting to Desolate in the Cloud Mist Territory to give him his power.

At the same time, another flow of soul energy pierced through the forbidden land of the Devouring Clan deep in the Sea Domain of Nihility. It changed and condensed into a black grain of rice quietly, slowly changing again and releasing eight bone islands. As soon as they emerged, a pungent smell permeated the place, and a terrifying aura hit the bright light dot instantaneously.

Boom! Boom!

The swelling light dot bloomed, emitting an earth-destroying scream. Almost at the same time, another flow of soul energy came from the Endless Abyss, congregating into a vague figure with a dazzling roulette in his hand. His two hands moved as if he was deforming the power of Fate.

So many illusions flew out of the roulette, heading toward the light dot.

A dragon roar echoed like that of a shattering sky from that light dot as soul energy being transmitted from that light dot was interrupted. Numerous wisps of energy deviated from the original routes, becoming uncontrollable.

The black grain became a black cave while the eight bone islands above the blood sea were revolving around Desolate Territory. The eight evil power Upanishads emitted from the islands, seeping into Desolate Territory.

Devour and Sauron had taken action at the same time tacitly, even though they didn't speak a word to each other. They were joining hands to subdue Desolate's real body inside Desolate Territory, cutting off the soul energy he had emitted.


A frantic, shaking roar expanded from Desolate Territory as a massive, savage dragon head emerged in the void, roaring angrily at the black hole and Sauron's illusion. Waves of soul energy rippled like seawater, sweeping around the space.

The eight white bone islands shook and retreated when the energy waves hit them while Sauron's vague figure was swept away like a leaf in a storm. Although he was moving, the roulette in his hands was still dazzling. More and more currents of images with the magical energy that could distort fate blended into waves of soul energy.

Sauron and Devour had crossed space, using their pure soul energy in the soul pond to come here and attack, so that they could control Desolate's body and main soul.

At this moment, a part of Desolate's soul was in Cloud Mist Territory to face Zi Yao and the other experts and vie for the soul clone and body Shi Yan had taken. Right when everything was smooth enough, Sauron and Devour ambushed him. They had learned from him to use the soul energy to attack the other part of his soul.

The threat from Sauron and Devour made him agitated, but he couldn't give up his soul clone. The strongest creatures in this world didn't want to see him recover fully. As soon as they recognized his commotion, they couldn't help but attack him together, which had interrupted his plan.

"I will kill you sooner or later!"

Desolate's angry bellow resonated endlessly. Skies fell and earth cracked wherever his sound waves had passed; the entire universe was shaken unceasingly.

Cloud Mist Territory where the territory barrier shattered…

Zi Yao sat neatly above the main snake's head, making hand seals. The twelve heads spurted magical lights like flows of meteors or beautiful rainbow bands, creating a magical bridge to tie down Desolate's Life Soul Tree. Meanwhile, Han Tian, Hiro, Montecie, and the others were urging their power and territories to the maximum level to attack the Life Soul Tree.

Starlight twirled around Shi Yan's Absolute Beginning body. He held the Skyfall Star River, roaring savagely as he wanted to use the sea of stars to cover that Life Soul Tree.

The part of Desolate in Audrey's soul altar changed his power, causing monstrous Netherworld dragons to rumble around. Wherever they went, they polluted Han Tian and the others' energy, which prevented them from using their power.

The wisp of Desolate's soul here had used the Life Soul Tree and Audrey's Soul Refining Cauldron to resist the powerful experts of the Cloud Mist Territory, and hence could resist them somehow.

"Space slash!"

Shi Yan shrieked crazily as his chest tore apart and his blood gushed to guide the energy from the chaotic space basin. The piercing space energy turned into transparent jets of electricity, which then gathered into a massive saber that could slash even a whole territory, dashing away from his chest.


As the saber slashed across the sky, the Cloud Mist Territory's void was cut like a piece of tofu. The territory was halved, divided by a river of space light which connected to a place of eternal isolation.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The fierce, massive saber could slash the entire territory, but it sounded like a blunt weapon smashing on a rock when it hit the Life Soul Tree. The tree wasn't broken, only having to bear a big cut. Right after that, the saber exploded in the vivid sky. The flow of immense vitality mended the cut instantly, leaving no scar or mark.

