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Chapter 1960 Lying Small Pills

Before he came, the old cunning fox, Mr. Fox, had imagined how countless of Yellow Sandy Ridge would be like as a commander.

However, he never expected that the boss behind the Yellow Sandy Ridge was actually such a young man.

Furthermore, there was a frivolous look in his eyes. How could such a man be a threat to the slavary army?

Maybe he was just a idiot?

The one that was truly effective was actually Commander Su Fei?

And these women of the Yellow Sandy Ridge?

The old cunning fox, middle Ninja, couldn't help but start to guess.

"Qin Chao, my teacher wants to join Yellow Sandy Ridge!"

On the other hand, Riley was very happy.

After all, Mr. Fox was her teacher, and she had feelings for him.

Her teacher was willing to join the Yellow Sandy Ridge and become her ally. She didn't need to be an enemy anymore, what else could make her happier than this?

Therefore, she happily recommended her teacher to Qin Chao.

What Qin Chao was more concerned about was the long-faced man with black wings who stood behind the old cunning fox, Mr. Fox.

This man looks like a vampire after the transformation of Earth.

Could it be the people of the Bat Tribe?

Such a thought flashed through Qin Chao's mind.

At the same time, he was also interested in this Bat Tribe fella.

Because Qin Chao realized, even if he used God's power to investigate, he wouldn't be able to sense the depth of the opponent's strength!

It looked like this was an assassin type of expert like Chiyo.

He was especially good at hiding his aura.

Qin Chao suddenly felt that it was a little strange.

Why did he always think of Chiyo?

She had already betrayed him.

This point was something that even Qin Chao himself could not understand.

"Respected commander of the Yellow Sandy Ridge, Lord Qin Chao, it is an honor to meet you."

The old fox, Mr. Fox, had a warm smile on his face and was about to grab Qin Chao's hand.

Long Na stood out and pointed the Law Enforcement Gun at the old cunning fox's head.

Clearly, she did not want this old fox to be even half a step closer to her master.

Riley was slightly embarrassed.

After all, he was her teacher, and someone was pointing a gun at him.

The old fox was also somewhat embarrassed, but he quickly smiled and said.

"Hehe, as expected of the Lord Commander-in-chief, it is only right that their subordinates be more heavily guarded."

"My master, you alone are not enough to injure him."

Long Na said without giving any face, "You came from the slavary army, I was afraid that you would dirty our master's hands."

Qin Chao secretly gave a big thumbs up, thinking, Long Na, well said, I didn't waste my efforts on you!


For a time, the atmosphere was tense.

But the old fox was an old fox after all. He rolled his eyes and immediately added.

Master Qin, no matter what, we came here from the slavary army, if you have that kind of attitude, we would really find it hard to accept that.

"Hehe, Mr. Mr. Fox, I'm sorry."

Qin Chao stood there and said unhurriedly, "Our Yellow Sandy Ridge's way of treating guests is indeed lacking. However, we sincerely welcome our friends. But towards our enemies, we are merciless. "

"I suppose we're friends, aren't we?"

Mr. Fox laughed.

"I also hope that we are friends. After all, Riley is your disciple. I also don't want to become enemies with her teacher. "

As Qin Chao spoke, he looked at Mr. Fox, and seeing the old man's innocent smile, he could not help but shake his head.

Was this old man really here to surrender?

Qin Chao didn't believe it even if he was beaten to death.

He has a very high status in the Beast Emperor, why would he come here when he's above everyone else?

There must be something wrong with this matter!

Qin Chao always thought so.

"Lord, you seem to be doubting my intention."

The old cunning fox saw through Qin Chao's suspicions with a glance, and said while chuckling.

"Actually, there's nothing to doubt about me coming to the Yellow Sandy Ridge for, it's all for this thing on my neck."

As he spoke, he pulled the slave collar on his neck.

"This is the thing that restricts my freedom. Lord Qin, I'm old. I don't want to continue this endless battle. I just want to get rid of my slave identity and return to a planet to enjoy my remaining years. "

He said with a hint of sadness.

"I know that you have the help of the Prophet. The technology she has can definitely help me get rid of this slave collar. That's why I am willing to advise and defeat the slavary army for you, as long as you can help me get rid of this slave collar. "

If I want to open the slave collar, I can do it without the use of the Prophet.

However, although the words of this old man were easy to believe, he himself didn't believe it.

Dream on, for the sake of untying the slave collar.

If he helped the Beast Emperor defeat the Yellow Sandy Ridge, wouldn't he be able to achieve this goal?

Old fox, old fox, you are looking down too much on our Yellow Sandy Ridge.

Qin Chao understood that in her heart, but the clever little fox Riley was teary. It was as if she could not bear to see the slave collar on her teacher's neck.

