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Chapter 2046: A Cold Blade Flash Illuminating the Land

Looking at Crone Yinfan standing in the air, all of those on the Sect of the Blood God’s side were angry.

“They knew we do not have a Heaven’s Reach-realm powerhouse, but they purposely sent someone of this level to fight. That Mo Sheng is too cunning and sinister, damn it!”

Sun Dadi was frustrated, scratching his head in desperation.

However, it was a pity that his own cultivation strength was too weak, and was unable to join the fight, so he could only be anxious on the sidelines.

Zhang Ruochen shook his head slightly and said. “Mo Sheng will not let me have the initiative all the time, now that it’s the Black Demon Realm’s turn to choose who goes first, this is a little troublesome. ”

Faced with the problems presented by Mo Sheng, Zhang Ruochen was in a bit of a headache as there was no suitable candidates around him right now.

Even Du Mosheng, Pei Linhu and He Yuan who had submitted ot him, all of them were only at the peak of Precept Dominion-realm, and even if they were to break through now, in terms of strength, they were no match for Crone Yinfan.

“Master, let me fight.” Han Xue stepped forward and said.

She was originally one fo the candidates to fight, and now, even when the opponent’s cultivation base was higher than expected, she still showed no fear.

Before Zhang Ruochen could speak, Du Mosheng stepped forward and said. “Grand Master, Crone Yinfan is the number one Heaven’s Reach powerhouse of the Black Demon Realm. She is extremely powerful, and her methods cruel. If you are not careful, you may perish. Miss Han Xue is still too young, and fighting Crone Yinfan is just too dangerous. How about I fight instead.”

Du Mosheng knew that he was no match for Crone Yinfan, and for him to volunteer at this moment was naturally to show his loyalty to Zhang Ruochen, and leave a good impression so that his days to come would be better.

In his opinion, the outcome this battle was already predetermined, and it made no difference who took to the field.

Zhang Ruochen glanced at Du Mosheng before turned his gaze to Han Xue again, as he said with a serious expression. “Crone Yinfan’s cultivation level is much higher than yours. This battle will be very dangerous, don’t be careless, and don’t force yourself. Remember, your safety is the most paramount.”

Zhang Ruochen then looked at Du Mosheng, and said. “Tell Han Xue everything about Crone Yinfan.”

“Yes, Grand Master.” Du Mosheng said immediately.

Du Mosheng then quickly used his spiritual power as he transmitted all of the information of Crone Yinfan to Han Xue at the fastest possible speed.

Earlier on, Crone Yinfan had already wanted his head, so he naturally would no longer conceal anything.

Although he knew the probability of Han Xue emerging victorious was very low, Du Mosheng still hoped that Han Xue would be able to teach Crone Yinfan a painful lesson.

After getting a rough idea of Crone Yinfan’s information, Han Xue’s expression was still calm, her eyes resolute, like a keen blade being drawn from its sheath.

Zhang Ruochen nodded slightly and handed a Dimensional Teleportation Scroll and a Demonstone Engraving to Han Xue.

Han Xue put away the Dimensional Teleportation Scroll and wrapped the Demonstone Engraving with her saint Qi as she darted off.

Zhang Ruochen could not help to say to himself. “Let me see how powerful the heritor of the Empress of Thousand Bones is. Han Xue, Master believes that you will not let me down.”

Han Xue stepped upon the void and appeared opposite of Crone Yinfan.

“The First Disciple of the Sect of the Blood God’s Grand Master, Han Xue, answers your challenge.” Han Xue looked at Crone Yinfan and proclaimed loudly.

A cold brilliance appeared in Crone Yinfan’s eyes as she sneered. “They said Zhang Ruochen’s greatest weakness was he valued love and righteousness in the eyes of the lay people over everything else, but that doesn’t seem all true. Girl, if you were killed by me, blame Zhang Ruochen’s for his heartlessness.”

“You don’t have that capability.” Han Xue said lightly.

As Zhang Ruochen’s disciple, she could not cower before her foe at this moment, nor could she besmirch Zhang Ruochen’s reputation.

