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An Zeng didn't leave the Martial Arts Courtyard for two days. Although there were fewer people in the academy now, Huo Tang and Chang Huan still needed someone to take care of them. Even if there was only one person that came to register, they had to accept it according to the rules.

Qu Liuxi didn't leave either, she had been treating Chang Huan and Huotang.

Both were badly hurt, especially by Chang Huan.

If it wasn't for Chang Huan blocking off the 19 Devils for him, he might have died already.

The strength of the Nineteen Devils could clearly be seen. Even though An Zaihai wasn't clear on the true cultivation realms of these three gentlemen, since they could become guardians of the library, the strength of Huo Tang Tang and Song Qiao should at least be in the state of Prison Desire.

And Chang Huan, was perhaps a little stronger than Hutang and Song Qiao.

Even the three strong warriors of the Realm of Detention were unable to stop the Nineteen Devils.

Therefore, An Zaiyue speculated that even if the Nineteen Fiends were severely injured after their battle with the Qian Yuan elders and were sealed by the formation array for over a hundred years, they still possessed strength that surpassed the Small Perfection Realm.


An Xuan was lost in her thoughts as she sat by the window. What exactly was a demon?

Was it a real demon, or a group of people that had entered the devil?

For some reason, An Zhe suddenly wanted to go back and take a look at the Cangman Mountain. He felt that the mummified corpse was a little strange; it must have something to do with the devil.

There was also Chen Shaobai … An Zou wanted to ask Chen Shaobai, but Chen Shaobai avoided talking about it and quickly ran away.

As for Chen Shaobai, it was impossible for An Zaixin to find him. However, he could find him anytime, anywhere, and find him.

Even if An Zeng was squatting in the toilet, Chen Shaobai would silently hand him a piece of paper to wipe his butt.

An Chengli's conjecture was correct. Although An Zaiyi had killed a small eunuch from the Embroidery Palace in anger, the Palace had never made any moves.

Empress Dowager Su's current focus should be on the court officials, not even Mu Changyan.

She had used the Gao Family's assassination to perfectly force out all her opponents, three birds with one stone.

First, he let Mu Changyan expose his true strength, and he lost everything.

He then forced the court officials to step forward to see how many of them were still in the group.

The third was to lose the spies that Lu Tianghui and Zhao Yanshan had planted by her side.

Perhaps Empress Dowager Su's hatred for her so-called mother country was far greater than her hatred towards the people of Yan Empire.

In her point of view, the people of the Yan Kingdom, be it Mu Changyan or the court officials, were all only her opponents.

Those closest to her mother were her enemies.

How twisted can a person's mind be?

An Zhe had seen enough in the years he had spent in the Great Xianshi, but very few people like Empress Dowager Su were twisted like this.

The two most terrible psychopaths that Anjou has ever seen, one is the metamorphosis of ignorance, the other the metamorphosis of paranoia.

When An Zhe was a small law enforcer, he had investigated a case of disappearance in a mountain village.

An old woman had disappeared, and the family had not found her for a long time.

It just so happened that An Zhe went to the mountain to track down a bandit, killing him and then returning back to the village, while also helping the villagers solve the case.

The case is still in the mind of the struggle.

The old woman was killed by her daughter-in-law.

It was only a dispute between the two of them at the time, and the daughter-in-law was so angry that she used the rope to tire the old woman to death.

At the time, the old woman's son and wife had gone hunting in the mountains, and they had only returned after seven or eight days.

The daughter-in-law then chopped the old woman into pieces and boiled them in a large pot. She ate them for seven or eight days after her husband and father-in-law left.

Didn't she feel guilty?

The daughter-in-law's reply was so calm that it sent shivers down one's spine.

""What is a crime?""

""I don't know. I knew she made me angry. I couldn't see her and she was more comfortable.""

""Why did you eat her?""

""Because I'm hungry. It takes them seven or eight days to enter the mountain, so there isn't much to eat at home anyway.""

It just so happened that she was dead. If she died, it wouldn't be wasted. It would all be meat.

Not only did I eat it, but my dog also ate it.

I eat meat and dogs bone.

Without her, we might have starved for days. ""

Calm, without a trace of guilt, not even the slightest ripple of emotion.

This was the perversion of ignorance.

As for Empress Dowager Su, she was a pervert who was paranoid.

She was terrifyingly paranoid when she was young, terrifyingly selfish.

What she wanted could only be obtained by herself, even if it was someone else's.

She saw her siblings, who shared her parents love, as enemies.

In the end, Zhao Wang and the queen married her far away from the Yan Kingdom, and Zhao Wang became her biggest enemy in the future.

This grudge made Empress Dowager Su want nothing more than to destroy Zhao and destroy the Su Clan's foundation as soon as possible.

These two types of people were equally terrifying.

The former had no purpose at all at the time of the crime, so there was no basis for evil.

An Zhe also remembered that there was a similar case in the ancient village in the southern border region of the Great Xi.

At that time, An Zhe went to collect some ancient cave clan techniques, and those were some strange methods used to train corpses. Until the end, An Zhe still didn't have any harvests, because those were the cave clan's secret techniques.

However, in the village of the Dong Clan, An Zhe heard about this … There was a scholar from Da Xi who came to the ancient village when he was young, and lived for forty years because he loved the scenery here.

He had a Cave boy with him, and they became good friends.

A scholar in his sixties or seventies, thinking that he would be invincible in the future, would eventually come to his senses. Therefore, he said goodbye to his friend, saying that he had to go home no matter what.

His friend cooked dinner at home and invited him to dinner.

After drinking, the caveman said, ""I've been friends with you for so many years, and you're about to leave. I want to leave you something as a memento.""

The scholar smiled and said, ""We are best friends. No matter what you want, I will give it to you as long as I have it.""

