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Chapter 12: Altesia’s Temptation

[Race] Goblin

[Class] Noble; Horde Chief

[Divine Protection] Goddess of the Underworld, Altesia

I can hear a voice from the dark abyss.


It was gentle, full of hate, and at the same time… nauseating.


A fluffily floating like sensation blew an intense will into me.

“Awaken, my child.”

That will dominated my body.

At the voice’s dictate, I opened my eyes, and before me was a woman accompanied by countless snakes.

“Have you finally awoken? To actually make your mother wait, how bold of you.”

Snakes of different colors coiled about around her voluptuous naked body, declaring her divinity. 

Her body looked to have been sculpted by the gods themselves, having no trace of imperfection. On her abundant breasts, was a four-eyed snake, colored like that of fine dress, snuggly wrapped around her, seemingly emphasizing her seductive features. From her perfectly sculpted feet to her thighs, loosely crawling about was a black, twin-headed snake. And covering her lower body, was a green Yamata no Orochi with a red spiral pattern engraved into it. 

Her red lips were redder than blood itself. Her face perfect without any fault. Her nose, her mouth, every part carefully positioned to perfection. Her eyes shone gold, a color of lust gleaming through them. Her slightly wavy hair was bluer than the blue sky. And behind her were innumerable snakes.

“A pleasure to make your acquaintance, I suppose.” 

Her honey-like sweet voice resounded in my ears, carrying with it seduction and a tinge of blood. My heart was greatly rattled. 

“Who are you?” 

She is alluring, so alluring that if I were to relax for even a moment, I would surely find myself bowed to her.

I fought that urge while I kept my heart calm.

“But you already know that, right?”

What an enchanting smile, so much so that it feels as if it could melt any man’s heart. To that vicious smile that could charm even a demon, I could only grit my teeth as I endured.

“Altesia (Goddess of the Underworld), is it?”

“Yes, that’s right. Oh, how I adore clever children.” 

Those words almost broke my hips, but I somehow managed to fill my heart with hate and keep my calm.

“A soul that doesn’t match that small body. How amusing… It’s good that we’re finally able to talk like this.” 

As Altesia spoke, I was at my wit’s end. At any time it felt as if I could be washed away by the feeling of being loved that was like lukewarm water.

“How cruel.”

That relaxed atmosphere suddenly, in one instant, turned cold. Her gold-colored pupils gazed into me a bone-freezing glance.

That atmosphere finally allowed me to regain my composure.

“There’s something I want to ask.”

Altesia, looking down on me, scowled without emotion.

“Were you the one who interfered with my thoughts?” 

“What about it?”

That smile she showed me almost charmed me, but knowing that it’s fake, I was somehow able to resist.

“I won’t forgive a second time.”

“And if you don’t forgive me, what are you going to do?”

Having my selfishness answered as if it was perfectly natural. Overpowering others with my overwhelming will. In normal times, that’s how it’d go.

But the being in front of me wouldn’t falter from something like that, no.

“Do you envy Zenobia (Goddess of Healing) that much?” 

The atmosphere froze.

“Are you maddened by jealousy, Altesia?”

“Shut your mouth! What’s wrong being maddened by jealousy!? I loved him so much! Yet he only ever had eyes for Zenobia! Why!? I won’t forgive Zenobia! NEVER! I, who fell into depravity, pushed into hades, will never, ever forgive her! I will NEVER forgive that woman who has never done anything but monopolize his love!”

Her beautiful countenance, gone. The corners of her eyes torn, blood flowing. The corners of her mouth torn to her ears. 

“Why won’t Ativ (The Ancestor God who Birthed the Earth) look at me!?” 

The lamenting goddess of snakes was there. Exhaling hot air, she pressured me.

The snakes responding to her wrath, simultaneously threatened.

“My child, my small, hideous child.”

Altesia cast her eyes down.

“Grant your mother’s wish.” 

An absolute decree.

“Lay waste to Ativ’s world! Zenobia’s –“

To that supreme bliss of an order that no being who has received divine protection could ever think of contesting.

“I refuse.”

I shook my head.

For a moment, Altesia was at a lost to what I was saying and she titled her head in confusion. Not a trace of the demon snake princess’s visage from a while ago could be seen. Her face now was exactly the same motherly face she showed me at first.

“I will not forgive that who has trespassed me!”

I rebel, therefore I am.


The snakes wriggling under her all simultaneously surrounded me.

That overwhelming force that could instantly destroy anything were they to attack. That same overwhelming force was now threatening me.

“You will betray me while having accepted my divine protection?” 

Gazing at me with a look that looked like it could kill, I gazed back looking directly into her eyes.

“I will decide how I live!”

I have already died once. Let all regrets be left to the time I lived as man.

I haven’t the faintest attachment to this life of mine as a monster. 

And that’s precisely why I no longer have any reason to bow my head in servility to any man or god!

“… But, if they get in the way of my way of living, then I will, on my own volition, uproot them!”

The snakes continued to threaten me as the mother goddess asked.

“And what is this way of life of yours?”

Gambling everything I am as a monster, I threw out my chest.

“Conquest and Domination!”

A path that can no longer be associated with peace or tranquility.

“I will make everything in heaven and on earth acknowledge me! I will trample on everything, and take everything for myself! And I will carve my name into the annals of history, never to be forgotten!”

A small pu came out, followed by short pauses of laughter, until eventually, Altesia burst out laughing as she held both of her sides.

“Ahahahaha…. You’re amusing, really amusing. 

So what you’re saying is, is that you’re going to fight them by your will and not by my order. 

But still… conquest and domination, ahahahahahaha! 

How arrogant! How insolent! And to actually declare it so boldly with that tiny stature… buhahahaha!”

That laughter was completely inappropriate for the bewitching goddess of snakes. It was as if Altesia had turned into a normal girl laughing her heart out to a funny story.

“Very well. I am pleased with you.”

Said Altesia as she wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes.


Silently, I stuck my tongue out.

To think she would actually laugh at my heartfelt declaration, as expected of a goddess.

In any case, it’s good that I won’t be dying for the meantime.

“Boy, you’re quite the rebel, aren’t you?”

Altesia looked at me closely, her face sparkling like that of a little girl who’s found a new toy. Her face, looking like she wants to mess with me and get all sorts of reactions.

Then she lightly grabbed the tongue I silently stuck and pulled it.

“Alright, whatever. A kid being as cute as he is stupid is a universal truth anyway.”

I can’t talk with my tongue pulled like this.

Sticking my tongue out was a mistake.

“Ho ho, now that I’ve taken a closer look, you have quite the charming face, don’t you?” 

She looked at me from top to bottom while tugging on my tongue.

“But… nah, you’re definitely ugly. Be a bit more handsome, will you?”

Don’t ask for the impossible.

I can’t even if I want to, you know?

“If the “shape” of the soul yearns for it, I could remold you.”

The underworld goddess’s golden eyes gleamed on me.

“Well, whatever. Let us return to the main issue.”

The goddess of the underworld released my tongue, and clapped her hands.

Immediately, the world changed.

In a space where nothing can be seen, statues of demons that govern over death are lined up in the darkness.

By the time I noticed it, Altesia had already positioned herself, sitting on the throne with her legs crossed.

Wearing a pure white toga, she appeared both beautiful and divine. The very personification of an overwhelming god.

“I shall leave you with a gift.”

One snake from the innumerable snakes by Altesia’s feet, crawled over to me.

A small, one-eyed, red snake.

“I don’t need a snake.”



[Skill] <> acquired.


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