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Published at 4th of July 2019 05:16:25 PM
Chapter 235.4
Volume 3: Chapter 235 – The Turning Wheels of War (4/4)

“You should be saying that after you’ve fled!” Gulland replied .

 Gulland swung his great sword from atop his steed, crushing down onto the helmet of the general . Normally, he would have killed the enemy general here, but a captured traitor was worth more alive than dead, so he purposely held back .

 He was with Blanche, who held a politically strong position, so it was only natural that his fighting style would lean toward politics .

 Blanche and her mana guard were able to capture the general along with several other prisoners of war without losing even a single soldier . Of course, there were some that were wounded, but no one died .

They brought out the prisoners to be interrogated before Blanche .

“S-Save me! I’ll do anything!” The general said .

 As soon as the general was brought before her, Gulland’s expression twisted .

“Hmm… You want to be saved? You’ll do anything?” Blanche asked .

“Yes, of course! I mean, of course, ma’am . ” The general replied .

“Then go and act like the mud pig you are . ”

“What!? I-I mean yes! Right away!”

 When the general started crawling on the mud like a pig, Blanche laughed loudly .

“Fu fu fu! Fu ha ha ha! That’s hilarious . Since you’re so funny, you can keep doing that while you listen . ”

 She sat on the chair specially prepared for her, switched the position of her long legs, and smiled as she said those cold words .

“Thanks to you, Shirad Kingdom will now be forced to make a decision . That is to either surrender or fight with my country . But Shirad Kingdom has lost most of its soldiers in this war . And even if Shirad is able to avoid a war, Shushunu will not interfere when the other countries start poking their noses in . Your country will become the center of conflict . ”

 The more she spoke, the more the general desperately tried to play the mud pig . After all, he could tell that her voice was getting colder and colder .

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“From here on Shirad Kingdom will wander along the brink of destruction . And it will all be your fault . Even if you surrender to us, my country will not renew the alliance . After we receive what we are owed, our countries will no longer have any relationship with each other . At the very least, that’s what I intend to do . Can you understand it? The misery that the people of your country will experience from here on?”

 The smile on her face was now but a mere shape plastered upon that beautiful canvas . Her eyes were as cold as the depths of the icy oceans .

“Behead this pig . ”

“No! Eek—”

 Without even waiting for the general to finish what he was about to say, the aide lopped off his head .


 She said as she slapped her aide .

“My apologies . ”

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“There is no need to talk to a pig . Pigs are only useful for offerings . ”

 The War Princess looked back to the dull open eyes of the dead general and laughed .

 The Goblin King still was yet to make an appearance in the battle between the goblins and Germion Kingdom, but the front lines were already being one-sidedly pushed by the goblins .

 Gi Go Amatsuki, who attacked from the north, confronted the holy knight, Lili, and without retreating a step, nailed her army down in the north . Gi Gu Verbena and Ra Gilmi Fishiga, who were attacking from the west, were taking over the fortresses with the help of the siege weapons .

 Gi Ga Rax, who was attacking from the south, made use of their speed to quickly go up north from the southern region . Without Sivara the Ripper Knight and Jize the One-Eyed Knight at the south, there was nothing to stop the divine speed of Aransain, and they were able to break through the border easily .

 Meanwhile, Sivara had his hands tied with the insurrection caused by the Burning Bright Moons .

 The adventurers confined themselves inside the metropolitan area . Sivara was unable to bring them into the kind of battle he excelled at, so he was forced to fight by their rules . Unfortunately, these adventurers were very patient .

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 The southern front lines were fragile and were easily broken through by Gi Ga .

 This was a result brought about due to the lack of person who could bring the forces of the south together . Without a holy knight or someone with skills on the level of the minister of the military, it was impossible to bring together the strength of the southern side of Germion Kingdom . As a result, the nobles were broken through one after another by Gi Ga .

 To the nobles of the south who were used to the speed of humans, the speed of goblins that handled monster beasts was simply too abnormal . That was all the more truer for Gi Ga’s army that prioritized speed . Gi Ga’s army would trample over their forces before they could even prepare their defenses .

 As Pale the Tactician listened to the reports pouring into her tent one after another, a smile appeared on her face and she looked down on the map .

 On her eyes were reflected the meadows in the distant snowy mountains .

“The prey is wounded . Already, it has no place left to run nor does it have any strength to… Fu fu . ”

 The victory of the goblins was within grasp .

“Only the finishing blow is left now . ” 

 On the eyes of the tactician were clearly reflected the picture of victory .

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