The Dong people then cut off the old scholar's head with a hunting knife, and said to themselves that I must keep your head with me.

Then, he actually sent the old scholar's body back to Da Xi. He left the old scholar's head behind, left it in the basket and left during the day, and returned at night to sleep with him.

After thinking about it for a long time, he still couldn't calm himself down.

Empress Dowager Su's bigotry was selfish. For her goal, she didn't know how many more people would be killed.

If he could, he would kill her immediately.

But she couldn't. In the brocade palace, experts were as common as clouds. Moreover, when Empress Dowager Su had struck down Su Zong that day in Empyrean Terminus Palace, her methods of killing were absolutely unparalleled.

Judging from the accuracy of her moves and the control of her strength, her cultivation level was definitely not low.

Perhaps one of the greatest mysteries of the Yan Kingdom was how high Empress Dowager Su's cultivation base was.

And right now, the biggest mystery was why Empress Dowager Su hadn't killed Mu Changyan.

He looked out the window, but he could not see anything in An Zhe's line of sight.

One moment, it was something that happened when she was in the Great Xi. One moment it was about the Yan Kingdom, and the other time it was about the Illusory Realm living in the city.

Everything was a fragment of his thoughts, and only when Gu Qianye's peerlessly beautiful face appeared in front of him did he withdraw from the chaotic thoughts.

Gu Qianye held a leaf in his hand and waved it in front of An Zhe's eyes. It took him a while to regain his senses.

""I thought you were stupid.""

Gu Qianye sat on the window with his buttocks up, his back facing An Zaihai. His slender and beautiful waist and round and rich buttocks formed the most beautiful arc in the world.

With a firm grip on his waist, the arc on his buttocks expanded and became flawless.

An Zhan smiled, but didn't say anything.

Gu Qianye said, ""That's me. If the enemy comes, you might have already been cracked by them.""

An Zhan shrugged his shoulders. ""Although I was dazed and didn't notice your arrival, but I smelled your scent.""

Gu Qianye's face reddened slightly, and he thought to himself that it was fortunate that he had his back facing this fellow, otherwise he would have seen him blush.

""You know my smell?""

She asked subconsciously.

An Xuan subconsciously nodded his head. ""Familiar. Yours. Xiao Liu'er's. Fatty's. Lunatic Qu's. Lao Huo's. Xiao Qi's. Familiar with the smell of all of you.""

Gu Qianye turned his head and blinked his big eyes. ""Then what do I smell like?""

An Zhe looked at the flowers that were still blooming outside. He waved his hand and a flower was cut off by him and floated in front of Gu Qianlin. ""It's about the same as this one, right?""

Gu Qianye caught the flower, his face turning even redder, ""You're hateful!""

An Zeng was stunned. ""Why do you hate it?""

Gu Qianye said, ""It doesn't matter why. If I say you hate me, then I hate you.""

She put away the flowers, thinking that this fellow had given her so many gifts, but the flowers that she had inadvertently picked made her the happiest.

Then, she inexplicably thought of that line of poem that was so beautiful that it had to be folded straight away. In an instant, her face became even more red.

""You are such a nuisance, you scoundrel!""

Gu Qianye cursed, then jumped down from the window and ran.

An Zhan was stunned. ""Why am I a scoundrel …""

Just as he was wondering if he understood, he saw Qu Liuxi walking towards him with a woman who was walking like a willow tree.

As the two women walked together, it was a beautiful scene.

Qu Liuxi looked at Old Qing's innocent and budding face, exuding a clear and sweet scent from top to bottom.

The mature charm of the woman had a charm that could easily hook up a man at any time.


He knew why he wanted to run.

Zhuang Feifei was probably the last woman he wanted to see, not because he hated Zhuang Feifei, but because of her man.

Back then, in the Cang Man Mountain, Zhuang Feifei's man was one of the assassins that surrounded and attacked him.

Every time he thought of this, An Zui didn't know how to deal with his relationship with Zhuang Fei Fei Fei.

At a certain point in time, he really wanted to see Zhuang Fei Fei as his sister, but after finding out the secret, he became a little scared.

He was afraid that one day when Zhuang Fei Fei also found out about this secret, the two of them would not be able to face it.

At that time, Zhuang Feifei would definitely be standing beside the man she loved.

Not too far away, Qu Liuxi and Zhuang Fei were dragged away by Gu Qianye.

Gu Qianye cupped his fist towards Zhuang Feifei and called out to her. Then he turned around and glared at An Xuan, ""Xiao Yezi, let's go, we don't care about that scoundrel!""

An Zaixin said in her heart, what injustice …

Even now, he still did not understand what sort of hooligan he was.

Zhuang Feifei walked over with a smile, her eyes curved into crescent moons: ""What's wrong, you're taking advantage of the fact that no one teased this young lady earlier?""

""Am I that kind of person?""

Zhuang Feifei asked, ""You're not?""

Anjou thought for a moment, then replied, ""Sometimes, yes.""

Zhuang Fei Fei Fei smiled and said, ""This doesn't seem like the time at the Cang Man Mountain, when he said that he would wait for his big … …""

Some of you come back to my little gentleman. ""

""What can I do for you?""

Zhuang Fei Fei Fei was silent for a moment before she said with some hidden bitterness, ""It has been a long time since you've been to the Gathering Merchant House …""

An Zhan lowered his head. ""Oh … there's been too many things happening recently.""

Zhuang Feifei did not know what was wrong with him, but after thinking for a moment, she could only explain it to him by saying that he was probably too tired to be injured.

She reached out and touched Anjou's forehead. ""Isn't it uncomfortable?""

""Don't touch me!""

Zhuang Feifei jumped in fright, fear in her eyes."

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