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Goblin Name Cheat Sheet:

[Goblin] Gi Ga The goblin in that estranged group that was with the protagonist when he defeated an orc. He is currently a noble class, the highest amongst the protagonist’s subordinates. He prefers to use the spear.

[Goblin] Gi Gi Known as a beast warrior, a goblin with the ability to tame beasts. He evolved while hunting spear deer with the protagonist. He prefers to use the axe. His goblin class is rare.

[Goblin] Gi Za The druid goblin rare that recently joined them.

[Race] Goblin [Level] 60 [Class] Duke; Horde Chief [Possessed Skills] <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> [Divine Protection] Goddess of the Underworld (Altesia) [Attributes] Darkness; Death [Subordinate Beasts] Kobold (Lv9) [Abnormal Status] <>       When we got back to the village, I immediately went back to my own room, and lied on my straw mattress.

I managed to somehow cover for the blood loss by eating the gray wolf’s meat, but that’s not something I can rely on all the time.

Time passed, and then I felt something hairy touch my face; and I woke up. There, I saw the gray wolf pups sleeping before me.

I’m glad.

And the breath of the goddess of sleep, Luna, immediately took me.   ◇◇◆   When I woke up the next day, the first thing I did was to go interview the goblins that levelled up.

It’s somehow irritating, I thought.

In other words, goblins that will soon promote up.

And since there’re no more major opponents, I should be able to send them to observe the west and hunt around that area.

Which goes to say that these goblins will also promote to a new class soon. It shouldn’t take much longer for them to reach the noble class.

I continued the interviews until the sun was high up the sky. And after interviewing mostly half of the warriors of the settlement, around 40 goblins, I ended the interview for the day. I might have overdone it actually.   In today’s interview, what caught my attention the most were the throw-type skills.

The druids may be able to learn magic, but having the other goblins do the same thing is quite difficult. So instead I want them to learn those throw-type skills. Skills that let them throw projectiles.

The current three-man cell works by having one goblin lure the enemy, while another goblin breaks the opponent’s stance. And then with the opponent’s stance broken, the two goblins are pin the opponent down to let the third goblin kill the enemy effortlessly.

I don’t know. Or at least… I don’t have anything certain yet.

After finishing the interview, I got myself some food, and went to the prison.

As I entered the prison, the gray wolf pups and the kobold followed me, frolicking by my feet.

Reshia’s and Lili’s eyes were sparkling.

Lili would normally just hide behind Reshia and not talk to me, but today she’s giving me the armor I asked her to adjust

The armor she made for me before got too small, so I asked her to fix it. Taking the armor from her hands, I wore it to try it out, and it fit perfectly.

Just when I thought she was about to shake in fear, she shook her head instead.

She performed better than expected. I should spoil her a little. But then Reshia suddenly interjected, saying, “Then in that case, some more food–.” And I curtly replied, “Not you.”

“Then in that case, I’d like to have an opportunity to swing my sword.”

“You want to fight with us?” I asked.

“…Umm… I want to move my body,” she replied.

“If you just want to move your body, then... I’ll have you spar with the goblins.”

And I might even solve the problem with the three-man cells if she seriously helps out.

With that curt reply, her sparring days were decided.   ◆◆◇

Reshia might be able to heal them, but it’s still too dangerous to play around with a real weapon. So I prepared wooden swords and wooden spears with rounded ends for the spar.

Lili hasn’t held a sword in a while, so I let her warm up for a bit first, while I kept Reshia away.


Following the essentials when hunting their prey, the three-man cell unit slowly approached Lili from scattered directions as they tried to surround her.

As the three-man cell unit surrounded Lili in a triangle, roaring voices bellowed, and the three goblins attacked Lili at the same time. A three-pronged attack… but Lili remained calm.

And of course the goblins were expecting Lili to break through from the front, but betraying their expectations, she moved the other way instead.

That movement caused the goblins to stop momentarily, and in that short opening, her sword passed by the flank of the goblin in front of her cleanly.

Then immediately following the first strike, she spun and struck at the panicked goblin that was now behind her.


The goblin was somehow able to block the wooden sword attacking from below, but the following attack from above was unexpected, and he couldn’t help but let the wooden sword in his hands slip.

Two of the goblins were down for the count. The only remaining one, the one in the front whose duty was to keep Lili from moving.

“…Spectacular,” I praised.

Then Reshia said,

After defeating the three goblins, Lili dedicated her sword towards Reshia. A knight’s ceremony. But that seemingly natural act to them was truly like those of the drawings on the olden scrolls.

Then all of the sudden, Gi Go, kneeled before me as he called out to me.

Hearing that, a gleam of understanding flashed through my eyes. And I thought to myself, so those goblins were from his village.

Nothing’s happened yet so far, but I might have to think of some measures or ways to deal with them in the future.

“Gi Go,” I said, calling out to the kneeling goblin before me. “Yes, chief?” he replied. “Why do you think they lost?” I asked. “Because they were weak,” he curtly replied.

“Then what should be done in order to win,” I asked again. And without any hesitation, he replied, “Numbers.”

From now on, I want these goblins to start thinking by themselves. It’s about time they stopped relying on me so much.

As Gi Go was about to leave, I stopped him, and said,

Well, well… Things have taken quite an interesting turn, haven’t they?

“Lili, can you fight one more time,” I asked. “No problem,” she replied as she let her wooden sword sing with a swing.

As I thought that, I called out to Gi Gu.

Gi Gu bowed, and he picked a three-man cell from his faction, and had them fight Lili.

Then seeing the time, I ordered the goblins to hunt.

After this we’ll repeat these mock battles a lot.

Gray wolves (Lv1) have been tamed.

TL Note: I don’t know Luna’s gender as it wasn’t specified. But luna or ryuna sounds like a girl’s name, so I’ll treat her as a goddess for now.

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