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Chapter 19: Gray Wolf

[Race] Goblin

[Class] Duke; Horde Chief

[Divine Protection] Goddess of the Underworld, Altesia

[Subordinate Beasts] Kobold (Lv9)

Although only a little, I suddenly found interest for this goblin sprout from within me. And to think I was actually thinking of just lopping its head off. 

“What kind of goblin is the chief of this horde?” I asked.

Having had a change of heart, I decided to approach things a bit differently. 

“A friendly goblin we have known for generations. He is gentle. His feelings of camaraderie are strong even amongst goblins and…” 

Before the old goblin could prattle on, I interjected, saying,

“In other words…” 

In other words the old goblin does not want to kill this goblin.

“This goblin is exceptional,” I continued.

“Yes, that’s exactly it!” agreed the old goblin.

I glanced at the goblin rare once again, and then said,

“Become my subordinate.”

I don’t need unnecessary words.

Whether you reply with a yes, or whether you reply with a no. That is everything to me.

“Under the condition that you save the goblins under me,” bargained the goblin.

Without any hesitation, I nodded at the goblin rare who had its head still bowed on the ground.

Save, huh? Come to think of it, all of the subordinates of this goblin rare are thin all over. In fact, even this goblin rare itself is thin. 

“I’ll give you food,” I said.

Then along with those words, I had the food we smoked prior to coming here along with the preys we had hunted along the way brought out, showing it off to the goblin rare and its horde.

“And I’ll even give you a name,” I added.

Dumfounded, the goblin rare could only stare at the food before it. Then when I called out to it, it looked up to me in surprise with its mouth still hanging. 

“I name you Gi Go. After this, leave this cave and come live in my village,” I ordered.

At those words, Gi Go prostrated itself before me. Satisfied, I began to walk out of the village. But at that moment, Gi Go suddenly spoke.

“Ah, chief. Please wait,” said Gi Go as it quickly followed after me.

At that, I turned back to it. Then with a stiff posture it began to talk about the dangers of this land.

Apparently there is a dangerous beast living in this part of the forest.

And according to the old goblin, it’s known as the gray wolf. With a number of subordinates under it, it’s reputed as the forest’s hunter. 

Then Gi Go continued in fear, mentioning that the gray wolf eats enough food to feed its pack. Even going as far as to eat its own kind. 

Curious however is that for some reason we still haven’t come across that ferocious beast.

But if that beast is really around, then wouldn’t that mean that we wouldn’t be able to go back to the village unless we deal with it first? 

The food I gave them won’t last long either.

I need to do something about that beast or I won’t be able to leave.

“Hmph, then in that case, I just have to kill it, right?” 

At that bold proclamation, I ordered Gi Go to bring goblins that can fight. At the same time, I ordered Gi Gu and Gi Gi to stand guard.

Counting our forces, the goblins that can fight from Gi Go total to 28. With my own goblins, that numbers to 38.

The number of goblins that can’t fight is 20. And we need to protect all 20 goblins from the beasts while we move out.

After thinking for a bit, I decided to divide the horde into four squads. 

Gi Go will be leading the main unit. Being the most appropriate person for the job, I decided to leave to it the duty of protecting the group that can’t fight while they evacuate to my village.

Then escorting the main unit is Gi Gu’s group who will be there protecting their flanks. Having originally come from my village, the goblins in Gi Gu’s squad excel at rock throwing and covering for others.

Should the gray wolf come to attack, then Gi Gu’s squad will hold them off while the main unit escapes ahead.

Thirdly, Gi Gi’s beast warrior squad will be leading the whole horde.

The beasts’ noses are good, so with them leading, they should be able to detect the foes from a distance.

And finally, the last squad will be led by me. Stopping the wolves will be my duty. 

With the strategy decided, I distributed the goblins to their respective squads. Then afterwards, I immediately ordered Gi Go to have everyone prepare for departure.

Right, we can’t afford to waste even one of these goblins. 


It will take us around a day of walking to get to my village from the cave.

Unlike humans the goblins don’t have any valuable possessions, so if it weren't for the differences between the warriors and the non-combatants, then we would be able to get to the village in only one day.

In fact, we didn’t even bring any unnecessary food with us either as it’s imperative that we get to the village as soon as possible. 

The one leading is Gi Gi’s beast warrior squad. His triple boars and his wild dogs lead the way, using their senses to ascertain that the path is safe. And from behind that squad followed Gi Go’s squad.

And protecting the flanks is Gi Gu who paid careful attention to its surroundings as they gathered food along the way. Gi Gu is quite the honest goblin, so Gi Gu made sure to get the gathered food distributed to the main unit.

As for me, I was walking at the very back, paying careful attention to the surroundings as I followed the rest of the group.

There are only five goblins around me, but should the worst case happen, then these guys might have to sacrifice themselves in order to thwart the wolves’ pursuit.

Then halfway through our path, Gi Gi contacted me.

Apparently, the beasts won’t proceed any further.

–––Is it coming? 

“Gi Go, take the rest of your squad with you and go ahead!”

At those words, the squad in front became noisy. With the main unit being that noisy, it would normally be the center of attention, but…

“Gi Gu, escort the main unit!” 

But if my prediction is correct, then–––


As a great howl resounded from the back. 

I unsheathed Iron Second, and firmly wielded it in my hands.

Then with its pack following from behind, the gray wolf appeared.

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