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Chapter 11: Spider Hunting

[Race] Goblin

[Class] Noble; Horde Chief

[Divine Protection] Goddess of the Underworld, Altesia


But a spider’s body was only made up of its head, its body, and its legs to begin with.

–––––– Hmph! Even a fool could figure this out! What a useless skill!

The blood having gone to my head, I couldn’t help but hurl insults at the useless skill inside my mind.

Then in an instant, the spider appeared to compress itself. Using its entire body like a spring, it leaped. At the same time, venom hurled from its mouth as it towered over me.

I managed to find a path to survival underneath those eight legs of it as I swung the Iron Second (Steel Great Sword), and dived through it. In the process, I sent one of its legs flying, and the giant spider realized that its attack has failed.

Immediately, the spider stopped and tried to regain its balance, after which it came pouncing again.

Having just dived out of harms away, I could not dodge the spider’s charge, and could only shield myself with my sword as I received the brunt of its attack. The impact sent me flying, and I felt pain spread from my back as I laid down on the ground. 

It felt as if a burning staff had just impaled itself through my lungs as I choked, unable to properly breathe.

But the enemy would not give me the comfort of rest, no. Already, it was on its way to feast on me as it leaped towards me.

––––Shit, it’s fast!

Unable to ascertain where my foe would land, I left everything to my instincts, and swung my sword.

Fortunately, and perhaps thanks to the [Skill] Swordsmanship C+, my sword managed to lop off another one of the spider’s forelegs.

Continuing that momentum, I slashed upwards.

But before my sword could reach the spider, my shoulder was pierced by one of the spider’s sharp limbs. 

I almost released my grip on the sword, but I gripped it once again with my hand, and I swung it down, leaving the strength to its weight.

That steel great sword came crashing down, and not even the limb that had pierced into my shoulder would be left standing at its descent. Immediately, the spider jumped back.

Boom! A thunderous roar erupted, leaving nothing but a crater on the ground. 

But the giant spider was a moment faster, and it was able to dodge. 

Fortunately, it was not uninjured. 

Green bodily fluids could be seen flowing from half of its eyes, and three of its limbs have already been severed. But the spider still hasn’t lost its will to fight.

The spider let out a menacing shriek as it watched me.

This duel is starting to look bleak for me. After that last attack, the wound on my shoulder’s been bleeding incessantly.

––– I don’t have time!

As I took a slashing stance, I kicked off against the ground with all my strength, and slashed at the spider… but it slipped.

An unstable sword due to impatience. And too much power that moved the sword too high. These two factors together caused my sword to miss its target, and the sword that should have skewered the giant spider slid against its body instead.


At that irrevocable miss, the giant spider closed in.

Like a spring, it leaped at me, and aimed for my shoulders with its venomous fangs.

––– Tch! If I take a step back here!!

If I take a step back here, then the giant spider will push and hold me down.

Regardless of what I do, the situation’s bad.

At that instant, I decided to fight the spider head-on.

I met the charge of the spider with my own, and my arm that was caught in between, creaked a horrible sound.

I know that it can’t be helped. There truly was no other way left, but still… the price I had to pay to dodge the giant spider’s venomous fangs was simply too high. 

Having no luxury to wallow in my loss, I swallowed whatever bitterness I had, and took back my sword. 

At this distance, the spider won’t be able to move its legs freely.

So I’ll make full use of this, and smash the spider’s head with Iron Second!!


The spider let out confused shrieks as if it was the first time it had felt pain. 

As one would expect, the great sword that should be used with two hands can’t quite put enough power with only one hand. The sword smashed against the spider’s head, but it failed to severe it and could only stop at the surface.

I raised my broken arm, and I pushed the large, double-edged sword into the spider’s head.

Green bodily liquid spurted all over my body as blue blood from my shoulder dyed the spider’s head, blue.

“Gu, nuuaaaAAaa!”

I exerted all of my strength and pushed the great sword in the spider’s head.

But at the same instant, I felt pain in my stomach, and I was pushed away.

The spider had swept me with its foreleg.

“Gu, ha!”

I coughed dark-blue blood out.

Supporting my body with my remaining arm, I endured the fatigue and pain as I stood up once more.

My sword is still stuck into the spider.

I don’t have a weapon.

But that doesn’t matter. I’ve already come this far. Whether I have a weapon or not, whether I have a strong body or not, and whether there’s a difference in strength between races… none of that matters!

The only thing that matters is the will to live.

And this instinct that’s screaming inside me to kill my opponent.


I bellowed out a cry from the bottom of my stomach, and blue blood came spurting along with it, but the blood was irrelevant.

With my remaining strength, I kicked off against the ground, and with one arm dangling, I swung my last remaining arm.

The spider responded to my howl!

The staggering spider looked at me with those red-black eyes of it that’s flowing with green bodily liquid.


Driven by instinct, it rushed my direction with my sword still stuck to it.

Completely absorbed, I moved my legs, and I swung my arms.

At the same time, the spider unleashed its sharp, long limbs at me.

In an instant, it was if everything had slowed down. The world, and everything in it, had come to a near halt, and all the sounds in the world seem to have left.

Unintentionally, the skill’s conditions were met, and power filled my body.

Each step against the ground was brimming with power, pushing me against the ground faster than ever. 

But still, the spider’s attack was still a moment faster!

It was just that fast.

Both of us aiming for each other, the spider’s limbs to my head, and my fist to its head. Both were mid-flight, neither able to stop.


In a move of desperation, I moved my head.

I pushed my agility to its limits, and mustered everything I could out of my muscles.

Heat rushed through the side of my forehead.

Not yet ––––!

The only thing I can hear is my breath. 

The only thing I can feel, the burning pain and fatigue. 

The world is blurry… I can’t think anymore.


“I won…”

When only 1/10 of your life is remaining, physical strength 40% UP, agility 40% UP.


Author's Note: 

"Make the fight scenes more detailed! "

Was requested, so I tried making it detailed.

[Skill] will activate when the basic conditions are fulfilled.



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