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After crushing the human forces, the goblins treated their wounded and headed east . It was evident from their actions that the Goblin King wished to conquer the western capital and quickly establish their dominance over the western region .

Their forces numbered roughly 900 .

That was the number of soldiers they had left after subtracting the wounded and the soldiers that would be left behind to cover and treat them . The duty of watching over the wounded was given to Gi Gu, who himself was heavily wounded, while the king led the rest of the army east .

“Capture the humans that are still alive . If they resist, kill them . ”

The king emphasized that the humans be captured . They were able to plunder the cargo that the human supply platoon abandoned and the elves were able to help them make use of them, so they could afford to keep prisoners .

The Goblin King wished to conquer the western capital in one fell swoop, but that would prove to be a difficult task .

For the harpy scouts were able to spot an army going west from the north . The Goblin King could only regret that his predictions were still too shallow .

The Goblin King thought they’d already won . He believed that even if reinforcements were to come, they would come much later, but reality turned out different .

What he defeated in the last battle was only the power of the western capital, and a new power has appeared from the north under the lead of the holy knight, Gulland . But there was not enough information for the king to understand what exactly was going on, so in the end, he mistook Gowen’s forces to be a detached force sent to the colonial city .

“West, the colonial city, huh,” the king groaned to the heavens as he checked the enemy numbers and their distance .

They don’t seem to have noticed them yet, but their forces numbered 500 and they were currently heading west .

If the colonial city were to suddenly gain reinforcements, they might be able to break the siege . Even if the humans fail to defeat the goblins, the goblins will still lose the opportunity to defeat the humans .

In the worst case, the western capital might become a much more fortified city . In that case, there would be a possibility of being attacked from behind .

But if they were to just let them go their way, they would be able to avoid suffering needless casualties . And should they manage to conquer the western capital, this area will fall to the goblins . Although, they would have to conquer it quickly, lest another wave of reinforcements arrive from the capital .

“It’s as if there’s a fish bone caught in my throat… No . ”

Would this area really fall to the goblins just by conquering the western capital? The Goblin King became thoughtful again .

In the end, the king concluded that even if the western capital was conquered, even if this area fell into their hands, they would still have the problem of keeping it .

500 soldiers were coming from the north . The south was currently suffering distress due to the Kushain believers, but that shouldn’t be enough to keep them from sending reinforcements .

If the colonial city receives reinforcements, this area probably won’t fall to the goblins even if they do manage to conquer the western capital .

At this point, the colonial city has suddenly become a much bigger problem to the king . At first, he believed their morale would crumble so long as he could break Gowen’s forces, but if the capital were to receive one wave of reinforcement after another, the king’s predictions would not come true .

The difference in numbers between the goblins and the humans was leaning more and more toward the humans .

There was no point complaining now, so the Goblin King stopped idling and gave an order . “Maintain distance as we pursue the northern enemy . We will deal with the western capital later! All forces, turn around!”

They had to destroy the colonial city .

As long as the colonial city existed, the goblin won’t be able to attack the west in perfect condition .

“Gi Ji! Take half your soldiers and scout the east! Take note of the defenses of the cities . As for the rest, have them scout the northern enemy!”

“As you command!” Gi Ji nodded, then he took his forces and left .

East of the Piena Plains was the western capital and the various towns connected to it . The king wished to find out the state of their defenses .

Once the northern army is defeated, the Goblin King would have to make a decision between moving east or conquering the colonial city .

As for which of those two choices he would be picking, that would depend on Gi Ji’s information .

While the Goblin King was at a loss what he should do, Gulland led his army to the colonial city .

“If Gowen is going to meet the enemy, then…”

Gulland was yet to get word that Gowen’s army had lost in the plains, so he formed his plan under the assumption that he would do well .

If he were in Gowen’s shoes, he would surely push the goblins toward the colonial city . Thinking that, Gulland decided to go the colonial city and attack the goblins when they’re tired .

Moreover, Gulland himself specialized in defense, so he would be able to take full advantage of the colonial city’s defenses .

