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Chapter 8: Intruder

[Race] Goblin

[Class] Noble; King of a Group

[Divine Protection] Goddess of the Underworld, Altesia



“Where are you!?”

They seem to be looking for someone.

The two men that wielded an axe had their backs bent, seemingly appearing to be unversed in the ways of fighting. Contrary to that, the man and woman who carried a sword with them exuded a dangerous aura. 

But what I can’t comprehend are the two in the center. A man and woman who wore religious clothing.

I fail to see any traces of strength in them, but my nose is telling me that these two are the most dangerous ones. You could also say that I’m just feeling uneasy. But those two are giving off a strange atmosphere.

The man gives off an ominous aura, while the girl is giving off an overwhelming, divine aura. That’s the kind of power I can see hidden inside those two.

I wasn’t enthusiastic at first, but now that the prey’s are here, my face can’t help but twist into a smile.

With my subordinates concealed, I appeared before the six humans, and stood at the center of that narrow animal trail.

“What’s your business, human?” 

In order to see their reaction, I asked them that while using <> at the same time.

To that, the two men wielding an axe, and the female swordsman faltered.

But the friar, the nun, and the male swordsman didn’t appear to be affected at all.

The enraged voice of my <> howled from the depths of my soul.

“Why is there a high-class goblin here!?” 

The male swordsman opened his eyes wide. And the two axe-wielding men began to gradually step down.

“To think it could even speak human language… It’s fairly high-ranked, be careful!” 

Yelled the friar, as he stepped forward to cover the nun.

I calmly probed their individual movements.

“Umm… if we can talk, then if we tried talking –––“

As my ears picked up the whispering voice of the nun, the friar interfered.

“Impossible. That’s a monster, you know!” 

Seemingly having been pushed by everyone else’s opinion, the nun was made to step back. As I glanced at her, I concluded that she isn’t the main force of the group, rather, she’s the weak point.

“Keifen, can I leave it to you?”

Responding to the friar’s words, the male swordsman stepped forward. The aura oozing out of the man was heavy. The man appeared to be an experienced swordsman. But he still appears to be in his twenties… or is he actually in his thirties? 

The man wielded a thick, massive, blade that needed two hands to carry.

“Don’t hate me, this too is destiny!” 

As I thought he was going to bring the massive, double-edged sword to his shoulder, the man shortened the distance of ten steps to a zero with fearful rush.

── Not good!

Concluding that in an instant, I quickly moved back as I threw my dagger.

That sword smashed against the place I was standing at without the tiniest bit of deviation, hollowing a huge hole in the ground.

That hole was enough for a goblin to fully enter, causing me to be dumbstruck for a moment.

── This is the power of a human?

The dagger I’d thrown has been broken into two, scattered besides the swordsman.

Planning to give chase, a faint light covered the swordsman’s body. While the friar behind him formed spells as he whispered something. 

“There’s no point in arguing about it, huh?”

Then in that case, there’s no choice but to fight as a monster to my heart’s content. Man against beast, if it’s that kind of setting, then… I have a fighting style that’s perfectly suited.

“Do it.”

I yelled with my <>, ordering my subordinates to throw the stones.

Even if it’s only a bunch of stones, having stones the size of a fist thrown at you from the thickets from both sides simultaneously is not something laughable.

The stones came flying one after another. And some of them hit the two axe-wielding men, knocking them unconscious.



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