After Han Xue’s voice spread out, all of the spectating cultivators showed a look of surprise.

“Unexpectedly, Zhang Ruochen also has a disciple, and her cultivation isn’t all that much weaker than his. Seems like this Han Xue isn’t your typical sort.”

“Even if she isn’t a typical sort, so what? Can she compare to Zhang Ruochen? With her cultivation base that had not even reach the peak of Precept Dominion-realm, how can she fight Crone Yinfan?”

“Zhang Ruochen probably had no choice, and could not find anyone else who could fight. If he did not send his disciple out, who he would send then, Du Mosheng, Pei Linhu or He Yuan?”

“If Zhang Ruochen were to fight, taking down Crone Yinfan should not be too difficult. What is he thinking?”

“Don’t jump to conclusions so quickly. Perhaps this Han Xue is like that owl, a powerful one. Zhang Ruochen isn’t a fool, you know.”

Although most people were not optimistic about Han Xue’s chances, thinking that Han Xue was no match for Crone Yinfan.

But when they remembered that she was Zhang Ruochen’s disciple, many looked forward to her amazing performance.

At the location where everyone’s gaze converged, Han Xue and Crone Yinfan stood facing each other. Although they had not made any moves, the two’s aura had already began to clash.


The ground beneath Han Xue and Crone Yinfan quaked and sank violently.


Seeming under extreme pressure, hot magma actually gushed out of the ground.

The magma formed a red pillar of fire that soared into the sky, reaching an altitude of several thousand feet with astonishing momentum.

The moment the magma erupted, both Han Xue and Crone Yinfan made their move at the same time.

Han Xue roused the Godfall Scripture, as a majestic surge of saint Qi rushed into her arms in a frenzy as she blasted a palm strike out.

When Han Xue struck her palm out, all thousand and eight saint bones in her body moved at the same time, making a strange rhythmic sound that caused her saint Qi flow to increase by several times, as they were compressed to the limit.

“Thousand Bone Skycrusher Palm.”

Han Xue let out a soft roar, as an extremely corporeal palm seal blasted straight at Crone Yinfan.

At the same time, Crone Yinfan also struck, as the Blood Sea demonic Qi with aura of death rushed out from her body, forming a massive circular tomb that crushed at Han Xue.

The large tomb was gray and black in colour, with a deathly pall to it. It was over three thousand feet long, and the moment it appeared, it covered the sky, and unleashed an extremely depressing force.


The palm seal struck firmly onto the circular tomb, causing the tomb to sudden pause.

“Hmph, not knowing your limits.” Crone Yinfan sneered coldly.

With her cultivation strength, how can Han Xue resist the peerless demonic exercise on the Demonstone Engraving?

Outside the tomb, demonic Qi roiled and instantly submerged the palm seal in it without taking any damage.

Han Xue’s expression was calm as she slowly stretched out another hand and blasted out an even more corporeal palm seal.


The palm seal struck the tomb as well, but the results this time was very different as a gaping hole was torn across the great tomb. And centered upon this breach, it started to collapse as a large amount of death Qi escaped from it.

“The World Burial Tomb is extreme powerful, yet it was shattered by a single palm strike.”

A look of shock appeared in Crone Yinfan’s eyes. This was something she had totally not expected.

She had thought that with just this demonic exercise alone, she would not only be able to seize the Demonstone Engraving, but also kill Han Xue.

If she could kill Han Xue, she believed she would be able to drive Zhang Ruochen up the wall.

But now, it seemed like achieve this goal was not as simple as she imagined.

Crone Yinfan recalled the damaged World Burial Tomb, and infused it with even more Blood Sea demonic Qi, instantly repairing it.

At the same time, Crone Yinfan also actuvated her demonic exercise, drawing upon the precepts of heaven and earth and power of the land within a three thousand mile radius, and infusing them into the World Burial Tomb.

Although Crone Yinfan had only mobilized about thirty percent of the precept of heaven and earth within a radius of three thousand miles, this was already far stronger than some Path’s Anterior elites.

