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Youngster in Shuguang Town

TL: Maliya_907
ED: FrozenInk
PR: TehGodofDoooom

The Empire of Alubo, located on the eastern side of the Shenji Continent. On the northern edge of the Alubo Empire, there lies a small town named Shuguang Town.

Our story begins here….

In the early morning, when the sun had just risen, the people of the town walked out of their homes.Everyone was dressed in splendid attires and their faces were brimming with delight.. Today is the bumper harvest festival of Shuguang town.All the people in the town dare to go to the only temple in the town to offer sacrifices to the Goddess of the Earth. To thank her for giving Shuguang Town a good year’s favorable weather, and bumper grain harvest.

On the same day of bumper harvest festival, besides offering sacrifices to the gods.The most conspicuous event that nothing can surpass is the imperial college's recruitment of warlocks apprentices in towns.

In the land of Shenji, the profession of warlocks attract a lot of attention and even surpass the divine right of the king and royalty.And it has become the entire Shenji continent’s support of all the nations and family glory.

In the temple's public square plaza, young people sang and danced, celebrating the coming of the festival.And the public square plaza encompasses a built in ritual stage. An ash gray bearded old man sitting in the middle of the street was looking around in the crowd with his eyes wide open. He seemed to be looking for someone.

Meanwhile, a middle-aged man dressed like an imperial junior soldier breathlessly ran to the ritual stage, towards the old man, "Grand Elder, I’ve looked all over the place with the soldier team, but I can’t find this fellow Lei En .”

The Grand Elder heard no trace of Lei En, expression became more nervous.There was even a slight cold sweat on his forehead, sternly replied:

"Must find him… For twelve years…"

" This day I have been looking forward to for twelve years.. Now, no matter what you must find this fellow today for me ! I must send him to the imperial college at any cost! Today is his last day in town, We cannot have countless accidents happen again….."


The middle-aged officer promised, ran off the ritual platform. Taking his subordinates to continue searching for Lei En.

Lei En, whose full name is Lei En Majiatisi, is the only noble descendant of the Majiatisi Clan of Shuguang Town.The Majiatisi Clan was the guardian family of Shuguang Town. Twelve years before the new year, magic beast attacked the town and among those who battled , in order to protect the town of Shuguang, the whole Majiatisi Clan was killed, only Lei En who was still a baby was left behind .

As a descendant of heroes, Lei En, a solitary and impoverished child from childhood was taken care of by the whole town and gradually grew up. But was negligent in regards to discipline, he did not know when he became the nightmare for whole town….

You know, a border town like Shuguang town only has one imperial college student quota each year.In the previous years, the number of aristocrats in the town had strived hard to seize a place, and for this year’s quota, as early as six years ago, all the nobles were suppressed by a unanimous vote and picked Lei En.

In fact, it is to thank all to the martyrs of the Majiatisi family for giving their lives to protect Shuguang town. At that moment, the Grand Elder looked around, silently praying to not have another accident this time. Suddenly, a loud explosion broke out on the west side of the town.

The intense blasting noise attracted the people’s attention at the temple plaza fair to celebrate the harvest festival.Including the Grand Elder, everyone rushed to the west of the town.After a brief shock, people in the temple plaza burst into condemnation.

"It must be that fellow Lei En! Damn it!"


"Why did the Majiatisi Clan have such a descendant?"

"You see! On fire..That…Tha…It's the barn!"

"The barn is on fire! The barn is on fire! Quickly put out the fire!"

In a nearly crazy roar, people could not care about their splendid festival clothes.They picked up tools that could extinguish the fire, and like a swarm of bees rushed to the barn.

At this moment, a warehouse in the barn ignited with raging flames. In the past year, all the grain harvested by the town residents has been stored in these severals barns.If the large fire can not be put out in time, the residents of Shuguang town may starve to get through bumper harvest.

Suddenly, a petite figure rushed out of the burning barn.Putting a hand on his face, wiping out the black ash on his face, showing his original fair bright skin, seems clever. The young man is Lei En Majiatisi.

Lei En looked at the burning fire, aware that his own mistake was a bit of major, annoyed and thinking out loud speaks:

"I…. I just wanted to catch and shoot thunder to deep fry those the damned rats. How can this be so……"

This time he was extremely anxious, suddenly remembering that when he was at home. It seems to have seen a book about the element of fire. The book says that as long as the air is cut off, a flame will be extinguished automatically.

With this in mind, Lei En seemed to see the hope of successfully extinguishing the large fire. He promptly quickly took out dozens of thunderballs from behind his backpack.Throwing these thunderballs to the every corner of the barn.

Lei En's dream is to become a great warlock, just as his ancestors did. Obtain a Kingdom nobility name, protect an area of common people, and revitalize the Majiatisi Clan He also dreams of becoming the top warlock and setting foot on the legendary Outland to broaden his horizons.

In the complex course of warlocks, Lei En liked alchemy best.These thunderball bombs were refined by himself after numerous experiments.

These thunderball materials are cheap and can be bought everywhere. Even orphans of a declining aristocracy like Lei En can be make them in large quantities. However, these thunderballs have great power, and their explosive power is comparable to that of first order magic. But it doesn't need magical support to use it. Even a child can easily throw it.

More than a dozen thunderballs were thrown out.

"Rumble, Rumble" blasts exploded.

The walls at the bottom of the barn broke. Unable to sustain the upper building, and loudly collapsed.


And this collapse allowed the barn's bricks and tiles that had fallen down to play a role in isolating the air, and instantly extinguished the flames inside the barn.

The villagers who rushed toward the barn to save it from the fire first heard a succession of explosions, followed by

loud noise..

“Boom! Boom!”


Looking at the smoke and dust, everyone’s heart sank. The fire began burning the barn down even faster!

"Hurry up! Otherwise, Lei En might do something.

"Today whatever the case He will be sent to the imperial college anyway. I’ve been waiting for this day for several years."

Just as everyone came to the barn, Lei En came up with a smiling face,with an extremely proud expression and excitedly shouted to the residents of the town.

“Don’t worry, everybody! The fire has been put out by me! ”

And all the residents of the town looked at the collapsed granary, thinking that a great number of mythological beasts had galloped through the barn.The plan to send Lei En also could not wait for a moment.

End of Chapter

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