"Teacher... "It must have been hard on you …"

"It's alright, teacher found the organization after coming to the Yellow Sandy Ridge."

The old fox stroked his beard and chuckled as he said, "I hope that Lord Qin will keep a pitiful person like me."

"Mr. Mr. Fox is being too courteous."

Qin Chao chuckled, and then said.

"For our little fox Riley's sake, leaving Mr. Mr. Fox behind is nothing. However, our Yellow Sandy Ridge has always been strict with regards to the internal members. If you wish to become a member of our Yellow Sandy Ridge, you must first pass an assessment. "


The old fox frowned slightly.

"What kind of examination method is this?"

"Very simple."

Qin Chao clapped his hands and said, "Hai Tong, come here."

"Master, what's the matter?"

Hai Tong immediately walked over lazily.

She stayed in the command hall as she studied the potions and knowledge of the Zerozone Alliance.

When he heard Qin Chao's summons, he immediately rushed over.

"Use the Spitting out True Pill made by your boss Su."

"Oh? "True Spitting Pill?"

Hai Tong was immediately slightly surprised.

"That's right, the True Spitting Pill I made is in the second cabinet in the first row of the Medicine Pavilion."

Su Fei nodded at Hai Tong.

Hai Tong's eyes instantly lit up, and he asked.

"Got it, I'll go get it now."

After saying that, he turned around and left the command center.

The old fox was even more confused.

he asked calmly.

"I wonder what kind of pill Sir Qin is vomiting?"

"Hehe, it's just a type of drug my wife developed out of boredom."

Qin Chao chuckled, and said, "Anyone who eats this medicine can only speak the truth within an hour. If you say anything false, you will bleed from your eyes, ears, noses, and mouth, until you die. "

"There's such a drug?"

The old fox was momentarily flustered.

Later, he thought about it and realized that it was unlikely.

How could there be such a drug!?

Even the technology of the Zerozone was not able to produce such a device.

The so-called polygraph was used to determine if a person was lying based on their heart rate, body temperature, and other data.

But a trained person can easily escape the test of these instruments.

He was also an expert in all kinds of things, and he didn't blush when he was lying nor did his heart jump.


Potions that bleed from the orifices of one's eyes, nose and mouth when lying …

This was the first time he had heard of it.

He quickly exchanged glances with Gordan who was beside them.

Gordan's expression was a little solemn, and his eyes revealed that he was questioning.

Do you want to make a move?

However, the old fox closed his eyes, meaning that he should not make a move.

He decided to give it a try.

Where did this miraculous pill come from, it must be because Qin Chao wanted to use this method to trick him.

Do you think that I, Mr. Fox, am scared, hmph.

Very quickly, Hai Tong ran over with a small porcelain bottle.

Qin Chao took the porcelain bottle and placed a black pill in his hand.

He laughed and asked Mr. Fox.

"How is it, Mr. Mr. Fox, do you want to eat one?"

"Sir Qin, you are not trusting us!"

A fox clan man beside Mr. Fox could not help but say.

"We wholeheartedly came here to rely on you, but you actually used such a method to trample on our loyalty. This truly makes us sad!"

He said this while covering his heart.

"A sincere heart is not something that you can say with your mouth."

However, Qin Chao remained unmoved and continued to say while pinching the pill.

"If you really want to try, then eat this pill."

As he spoke, he passed the pill to the old fox, "As long as you speak the truth, the effects of the pill will be gone in two hours."

"Haha, Sir Qin has underestimated me."

The old fox took the pill and swallowed it.

"Heaven and Earth can see how sincere I am to the Yellow Sandy Ridge."

The speed at which he was taking the medicine was so fast that others wouldn't even be able to block him.

Riley was actually very pleased, thinking that a teacher was still a teacher, as expected, there was still kindness in his heart.

"Alright, since Mr. Mr. Fox is so honest, let's do a small test first."

Qin Chao chuckled, "This medicine is very magical. If it was some small lie, you would have suffered very little damage. If it is a huge lie, then Mr. Mr. Fox's life will really die in our Yellow Sandy Ridge. But if Mr. Mr. Fox were to tell us the truth afterwards, the poison would be temporarily cured. "

"Is that so?"

Mr. Fox did not believe what Qin Chao was saying at all.

"If you don't believe me, we can try. For example, if I had a small problem, Mr. Mr. Fox would hide it from me. "

When Mr. Fox saw how confident Qin Chao was, he suddenly had no idea what to do.

Could it be that this pill is real?

How was this possible? How could there be such a pill in the world?

"Mr. Mr. Fox, I found out about your age from Riley. Tell me, how old are you this year?"

Mr. Fox said in order to know the truth.

"I'm 525 this year."

Mr. Fox was actually 530 years old. He hid the truth of being five years old just for the sake of experiment.

Immediately, Mr. Fox's face changed.

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