But, it wasn't that the saber had done things in vain. Everybody could see that the moment the saber exploded, Desolate's soul twisted and became a little blurrier.

"Keep hacking it with your space saber!"

Zi Yao's voice came from the clouds above his head. Together with her scream came the twelve rolling rainbows that acted like twelve sharp, ten-thousand-meters long swords stabbing on the Life Soul Tree.

Facing that onslaught, the Life Soul Tree shook a little, which cheered Shi Yan up. While bellowing, he urged his God power one more time, neglecting his threatened life as he condensed the Dark Energy to create another Space Slash.


All of a sudden, the Cloud Mist Territory's territory barrier collapsed as it couldn't stand the space division. Gusts of cold winds, twisted power of the turbulent space basin, and furious solar explosions suddenly barged into the territory. Along with that came numerous flows of asteroids with beautiful sparks, falling into the planets inside the Cloud Mist Territory.

Warriors and ordinary humans living in the Cloud Mist Territory looked at the skies, knowing that the doomsday was arriving. Seeing the skies fall and the earth crack, they seemed to see their lives being snatched away. Everybody would fall into an endless void, becoming a part of the quiet but eternal world.

"Sauron! Sauron! Devour!"

Desolate screeched while hovering above Audrey's soul altar as if he was already crazy at the moment the Cloud Mist Territory shattered. The Grace Mainland he was about to retrieve had escaped from his control in just a blink of an eye.

The connection between Shi Yan and the Grace Mainland twisted by Desolate was reconnected.

Shi Yan didn't know what had happened to Desolate, but he wouldn't let this chance slip away. At the split second the connection was re-established, he paused his space energy to focus on deploying his best efforts to guide and pull the Grace Mainland back to his chest.

"No! Nooooo!"

Desolate bellowed angrily. It seemed like he couldn't control his energy, or he had something more important to do as his Life Soul Tree and the soul in Audrey's soul altar suddenly turned into streams of energy, which then retreated into the void outside the territory. They pierced through the shattered territory barrier, zooming to an unknown area deep in the universe even faster than when they came.

People lifted their heads to look at the sky, their faces puzzled. They didn't know why this brute had left at the critical moment without a known reason.

"Shi Yan! Lock the space and mend the territory barrier!" DeCarlos screamed from a continent underneath, his face aghast. The ear-splitting scream made people realize about the catastrophe of their territory. Seeing the stormy gusts arrive, they urged their powers proactively to help Shi Yan resist the terrifying natural disasters that were enough to destroy the Cloud Mist Territory entirely.

Seeing the dangerous situation, Shi Yan didn't dare to hesitate. The space prism in his soul altar flew out while space halos expanded from it like crystal chains that acted like skillful hands, using the space energy to mend the shattered territory barriers. Receiving his energy, the broken barriers were mended, grouped, and glued to each other by the space energy, becoming intact as new.

Only the experts with Space power Upanishad at Shi Yan's level could restore shattered territory barriers!

Zi Yao, Han Tian, and the others tried to block off the deadly natural wonders and broke them in the void instead of letting them fall onto the continents underneath.

At this moment, the Grace Mainland was placed on Shi Yan's chest like a massive throbbing heart. Slowly, it shrank as Shi Yan's co-soul inside was releasing the energy to refine it little by little.

As Shi Yan was using his space energy to mend the skies, starlight moved in his eyes. He eyed the Grace Mainland and opened his mouth to suck it! The planet was guided by jets of starlight as it was sucked into Shi Yan's mouth like a chestnut, disappearing in front of everyone's stunned gazes.

He had just swallowed the Grace Mainland!

"Sauron and Devour… Did they take action?" Zi Yao looked through the territory barriers into the dark void, sinking in her thoughts. "Should be them. Only the existences at their level can force Desolate to retrieve his soul to the body. Seems like no one in this world wants to see Desolate recover fully."

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