Gulland believed that Gowen would surely do that, so he ignored the western capital and led his army straight to the colonial city .

“Hmph, what a peaceful land . ”

Not a monster could be seen since they entered the western region; not even a bandit, in fact . That was of course thanks to Gowen’s management .

Gulland wryly smiled as he thought of how big a contrast the western region was to his northern region that was currently in war with the barbarians .

The body of the god of fire was already at its peak and was beginning its descent west .

“Tch… We haven’t progress much . Hey! Start making camp! Hurry!”

The northern army that Gulland led was inferior individually to Gowen’s western army . They only excelled in combat, other than that, even Gulland himself couldn’t deny that they were inferior .

Their army was a stark contrast to Gowen’s western army, which could move and make camp without leaving a single opening for the goblins to take advantage of . Gulland’s army could be said to be at the bottom of the barrel when it came to such things .

That being said, however, they were indeed a notch above Gowen when it came to power . At least, when the northern army was together .

As Werdna spread her wings, the twin red moon goddesses, Ervi and Navi, peeked through the rift in the clouds .

As the winds blew stronger, Gulland’s expression became cloudy .

“Tch, rain . ”

The clouds flowing from the south would soon crash into the distant mountains of the snow god . Not long after, the twinkling stars and moons would be veiled behind dark clouds and rain would fall .

“Send a lot of soldiers to keep watch . It’s going to be a rainy night!”

If Gowen was the type to rely on instincts he’s honed through countless battles to make the decision to increase the number of guards, Gulland was the type to rely on his natural instincts .

Gulland entered his tent and closed his eyes . When the sound of rainfall reached his ears, he opened them again .

“Shit, it actually came . ”

Cursing, Gulland lifted the curtain of his tents and went out .

The rain was still but a drizzle, but it was only a matter of time before it would fall fiercely .


Thinking he’d heard the sound of metal mixed with the sound of rain, Gulland walked through the camp despite the rain .

His shortly cut hair was already wet from the rain, so the trickling rain only made him even colder .

Gulland carried his Blue Thunder over his shoulders as he looked toward the darkest area under Werdna’s wings .

When a shadow left that darkness, Gulland swung his blade .



After killing the goblin wielding a dagger, Gulland looked up .

“Oi, you bastards! Wake up! We’re under attack!”

At Gulland’s words, the tents of the camp flapped open simultaneously . Most of the soldiers have yet to get their equipment ready, but they all had their weapons with them .

Suddenly, battle cries resounded from the darkness .

“The goblins are attacking! Keep your wits about you and kill them all!” Gulland said as he wielded his Blue Thunder over his shoulders and smiled a ferocious smile befitting the leader of these ruffians .

“Yes, Sir!” The soldiers cried in response .

“Tch, it’s dark!”

“Hey, burn some of those tents, so we can see something!”

Gulland’s soldiers quickly began adapting to the darkness to fight .


As light dispersed the darkness, a ferocious howl and cries from beyond the light of the burning tents resounded .

When the soldiers looked up, a soldier could be seen flying through the sky . Eventually, it landed right before Gulland .

“I don’t know which bastard you are, but!”

As fury that could evaporate even the very raindrops themselves filled Gulland, he held the great sword in his hands and he cut down the burning tent, revealing the figure of a giant black goblin .

As that goblin and Gulland recognized each other, they ran .


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They ran like the wind as they took their great swords and swung them down .

The two swordsmen swung their weapons with enough strength to deal a fatal blow as they clashed against each other; the resulting impact sent the rain drops flying away .

“You’re… that monster!”


Swords locked, neither side backing down, their aura burst wildly .

“Ruler of wind and lighting!Astaroth”

“Turn me into a blade!Enchant”

Lightning filled Blue Thunder with its power, and it scorched even the very raindrops themselves as that power scattered .

Yet as strong as that power was, the black flames of the Goblin King did not waver, and they sought to devour the lightning itself .

As the two powers clashed, they scattered from the two warriors, spreading onto the battlefield around them .

