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Chapter 41

The news that Zhou Taian was defeated by Xia Ping quickly spread throughout the school .

  "Shocking news! Zhou Taian was defeated!"

  "What?! Really? Wasn't Zhou Taian the favorite to win this time? How was he defeated?"

  "The one who defeated him was the scumbag Xia Ping . "

  "What?! Isn't that guy in the Fourth layer? How could he defeat Zhou Taian?!"

  "This news is outdated . That kid has long been promoted to the fifth layer, and he is very powerful . "

  "I also saw that match . Zhou Taian was so miserable that his face was swollen from humiliation . If it was a bit more serious, he would probably have to undergo plastic surgery to restore his original appearance . "

  "It is said that that Xia Ping was despicable and shameless . Even if Zhou Taian could not fight back, he still beat him, humiliated him, and spit on him . If it weren't for the teacher stopping him in time, Zhou Taian would probably be kicked to death . "

  "Shit! He still attacked someone who couldn't fight back . Is he a demon?"

  Many students talked about it and they were shocked by the news . It swept  throughout the whole school in an instant, and there was almost no one who didn't know about it .

  Zhou Taian's reputation was really too big . He could be called the Prince Charming of the 95th High School and the school idol . This time he was the favorite to win the championship .

  But now he was defeated by an unknown student, and he was severely humiliated in the ring . The news was too sensational, and it was impossible for anyone to fail to hear it .

  There were heated discussions throughout the arena, but the attention to other matches was much less .

  Half an hour later, the second round began . This time, one hundred and twenty-eight people had been eliminated and the number of arenas had been reduced by half .

  A bunch of people gathered on the 75th ring, because this match was between Xia Ping and another opponent, and everyone was curious about how strong Xia Ping really was .

  The opponent had a bald head with muscles all over his body, and he was very tall . He had the cultivation base of the fifth layer . He felt a little flattered to see so many people coming to watch his game . At the same time, his vanity was also greatly satisfied .

  "Bald head, kill Xia Ping . Don't let him be so arrogant . "

  "That's right . Let Xia Ping's face be swollen to the point his parents wouldn't recognize him . "

  "Bald head, I support you . You must defeat him . "

  "That Xia Ping is simply a beast! If you don't beat him, bald head, would you still be a human?"

  A group of students desperately supported the bald contestant . They were very angry at Xia Ping . The kid was simply a demon, despicable and lawless .

  How could someone support a shameless person like this?! Therefore, they all hoped that someone could give this Xia Ping a lesson and let them let out a sigh of relief .

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  Hearing their support, the bald student became extremely proud . When had he been so popular, such support, such cheers, it was almost like being a hero .

  He stared at Xia Ping, squeezed his fists and said grimly: "Xia Ping, you . . . "

  Before the bald student could speak, Xia Ping waved his hand and said, "Don't talk to me, and don't tell me your name . I'm not interested in you at all . Anyway, you can be taken care of with just one punch . "

  "Remembering your name is a waste of my time and brain capacity . "

  Even Zhou Taian, a powerhouse in the Sixth layer, was easily defeated by him and this opponent who was in the fifth layer was simply not his match . He could finish this with just one punch .

  "What did you say?!"

  The bald student crooked his nose and almost let out smoke from his head out of anger . To this kid, he was a little character who wasn't even worth remembering .

  "Even if you look down on people, there is a limit!"

  The audience was in an uproar . Although they knew that Xia Ping was extremely arrogant, they didn't expect him to be so extreme .

  He didn't even bother remembering their names, and looked down on people so much .

  "Xia Ping, you said you can finish me with just one punch . Are you kidding me!" The bald student was furious and angry . "This time I must defeat you and break all your limbs so that you can finally see Mount Tai . "

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  With a bang, the referee announced the start of the match . He pounced like a hungry wolf, brandishing his hands fiercely like wolf claws . He tore through the air, and at the same time his feet vibrated and his figure flickered .

  He was proficient in the intermediate martial skill, Eighteen Hungry Wolf Styles . Each of these eighteen styles was a killer move, possessing terrifying power and moving quickly and strangely . He cultivated to a high level and could tear rocks with one claw .

  Whoosh whoosh! ! !

  Suddenly, on the entire arena, there were five or six afterimages . Each afterimage was like a hungry wolf, exuding a vicious aura .

  Although he was only one person, he was able to display the power of a pack of wolves which was enough to shred all prey .

  But such speed, in front of the Rendition of Heaven and Earth was simply cheap tricks . The speed he prided himself on was as slow as a baby in Xia Ping's eyes .


  Xia Ping's expressionlessly punched out . His fist silently penetrated the ghost of countless hungry wolves, and hit the bald student's head fiercely . Thousands of kilograms of force burst, like a flood bursting through a river bank .


  The pupils of the bald-headed student showed horror and he screamed . The bridge of his nose was instantly shattered and his whole body was blown out like a ping pong ball .

  With a bang, he flew directly in the air for 20 to 30 meters, and finally slammed into the ground outside, causing the surrounding audience to exclaim .

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  Then the bald student fainted on the spot .

  The students around were silent, dumbfounded, and could no longer scream . He really defeated the bald student with a single punch .

  Although this kid was a bit arrogant, his strength was not fake .

  "I already said it . I can finish this with one punch . "

  Xia Ping stood with his hand folded behind his back, revealing the appearance of a martial arts master: "But I don't blame him . It's not that he is weak . I am just too strong . I guess there is no one in school who can defend against my punch . "

  "Is this the feeling of invincibility? It's too lonely at the top . "

  An aura of loneliness exuded from his body . It seemed like a martial arts master standing on the top of the mountain and unable to find an opponent .

  "Crap, this is too much! I might just die from anger!"

  "He is only at the fifth layer, and he dares say that he is invincible . "

  "This school is better off without him . He is simply polluting the school's environment . "

  "Damn, I never wanted to hit someone so much before now . "

  A group of students were mad at Xia Ping's arrogant attitude, and his hate points soared . A  bastard in the fifth layer of martial apprentice dared to say that he was invincible, the whole school couldn't wait to punch him .

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