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Chapter 398: Demanding Debt Repayment

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“Just a young monk? If you were to say that to Monkey, he would probably beat you swollen.” Fatty grunted.

“Don’t tell me that he’s an accomplished monk or something.”

“A divine monk.”

“Bullsh*t! It’s like you’re bewitched. Whatever… Let’s find a car park.”

“What for?”

“To spend the night! Are you going to park the car on the roadside and sleep? Uh… You aren’t, right?” The man looked at Fatty with a meaningful look as he found it an ominous foreshadowing. “Don’t tell me you really want me to keep driving?”

“What do you think?” Fatty still clearly remembered that Monkey had survived only by listening to Fangzheng’s advice. He naturally would not ignore Fangzheng’s advice today. He definitely wanted to take a look. At the very least, it would not be worse than Monkey’s.

Fatty felt a lingering fear as the man looked at him like a retard. However, he ultimately reversed and began driving. “Fatty, give it some thought. Where shall we stop? How’s the spot up ahead?”

“I don’t know. Just continue driving.” Fatty leaned back into his seat as his eyes darted around. Although he found it incredulous, Fatty chose to believe. There was definitely a reason why Fangzheng made him turn around, but… What was the goal?

After driving half an hour and realizing they were almost reaching the city center, the driver said in resignation, “Fatty, congratulations, we have f**king returned to the same spot. Isn’t this where we ate dinner just now?”

Fatty suddenly said, “Yeah… F**k, isn’t that Cao Yun? That son-of-b*tch has finally appeared. F**k, I’ve been searching for him for three years. I’ve finally bumped into him! Zhun, stop the car!”

Zhun was taken aback as he slammed the brakes. When he looked over carefully, he saw a balding man eagerly open a car door under the Eight Immortals Restaurant. An elderly couple alighted with a rather beautiful woman. The moment the woman alighted, she hugged the balding man’s waist. Then the four had a jovial chat as they prepared to enter the Eight Immortals Restaurant.

Zhun said, “This f**ker. How much does he owe us? He has been on the run for three years. He has finally shown himself. Fatty, let’s… F**k, when did you start running faster than me?”

Fatty had long since alighted and charged straight for the balding man like a rabid bull. Zhun cursed and alighted as well. He ran over, but as he ran, he recalled Fangzheng’s advice. Keep going until you don’t feel like continuing. He looked at Fatty and then back at his car before shuddering. He thought to himself, “Is it a coincidence or is it something divine? Isn’t this way too impressive?”

Fatty did not have the luxury of time to think that much. He only had one thing on his mind—capture Cao Yun! However Fatty was also not a rash, brainless man. He did not instantly appear in front of Cao Yun. Instead, he ran to the side to observe. Clearly Cao Yun paid the elderly couple a great deal of significance. He spoke nicely, and his actions were careful and reverent…

Upon seeing this, Fatty grinned. “I got it. Let Grandpa Fatty see how much they are worth.”

With that said, Fatty made an appearance as he walked over with large strides.

Cao Yun was ebullient today. He had finally succeeded in courting the girl after ages. The people backing her had also appeared. He felt as though he could see a soaring future for himself.

However, at that moment, he felt a huge slap on his shoulder. When Cao Yun turned over, he suddenly saw a fat face stick close to his. He retreated two steps in shock before realizing it was the large and white-shirted Fatty! On another careful look, Cao Yun had the subconscious instinct to run. But he quickly lowered his foot that he had just raised. He worriedly looked at his girlfriend beside him as well as her parents. He resisted his urge to run and said, “Aiyah, isn’t this Fatty? What brings you all the way from Black Mountain to Tanzhong?”

“Money.” Fatty looked at Cao Yun with a squinted smile. He was already certain that the people beside Cao Yun were extremely important to Cao Yun! This would make things easier.

“Little Cao, who is this?” the old man behind Cao Yun asked.

“My friend. We haven’t met in a while. Uncle, Auntie, why don’t you enter first. Head on up to the third floor’s Elegant Room. Little Ya, why don’t you bring your parents up. I’ll be there in a jiffy,” said Cao Yun hurriedly.

“Sure, go ahead and tend to your matters.” The girl smiled before entering the Eight Immortals Restaurant with the two elders.

Fatty did not say a word as he waited quietly. After they left, Fatty cracked his knuckles. “Cao Yun, I’ve already lived up to my end of the code of brotherhood. If you dare run this time, let’s see which is faster, your pair of legs or my car.”

“Don’t, don’t do that. Fatty, you are a brother. I won’t be stingy with you. How about you give me three days—”

“Cao Yun, I seem quite fated with those two elders. Let’s go up and meet them. As for money, we can always talk about it over a meal.” After Fatty said that, he pulled Cao Yun into his arms and forcefully led him to the Eight Immortals Restaurant.

How could Cao Yun’s tiny limbs allow him to free himself from Fatty? Gripped with fear, he was close to tears as he hurriedly said, “Fatty, Brother Fatty! Grandpa Fatty!”

Fatty stopped and smiled. “Cao Yun, are you giving me cash or?”

“Fatty, are you joking? Where do I have so much cash?”

Fatty took out out a Point-Of-Sales machine from his fanny pack. “I accept cards.”

“I didn’t bring my cards…”

Fatty took out his cell phone. “I accept mobile payment.”

“That huge amount of money can’t be transferred in one go. I don’t have such huge transfer limits,” said a stumped Cao Yun.

Fatty immediately pulled Cao Yun inside the restaurant, as he said without any worry. “Then let’s talk upstairs. I find those two elders rather affable.”

“Don’t… Don’t, Fatty, if you mess this up for me today, I’ll fight you even if it takes my life!” exclaimed Cao Yun.

Fatty snorted. “Fight me? If you don’t return me my money, there’s no need for you to fight me. I’ll fight you myself!” Fatty glared at Cao Yun with reddened eyes. Although Fatty’s business had been doing well recently, he had some cash flow problems. He had also been stood up right when he was scheduled to meet someone about borrowing money. Just as he was pondering if he should shave his head to become a monk, Cao Yun appeared! How could he let him go?

Cao Yun saw Fatty’s menacing look and with Zhun having come over as well, he was surrounded by them. There was no way he could run. Resigned, he said, “Fine, I give up. I’ll return you the money, alright?”

“Cao Yun, cut the crap. Return it now, no negotiations. With that character of yours, you will probably run across the globe the moment you turn around,” said Zhun.

“Pui! I ran in the past because I had no choice. I really was out of money then. What could I have done if not run? Be scolded, beaten up? If I didn’t become rich, how could I have the money to return you?”

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