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Chapter 229.1

 2 months after holding back on the attack on Germion Kingdom, Pale brought in a report to the Goblin King, who was reorganizing the army after entering the western capital .

“Your Majesty, a report from Elbert-dono came . ”

 It was regarding the results of the investigation of the excess production resulting from the unification of the south .

“So, if this excess in production is corrected and reassigned for military use, we will be able to support 20,000 soldiers . ”

 Pale nodded at the Goblin King’s heavy voice .

 They also had the support of the Kushain Believers that suppressed Fatina, so unless there was a famine, they should be able to support that many soldiers . This was a trial calculation provided by most of the civil officials of Elrain Kingdom, so it was reliable information .

“Hmm… Now, how do I make use of this? Pale, what do you think?”

“One way would be to simply use the excess production to strengthen our goblin forces . Another would be to hire foreign adventurers . Lastly, we could also use the excess production to secure funds to promote commerce and industry . ”

 This was akin to a slice of pie falling from the heavens .

 The goblin army was unlike human armies in that they did not really need money . So long as they had food, supporting the army was a trivial thing . But of course, even then, having to equip 20,000 goblin soldiers still required a decent number of coin .

 They could also use their newfound wealth to hire adventurers and send them on the frontlines .

 Skilled adventurers will ask for a higher price, but relying on them will still allow the goblins to conserve their forces . But of course, they would have to take care on how to use their hired adventurers .

 The Goblin King had also considered the first two ways suggested by Pale, but the last one he did not expect .

“Promote commerce and industry?”

“As Your Majesty is aware, there are no large businesses within our kingdom . This is likely because the major companies do not like war and have moved to the Holy Shushunu Kingdom . ”

 Although there are only a handful of major companies that operate in many countries, they do exist . And while there are many factors that contribute toward the foundation of such an economy, there is no doubt that the southern lands have achieved one of the foundations of an economy . Presently, the Goblin King is being supported by the Kushain Believers and the grain that should be sold to the Holy Shushunu Kingdom is being purchased by him instead . Unfortunately, that is no different from him merely stealing the trade route .

 It’s hard to believe that those merchants would just quietly accept having their precious trade route taken just like that . If one had to classify them as either foe or ally, then they would most certainly fall into the ‘foe’ category . Although they have yet to openly move against the Goblin King, Pale considered them as a potential enemy . As such, she wanted to strike preemptively .

 But they were not a country and it was hard to find them . The goblins did not just have to deal with powerful foes, they also had to deal with the difficulty of distinguishing friend from foe .

 As such…

 Pale came up with the plan to focus their efforts in promoting the growth of domestic commerce and industry . Of course, another reason why she suggested this was because there was a level of convenience that came with bigger businesses .

“The foundation is ready . Perhaps it is time that we set an objective . ”

“I see…”

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 It was not just the army that the Goblin King had to concern himself with, he also had to think about the future . Until now, the Goblin King has only been trying to avoid making a mistake he couldn’t fix in the future .

“Very well . In that case, let us put that excess production to bolster our forces and promote commerce and industry . We’ll stop the strengthening of the goblin forces to 10,000 . The rest will be assigned toward encouraging commerce and industry . ”

“As you will . ”

 Now that the king had decided, Pale had to choose people fit for the job . The current production of the goblins is still fine . So long as they sent a messenger to the Forest of Darkness and upped the pace of switching armies, there shouldn’t be any big problems . Even Pale couldn’t help but be amazed at how amazing goblin reproduction was .

 As such, the problem was the businesses .

 Unfortunately, there was no one under the Goblin King who held the disposition to become a merchant . At the very least, Pale did not know of any such individual . Perhaps, someone like Yushika from the winged ones (harpyurea) could fit the bill, but equal business between humans and demihumans were unlikely .

 It was better to look for a human merchant, but having to look for one with no leads was too hard .

“Someone skilled would be great if possible, but…”

“Hmm . It would be difficult to rely on the descendants of the crystals (demihumans) or the elves . ”

 What Pale wanted was someone who would never betray them even if said person might not have sworn fealty to the king . But even then, such a person would need to have some degree of skill as a merchant, or else, no matter how much they supported him, it would only be a waste . They needed someone who would become a great merchant with just a little help .

“Come to think of it, there’s that human governor-general . ”

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 When Pale thought of the human governor-general of the western capital, her thoughts became sidetracked .

“If you’re talking about Yoshu, we can’t afford to remove him from his position as Governor-General . A talent like him isn’t easy to get by . ”

“Why not have him do both?”

“As expected, that’s a bit…”

“…Is that so?”

 Pale seemed very disappointed as she cast down her eyes and gathered her thoughts .

“If I recall correctly, that man created a guild . ”

“Yes . He says he copied it from the real thing . ”

“Why not hire someone through the guild then? We might be able to gather some skilled people we don’t know of . ”


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 The Goblin King inclined his thick neck and became thoughtful . It’s simply too convenient to be able to find someone skilled like Pale is looking for just by hiring them . But then again, if they announce that they are looking for such a person, then perhaps some confident people might show themselves .

 And even if they fail to gather the people they need immediately, they might be able to find some with the talent . Openly announcing that they’re looking for such people will also provide a stage for the person they’re looking for to eventually show himself .

 The Western Capital and the colonial city are also not in as much danger from foreign enemies . Moreover, the peddlers have also increased and the commercial district is growing . It’s likely that there are a lot of ambitious people just waiting for an opportunity .

 After thinking up to this point, the Goblin King nodded to Pale .

“Very well . We’ll inform Yoshu what we discussed here and have him start the recruitment . Of course, we won’t be tight-fisted with the reward . ”

“As you will . ”

 Pale was still thinking of what to do after the businesses grew .

 It might be possible to leave it to Gi Za too depending on how the intelligence network at Germion Kingdom goes . Alone, Pale was splitting her time too much between politics and war . There were some among the subjects of the Golbin King with the potential to eventually take over the intelligence department, but none were at the level that she could entrust it to them now .

 In order to make the king popular, it was imperative that his subjects did the dirty work for him . Pale knew this well .

“If the King of Monsters is to twist the truth of the world and become the light, then… We will have to submerge ourselves into the darkness . ”

 After excusing herself from the presence of the king, Pale wryly smiled at this ironic fate .


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