Once Crone Yinfan’s demonic exercise reached the great completion state, and break into Path’s Anterior-Realm, her strength will inevitably increase exponentially, reaching a point hard to imagine.

Crone Yinfan cultivated the Demonic World Burial Portrait, and the World Burial Tomb was a saint art that was comprehended from the Demonic Crypt World Portrait. It was also one of the two Tongxuan-level intermediate saint arts, with a few managing to successfully cultivate it.

It was for the purpose of cultivating the World Burial Tomb, that she ended up like this, and could not break into the realm of Path’s Anterior.

In terms of innate talent, Crone Yinfan was actually far above Zuo Li, Teng Gu and the others.

“As expected of Zhang Ruochen’s disciple, she is skilled. If that’s the case, I can no longer hold back.” Crone Yinfan let out a grim smile.

The Black Demon Realm had already lost two matches in a row, and urgently needed to save face. So Crone Yinfan intended to defeat Han Xue with single powerful strike, and not give her any chance to resist.


The World Burial Tomb shook as it continued to expand and grew larger and larger.

In a blink of an eye, it was already more than a thousands of miles wide, and yet it was still expanding, as if wanting to envelop the entire world.

What was engraved on The Demonic World Burial Portrait was an extremely magnificent tomb, entombing a great world.

A grim look appeared in Han Xue’s eyes as she quickly formed hand seals, and performed an arcane saint art.

For a time, Han Xue’s body burst out with dazzling light, as every piece of the saint bones had mysterious patterns appearing on it naturally.

One thousand and eight sacred lights intertwined, instantly forming a colossal figure standing several thousand feet tall. This figure was transparent and one could see the one thousand and eight crystal-like sacred bones inside the body, looking both phantasmal and corporeal at the same time.

As soon as the colossal figure was formed, it immediately struck out and blocked the World Burial Tomb.

“Han Xue had actually cultivated the Thousand Bone Warsoul. It seems like her Thousand-Bones Physique had truly reached greater completion.”

Seeing the colossal figure, Blackie could not help but to be excited.

It had once followed the Empress of Thousand Bones, and knew the Thousand-Bones Physique the best.

“What’s the Thousand Bone Warsoul?” Bao Lie asked curiously.

Blackie smiled and said. “The so-called Thousand Bone Warsoul is formed by cultivating the Thousand Bone Physique to greater completion, and inducing the mysterious power contained inside the Thousand Bones. This allows one to fully unleash the power of the Thousand Bone Physique.”

“I never expected that Han Xue could cultivate the Thousand-Bones Warsoul so quickly. Such talent, she was no lesser than the Empress back in the day.”

The Thousand-Bones Physique, was a true titan among men, and its power was far beyond the imagination of ordinary people.


The Thousand-Bones Warsoul erupted in a surge of divine power, stopping the World Burial Tomb and preventing it from falling any further.

A majestic deathly Qi emerged from the World Burial Tomb, trying to drown the Thousand-Bones Warsoul.

These deathly Qi were collected from the Underworld by Crone Yinfan, and refined them using a secret technique to make them extremely sinister, and capable to erode all things.

The thousand and eight sacred bones inside the Thousand-Bones Warsoul moved together, as arcane inscriptions appeared on the surface of every bone, unleashing a dazzling and divine radiance.


Yet, the deathly Qi could not do anything to the Thousand-bone Warsoul, but instead was transformed by the essence of the divine light into wisps of black smoke before dissipating into nothingness.

“How can that be?”

Crone Yinfan’s eyes widened and could not believe what she just witnessed.

That was the deathly Qi she had refined using a secret technique, and as long as it was used, it was always effective, even those of the Path’s Anterior-realm would need to be wary of her.

Han Xue looked coldly at Crone Yinfan, saying. “Is that all you have? That’s rather disappointing.”

As she spoke, Han Xue formed a hand seal again, the same palm technique as before.

But this time, it was not herself who shot out the palm strike, but the Thousand-Bones Warsoul unleashing two strikes in a row.