Even the band of ruffians Gulland led were forced to run screaming despite their experience in war .

As the Goblin King attacked, the rest of the goblins followed suit and attacked the humans .

“My liege is fighting… We should watch over his duel, but…”

Gi Jii Yubu was unsure whether he should move his army or not .

“It would be better if you move your army . If the king can’t lead, then someone needs to take his place,” Gi Za Zakuend said . “If you’re not doing it, I will . ”

Gi Jii was unhappy with Gi Za’s attitude, so he turned to Gi Ga Rax, but he didn’t say anything and merely watched Gi Za .

Helpless, Gi Jii raised his spear . “The darkness is our domain! Attack!”

At his behest, the goblins lined up their spears and attacked the humans hiding within their camp .

The goblins readied their weapons and calmly approached in formation .

The panicking humans did not know what to do . They fought individually and ran about like frightened mice .

Some of them would challenge the goblins from time to time, but they were quickly dealt with by the goblins’ line of spears .

“Gi Jii, leave the back open,” Gi Za said .

“Why? Wouldn’t it be better if we surround them?” Gi Jii asked .

“It’s easier to kill when the prey is running, right?” Gi Za smiled .

“I don’t think it’s advisable to underestimate humans,” Gi Jii replied, daunted .

“Caution is important, indeed; but if we’re too timid, we’ll miss an opportunity,” Gi Za said with a smile .

Gi Za called out to Gi Ga, who was riding on the back of his black tiger . “Let’s leave the front to Gi Jii, we can take the flanks . ”

“…I don’t mind, but what about the tribes? Think they’ll agree?” Gi Ga Rax asked .

The goblins from the Gi Village and the tribal goblins had a sensitive relationship . When the king was around, they were equals, but when he wasn’t, the goblins become unsure how to proceed .

“I’ll take responsibility . If the Gaidga demands it, I’ll even offer my head . ” Gi Za looked Gi Ga in the eye .

“Fine, I’ll bet on that resolve of yours! Gi Jii, the elves and the demihumans that can’t see in the dark should wait at the back . ”

“R-Right!” Gi Jii replied .

“Let’s have Lord Hal pursue the enemy . I’ll inform him,” Gi Ga said, then he turned to Gi Za . “I’ll tell the Gaidga to take the left flanks . ”

“I’ll take the right then,” Gi Za said .

As Gi Za saw Gi Ga leave with his subordinates, he took his subordinates and moved out .

“…Inform the demihumans and the elves that they are to stand alert!”

Gi Jii, who was tasked with pressuring the humans from the front, held his spear tightly as he looked over the battlefield .

“Are they still out of reach?” He asked himself .

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Just now, he didn’t have the confidence to make a decision without the king .

Gi Jii felt small before someone as bold as Gi Za, who could nonchalantly offer his neck and assume responsibility .

Though he has led a horde himself, it seems the 1st generation, Gi Za, was yet out of reach . He would have to chase after his back for some time yet .

Neither the rain nor the battle was close to ending, but in the midst of all that was a goblin who held his spear tightly, frustrated at his own lack of power .


A great sword descended with enough strength to cut a human in two .

Gulland instantly understood that he could not take that sword directly, so he scooped up with his own great sword to deflect it .

He somehow managed to parry it, but it still left his hands numb, causing him to smile fiercely .

As the Goblin King’s great sword hit the ground, Gulland, who had just lifted his sword, slashed down .


This time it was Gulland who sent a blow with enough power to instantly kill . At that speed and at that distance, it was a blow that could surely cut a goblin in half, but the Goblin King received it directly .

That sword should have had enough strength behind it, but the result still made Gulland click his tongue .

As their swords locked once more, sparks erupted and the flow of ether illuminated their muddy feet .


For a moment, when they locked swords, Gulland used the entire strength of his body to push back . When the Goblin King was pushed back, Gulland immediately twisted his body .


Gulland laughed inwardly when he heard the Goblin King’s surprised voice . At the same time, he took advantage of the centrifugal force to land a blow when he had taken some distance . It was a blow sent only with his right hand, but it was headed for the Goblin King’s throat .

