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Chapter 14: Counterattack

[Race] Goblin

[Class] Noble; Horde Chief

[Divine Protection] Goddess of the Underworld, Altesia


——A king. This goblin is the king who has come to save us.

And so Gi Ga who had evolved into a goblin rare, bowed his head to the chief.

With joy and absolute fidelity, he swore his loyalty.

“My king… Guu”

But that very chief right now was under pressure by the hateful orcs.

The chief won’t expose us to danger.

But what will happen once the chief passes?

The chief must be saved.

No matter what.

“Woman… I, go. You, hide!”

“For, my king, I, go! King, save! You, hide!”

While he was talking, fire filled his body, spreading to every corner as if trying to set his body on fire.

That erupting sensation was sudden.

But it felt warm.

With enough reason to stake his life, he felt strength fill his limbs with power.


Gi Ga jumped from the thickets, and struck the orc with his sword!

——Not good. I can’t dodge!


As I thought that, a black shadow bellowed out a howl from the corner of my eyes.

Gi Ga who should’ve been hiding within the thickets suddenly appeared, and went for the orc, wielding his iron spear.

Didn’t I leave Reshia’s protection to him!?”

“King, save! I, save king!”

That iron spear was rusted, but at Gi Ga’s beast-like charge, it penetrated the orc’s flesh, and both the orc and Gi Ga fell to the ground.


Gripping my Iron Second (Steel Great Sword), I moved my body in an attempt to save Gi Ga ——


Maddened by fury, the orc leader swept his long spear horizontally. In response, I exerted all of my strength to block it.



I drew close towards the orc as I meticulously parried an attack that was strong enough to fray my nerves. 

Three more steps, and it’ll enter my great sword’s range.

But at that thought, blood suddenly spilled

Barely failing to receive the spear handle from above, my feet were hit directly.

“Gu, uuAa”

Soundlessly, I groaned. And without being given time to rest, the spear that broke my feet crawled on the ground like a snake, and it came slashing again. 

That spear came from below, and with my great sword as a shield, I blocked it.

But because of the pain from my broken feet, I wasn’t able to absorb all of the impact, and I was sent flying all the way into the thickets. Fortunately, the thickets cushioned my fall, and I didn’t fall on my back. But because of that blow, I lost sight of what was in front of me.


——Don’t try to save me!

I won’t accept that.

Because once I do, I’m not confident that I’ll be able to calmly accept your deaths.

The long sword of the orc follower swung at Gi Ga, cutting his arm. And the orc leader’s long spear swept, sending both the iron spear and Gi Ga, flying.

Gi Ga’s arms were twisted to the wrong direction, and as he lay on the ground, he coughed blood. That image burned itself on my eyes, and lit something within me.


At the explosion of Overpowering Howl, I bolted towards the orcs to stop them.

Having carelessly gone close, I entered the range of the orc follower, and it brought its long sword down on me. I read the trajectory of that slash, and with a move that could only be considered by others as unthinkable, I went deeper into its range and receive the brunt of its attack.

My shoulder was burning. Having been deeply wounded, blue blood spurted from my wound.

But this is exactly what I wanted.

Now, tell me. Do you think you’ll be forgiven!?


[Skill] <> Activated.

——Physical strength and agility 20%UP.

But… it’s not enough!

With that blade in my hand, I sunk it myself even deeper into my wound. 

[Skill] << Dance at Death’s Border>> stage 2 activated. 

——Physical strength and Agility 30%UP——Not yet!!

I lifted the Iron Second (Steel Great Sword) that should be lifted with two hands with only one hand. 


I lifted it over the confused orc’s head. And with my anger at its greatest, I swung it down. The great sword descended, and as it reached the orc’s head, it smashed it, cutting down until half of its chest was severed. And then finishing it off, I sent it flying with a kick. 


After I’d kicked the orc away, the orc leader’s enraged voice bellowed, and with it, came lunging his long spear.

The swung spear, easily crushed the left arm that held the orc follower’s long sword.

[Skill] <> stage 3 activated. 

“This one takes priority! Hurry!”

Enduring both that gradually increasing impatience that felt like it was trying to burn my body, and that sensation welling from deep inside that felt like it was trying to tear me apart, I urged Reshia to heal Gi Ga.

[… I understand.]

Reshia looked like she couldn’t fully comprehend it, but she still went to Gi Ga and chanted her healing magic. Seeing that, I finally fell to my knees. 

Inside my body, something was trying to change me. That something that could also be called a chill, crawling beneath my skin, was coming from my guts, attempting to recreate me anew. 

——It’s hot.

Steam came out from every part of my body.


I heard a surprised gulp, but I ignored it.

As my eyes closed themselves…

“The shape of one’s appearance is the shape of one’s soul.”

I wonder why… I suddenly remembered the words of the annoying mother goddess.


[Level] Because you have broken through level 100 [Class] will rise.

[Class] Noble; Horde Chief -> [Class] Duke; Horde Chief

From level one you will rise to level ten. 

[Divine Protection] The one-eyed red snake that was bestowed upon you by Altesia (The Goddess of the Underworld), will also transform inside your body.

[Skill] <> acquired.

Author’s Note:

I plan to do this for several others too. 

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