The precepts of heaven and earth and the power of the land within thousands of miles surging violently, its momentum far greater than Crone Yinfan’s.

The Thousand-Bones Physique was blessed by nature, and its ability to control the precepts of heaven and earth and the power of the land was far beyond any other cultivators.

Two massive palm seals formed in an instant as they brutally slammed against the World Burial Tomb.


The World Burial Tomb burst open as the majestic power contained in it was unleashed, causing a devastating energy ripple.

Han Xue, using the Thousand-Bones Warsoul, stood before the energy ripple and blocked off everything in the direction of the Sect of the Blood God.

The Thousand-Bones Warsoul was able to destroy the World Burial Tomb, and was naturally unfazed by this tiny bit of aftermath.


Crone Yinfan’s expression changed drastically as she quickly deployed the Demonstone Engraving in front of her to block at attack.

The surface of the Demonstone Engraving lit up with demonic light as a black demonic dragon phantom rushed out of it, seemingly about to break through the heavens.

The demonic dragon phantom unleashed a monstrous demonic aura and quickly smashed the oncoming energy ripple away.

As for those energy ripples that were not blocked, they swept out in all directions with extreme speed. The area of impact was vast, and causing the already sunken ground to sink by dozens of feet again, causing hundreds of snow-capped mountains to fall apart.

Those spectating cultivators have already retreated extremely far away, or else they would have inevitably been affected again.

Mo Sheng stared intently at Han Xue, his eyes narrowed slightly, saying. “Thousand-Bones Physique. So there is a heritor of the Empress of Thousand Bones in Kunlun Realm. Could it be that she is still alive?”

Back then, when they first came from Black Demon Realm to Kunlun Realm, the Blackheart Demonlord had gave them a very important order, that was to find the EMpress of Thousand Bones.

For this reason, a large number of Black Demon Realm cultivators descended upon the Underworld to look for clues of the Empress of Thousand Bones, but unfortunately they found nothing.

Upon seeing Han Xue who had the Thousand-Bones Physique, a thought appeared in Mo Sheng’s heart. Perhaps this would be the breakthrough they needed to look for the Empress of Thousand Bones.

Immediately after, Mo Sheng’s expression became really uncomfortable. How did Zhang Ruochen managed to gather so many talented people around him.

There was an Heavenly Phoenix Body earlier on, then came an Arch Array Master, then now one with a Thousand-Bones Physique. He could not imagine if where were other monsters by Zhang Ruochen’s side.

On the battlefield, Han Xue drew the Void Sword, as her fingers gently flicked the sword’s edge, as her aura rose infinitely in an instant, seemingly becoming one with her sword, like a fairy swordswomen.


THe Void Sword trembled with joy as it let out a high-pitched sword wail.

“Your strength, is enough for me to use my sword to kill you.”

Han Xue infused the hundred thousand precepts of the sword she had cultivated into the blade, and many supreme inscriptions instantly appeared on the surface of the Void Sword, causing the space to tremble.

“That’s… the Void Sword. This person is indeed greatly linked to the Empress of Thousand Bones.” A bright glint appeared in Mo Sheng’s eyes.

If she was not the heritor of the Empress of Thousand Bones, how could she wield the Void Sword.

The Void Sword was not to be underestimated, as it was a godslaying sword, and was extremely famous, more so than Empress Chi Yao’s Blood Dripper.

Han Xue held the Void Sword in hand, and roused the Godfall Scripture to the extreme, as the thousand and eight sacred bones in her body radiated in more brilliant light.

Above the Void Sword, the winds and clouds roiled, forming a violent energy vortex as the space was faintly ripped apart as series of black cracks appeared.

“A Cold Blade Flash Illuminating the Land.”

Han Xue swung her sword, like a fairy from the realms beyond, slashing out a white sword light and ripping the void apart. The sword light was brilliant, like the northern lights as it extended thousands of miles away. Across the Central Region’s nine states, across the land millions of miles wide, all could see a white light flashing through the horizon at this moment.

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