But the moment the Goblin King saw Gulland’s back, he immediately chanted .

“My life is like a cloud of dust!Accel”

Immediately after, Gulland’s body flew in the air .


That was the anguished cry of a man in pain .

Gulland was sure he’d landed a blow on the Goblin King, but for someone reason, he was the one flying .

He immediately fixed his posture midair . As he landed, the rainwater scattered from the impact .

The burning tents illuminated the Goblin King, and a wound could be seen extending from his shoulder . He was clearly bleeding, but his resolve to fight was not at all dampened .

“So that’s what happened… Monster!”

That was all Gulland needed to understand what had happened .

Gulland spat out his blood as he wielded his Blue Thunder again .

When the Goblin King had realized that he couldn’t dodge Gulland’s attack, he intentionally received his attack with his shoulder .

An attack aimed at someone’s neck works best only when it is able to land at that fatal spot; otherwise, its power would be greatly mitigated .

But while that made sense in theory, it was one thing to think it and another to actually do it . The fact that the Goblin King was able to make that decision in that instant proved that he had gone through death countless times .

Moreover, Gulland glanced at his hands .

Unlike that numbing pain from before, the pain in his right hand was burning, and it ran from his hand to his wrist .

He might have fractured a bone, Gulland thought as he held his great sword even tighter .

“I’ll kill you!”

Gulland’s breath burned as he exhaled . It was as if the raging fire within him was looking for a way out .

They had already exchanged over 20 blows .

The rain was gradually getting stronger, but the fire that was their battle only burned stronger .

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Their duel aside, however, the overall state of the battlefield was leaning more and more toward the goblins . Gulland’s soldiers might excel at battle, but the goblins’ advantage in a night attack was just too great to overcome .

“Lord Gulland, we can’t hold!”

Gulland glanced at his subordinates and clicked his tongue .

“Damn it! If you run around like mice you’ll just get taken from the back . You bastards need to gath—!?

Gulland wanted to give orders, but the Goblin King wasn’t about to stand and watch . As the Goblin King attacked, Gulland was forced to defend .

Having received the Goblin King’s attack flatly, a feeling of numbness spread all the way to his arms, and he was forced to cry out in pain .


The Goblin King sent one blow after another . As one blow landed on the ground, the Goblin King used the recoil to send a reverse slash on Gulland .

Gulland somehow managed to block it in time while retreating, but became he wasn’t able to control his strength, his posture broke and his sword went the wrong direction .

Gulland somehow managed to recover, but the Goblin King’s sword was already right before his eyes .


Gulland tumbled on the mud as the Goblin King sent him flying . He tried to stand up despite feeling giddy, but the Goblin King’s black burning sword was already right at him .

His head dripping with rain, Gulland looked up at the Goblin King . If stares could kill, the Goblin King wouldn’t stand a chance .

“Where… did you take Reshia?”

“Ahh, that woman?”

As the Goblin King’s spirit slackened, Gulland looked for an opening .

“She’s probably moaning right about now, shaking those hips of hers for them nobles . ”


Angered, the Goblin King raised up his sword .

But that action the Goblin King took in a moment of anger created a big opening .

Gulland took advantage of that .

“Ruler of wind and lighting!Astaroth”


Three streaks of lightning flashed for the king’s body . The surrounding area grew bright as the king’s body was scorched .

The Goblin King ignored the pain with his anger and swung his blade, but Gulland was no longer there .

“…Son of a bitch! GURUuoOOAAAA!”

The king’s maddened cry vanished into the rain and the darkness .

That day, the northern army of 500 soldiers suffered heavy casualties .

In the end, their numbers were reduced to 100, while the goblins only suffered 50 casualties .

It was the goblins’ overwhelming victory, but the holy knight, Gulland, was still in good health .

Author’s Note:Gulland was just lying, by the way . It’s just a trap to cause the king to waver . Of course, the king took it hook, line, and sinker .

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