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Knowing that Han Weiwei's Mysterious God avatar could release the power of someone at the peak of the fourth level of the True Immortal Stage, everyone couldn't help but gather to watch.

Han Weiwei's Mysterious God avatar had already been wrapped in a precious curtain, so it wasn't as naked as it was before.

The cold aura emitted by her Divine Profound Technique was just enough to neutralize the burning heat.

Because at this moment, Wei Suo had already begun refining the Blood Moon divine iron. Waves after waves of powerful true essence flames ignited the surrounding air, causing it to emit crackling sounds.

"If the Bloodmoon Godly Iron Robe could be refined, wouldn't Weiwei be able to handle a third level True Immortal level alien demon by herself? She wouldn't even need to rely on sneak attacks anymore." After seeing the might of Han Weiwei's Mysterious God avatar, Shui Ling'er could not help but ask Wei Suo.

"There's no chance." Wei Suo, who was using his true flame to smelt the Blood Moon divine iron, shook his head. "Her spiritual sense is too far away from a True Immortal Stage Level 3 alien demon. If she were to fight him alone, she would only be able to take a beating."

"That's true." Shui Ling'er was immediately deflated.

Extraterritorial Demons like Gu Sili and Asuli possessed divine intents that were far more powerful than those of ordinary first stage true Immortals. The strength of the divine intents of a third stage True Immortal was far beyond what Han Weiwei could compare.

Now, although they had two things in their hands that could resist the opponent's spiritual pressure, their reaction and the speed of their attacks were completely incomparable. If they were to fight alone, there could only be one result, and that was, Han Weiwei's attack could not even hit the opponent at all, while she could not even dodge the opponent's attack. She could only be beaten like a sandbag by the opponent.

"There's one way that can allow Han Weiwei's combat strength to soar. At least she won't be too far behind in terms of spiritual sense." But at this time, Li Ruo Hai and Xin You Lan looked at each other, and then Xin You Lan said.

"What method?" Wei Suo, Shui Ling'er, and the others were all astonished as they looked at her and Li Ruo Hai.

"We, the Spirit Beast Palace, have a secret technique called the Spirit Beast Concealment Technique. This technique is equivalent to temporarily fusing the consciousness of a Spirit Beast into one's own consciousness. However, when the Spirit Beast used this technique, it would not be able to move at all. Furthermore, if it were to suffer heavy injuries, the Spirit Beast's body would also suffer heavy injuries. " Lan Xin turned to Wei Suo and explained.

"There's actually such an arcane skill?" Wei Suo was very surprised. He recalled the feeling he had when he first started cultivating the Celestial Dragon Group's body tempering technique. It was as if he was looking through the eyes of a dragon at the world. This was probably how the Spiritual Beast Palace's technique worked. It was equivalent to sensing heaven and earth through the stronger consciousness of a spirit beast.

"However, there's a big limitation of this technique. That is, the spirit beast must reach the level of manifesting before it can be used with this technique." Suo Ge and Han Weiwei took a glance at the primordial chaos that had already returned to a place not far away, and then looked at Wei Suo and Han Weiwei as they spoke.

"You need to reach the Manifestation stage before you can use it?" Wei Suo was slightly startled, and immediately understood why the expressions of Heart Orchid and Li Ruohai were a little strange.

If this Silver Primordius was able to advance to the Manifestation stage, then using the Tao technique of the Spirit Beast Palace, Han Weiwei would probably not be at a disadvantage against an alien Heavenly Demon at least at the third level of the True Immortal Realm. If they didn't have confidence, Lan Xin and Li Ruohai wouldn't have said that.

However, to make a demonic beast transform, it was much more difficult than raising a cultivator from the fourth level of the Divine Profound Realm to the True Immortal Realm. With their current abilities, there was no way for them to raise the Primordius Silver Cult to the true form within a short period of time.

After a few tries, everyone had already understood that the inside of the void storm was just an extremely chaotic mess made of hot porridge, and the hot porridge poured out might not even happen once every 100 times. To draw out another void storm that could be useful to the Primordius Silver Nuwa, the chances were really too small.

"Looks like we can only rely on Yan and Li now." It was as if his heart was filled with orchids as he spat out the thoughts of the crowd.

Everyone was thinking the same thing. They wondered if the two Rage God slaves could help this Silver Primordius gather some kind of elixir that could help it raise its strength at a rapid rate.

The two obedient little Rage God Slaves that they had unintentionally bumped into seemed to have become the main force in the battle against the alien Heavenly Demon.


While Wei Suo and the others were refining the Blood Moon Godly Iron Robe and the Thousand Moon Wheel Flying Sword, waiting for Yan and Li to return and see if they could find a suitable spirit medicine for Han Weiwei's Primordius Silver Nuwa, an abnormally pale and ugly old man was flying through another space in the battlefield.

This old man with an abnormally ugly expression was none other than Wei Suo's old acquaintance, the Divine Monarch Tianjiu who had escaped from Yanbei's hands.

Originally, when he entered this battlefield, the Heavenly Nine Godly Lord and his group of cultivators from the Alliance were flocking around, but now, he was alone. The rest of the Alliance's cultivators had all died in the hands of Yan Beihui.

The key point was that he didn't even know where the entrance to the pagoda was located in this space. He was no different from being left alone in the void of chaotic space.

"Heh …" "Heh …" "Heh …" "Hee …"

All of a sudden, like a stray dog, the figure of the Heavenly Nine Divine Lord began to tremble. He could hear eerie and eerie laughter echoing in his ears, making him feel as if he were losing control of his mind. "Aooooo …" he said. "Aoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo …"

"Who is it!"

The Divine Monarch felt chills run down his spine as he frantically scanned his surroundings with his Divine Sense. However, what made his heart tremble even more was that he couldn't detect the existence of this person at all.

"My cultivation is not bad. It seems that devouring you will allow me to increase my cultivation quite a bit."

Yet another wave of strange laughter rang out as a streak of pale light suddenly appeared off to the right of the Celestial Monarch.

All of the blood in his body seemed to be on the verge of freezing up.

This streak of white light was impressively an alien Heavenly Demon covered in white bones.

His appearance was similar to that of a man in his thirties. He was also very handsome, but his hair was completely white, and the white bones on his body formed a set of white bone armor around his body. Behind his back even grew rows of flat bone spikes, forming two white bone wings.


As soon as he saw the alien Heavenly Demon with his pale face and the cold air emitting from his pores, a faint yellow ancient talisman immediately appeared in the hands of the Heavenly Nine Divine Monarch. A violent elemental energy wave rippled outwards.

"When you face me, Lord Dao-Heaven, do you still want to flee?"

However, before the light yellow ancient rune could be completely activated, the alien Heavenly Demon gave an evil smile. A pale divine light surged out from beside the Heavenly Nine Divine Lord. It was a white bone ruyi that was as long as a person.

With an explosive "pa!", the white bone ruyi's pale white divine light directly crushed the pale yellow ancient talisman cast by the Heavenly Nine Divine Lord. At the same time, the Heavenly Nine Divine Lord was also shocked.

With his cultivation at the peak of the fifth stage of the Divine Profound Realm, he actually didn't even have the ability to resist when facing this alien Heavenly Demon.

This name, the Otherworldly Demonic Beast, was far more than the first stage of the True Immortal Realm.


What nearly scared him to death was that as soon as he was captured, the alien Heavenly Demon stuck out its tongue and licked its lips. His tongue was actually covered in bones and a pale white light was emitted from it as it crossed thousands of miles and rolled around his body. Some of his true essence and blood was actually sucked out, forming a bead that was sucked into the alien Heavenly Demon's mouth.

"Swish..." This alien Heavenly Demon immediately had a very satisfied expression.


However, just as the Divine Monarch's heart was about to burst and he couldn't even cry out, the expression of the alien Heavenly Demon suddenly changed.

whoosh * Where a streak of white light passed, the alien Heavenly Demon directly arrived in front of him. White light flickered in its eyes as it looked at him.

"There are monsters like us living in this space?"

"Indigo blue all over … When arms are grown, can it be that those almighty beings who were enemies to our ancestors are still able to survive? "

"To arrive here through a teleportation formation. In other words, the teleportation formation that directly leads to that world exists in our space?"

Suddenly, this alien Heavenly Demon sucked in a breath of cold air, repeatedly letting out cries of disbelief. Its face was filled with shock at the start, turning into an extremely happy expression.

"Hahahaha!" I didn't expect that I would be able to catch a cultivator like you on my way to meet Shi Jia Lan, and even obtain such a pleasant surprise! There was actually a teleportation nexus … This way, we won't even need to fly across the starry sky to directly enter your world. Lord Shiya Lan will definitely be overjoyed. At that time, he'll definitely reward me well! "

"Very good, I'll bring you to see Lord Shiya Lan. Your luck is quite good, you can live a bit longer."

White light flashed in his eyes, and the alien Heavenly Demon couldn't help but laugh out loud. As it laughed, it turned into a streak of pale white light, sweeping up the Nine Divine Monarch, who was scared silly and had no trace of blood on his face, and quickly rushed towards the Storm Island.

"This is your cultivator's storage pouch. There seems to be quite a few things inside." Forget it, let's wait for me to meet with Lord Shiya Lan. "

As the white bone winged alien Heavenly Demon flew through the air, it also dug through the Divine Monarch's body. After finding a storage pouch, it muttered to itself for a moment before returning it back to its original position.

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