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Chapter 240: Chapter 240 – The End of the Kingdom of Knights 5/5

Chapter 240 – The End of the Kingdom of Knights (5/5)

From them he was able to find out that the situation had worsened even more .

The north had fallen and the minor nobles have been destroyed .

The goblin forces that initially headed east was Aransain . They showed tolerance and mercy and permitted those who submitted to them autonomy . They did not hurt the humans as long as they did not try to obstruct them .

But those who refused to cooperate were greeted with a tragedy .

The goblins that fought under the Axe and Sword Flag (Felduk) brought fear and death . The ferocity showed by the blood-stained Felduk at the south – especially, at Pena – had been shown once again .

A merciless death to any and all who resisted .

That was by no means their slogan, but the three sibling goblins that were subordinated to Gi Gu did just that, showing the ferocity of the goblins . Even the small villages were turned into ashes . It was the very picture of a terrifying axe descending upon the rebels .

The minor nobles somehow managed to gather numbers and resist, but the ferocious goblins trampled them underfoot . The remnant soldiers were the ones that rendezvoused with Sivara .

When Sivara heard these things, he couldn’t help but groan .

The north had fallen .

The cities and villages around the imperial capital that have rebelled have all been mostly suppressed .

“With this, we have completely…”

Lost . Germion Kingdom was already at its end . No, it was already dead . He had continued to fight until now because he didn’t want to accept that, but any hope for victory has already been crushed . With the east attacked from both the east and the west, there was no longer any way for them to resist .

“We’ll head to Giruruto . ”

At the very least, they had to negotiate with the Holy Shushunu Kingdom . Sivara ordered his forces to head for the biggest city of the east .

“Sivarsama, the goblin forces are!”

But as soon as Sivara turned around, what came to view was the army that should have been defeated earlier .

“Are they planning on fighting us again?”

But that army that revolved around the black tigers kept their distance from them as they attacked .

That march that resembled a game of tag only came to a stop when a village came to Sivara’s view . It was then that the goblin forces suddenly closed in on them . A closer look would show the night was deeper and that their numbers had increased .

“It’s the one arm!”

A scout screamed as he reported . Sivara answered with an order .

“We’ll intercept them! Arrow-Point Formation!”

In order to inspire this army that he was losing command over, he had no choice but to stand at the head . As the human army arranged itself into a shape akin to that of an arrow point, Sivara raised up his halberd .

“Soldiers! You have fought well! Be it as a holy knight or as the fedual lord of the Bandie Territory, I think of you proudly . Come . Let us win once more . Let us carve our bravery into these goblins!”

The soldiers raised up their weapons and cheered in response, then Sivara said .

“Even if Germion Kingdom is defeated, Sivara Bandier shall not!”

At the descent of his halberd, Sivara led the eastern division army and advanced . At the head of the goblin army to greet them was a one-armed goblin mounted on a black tiger .

At the head of one army was a one-armed goblin, at the other was Sivara . In that very moment when they were about to violently clash, Sivara saw the goblins suddenly starting to turn right .

It was the cavalry of that commander with a sickle spear that moved .

As the general of an army it was imperative that one be able to see the whole battlefield .

Unfortunately, it was in this moment that that ability backfired on Sivara, as the movement of the right flank caused Sivara to imagine an attack coming at them from the side .

His army that charged straight for the enemy in the Arrow-Point Formation and the enemy’s sudden change in formation . What did the goblins’ attack from the side mean when their army was moving to attack them head on? Sivara’s mind immediately went to work to figure it out, but when he was about to raise his voice, he suddenly noticed that the goblin in front of him had swung his spear .

The clash lasted for but a moment, but the one who fell was none other than Sivara .

A moment of unpreparedness had decided his fate .

With the head cut down, the eastern division army had no choice but to flee . The continuing charge of the goblins and the attack from the flanks executed by their detached forces… With no commander to lead the humans, there was no way they would be able to resist .

With one clash, they were sent fleeing . The goblins chased after them, leaving only a trace of battle in their wake .

Among the abandoned corpses was Sivara’s body that yet held breath . He no longer had the strength to wield his halberd and blood poured down from the wound stretching from his shoulder to his chest .

“Defeated… I lost?”

Someone seemed to be calling his name, but he could no longer hear well enough .

He didn’t even have the strength to turn his gaze toward the direction of those footsteps . He could only gaze up at the heavens as a face peeked at him from right above him .

“Hey… Aren’t you… Late… Gulla…nd…”

Gulland called out his name desperately, but it ended in futility, as Sivara the Ripper Knight breathed his last .

Level has risen .

Gi Ga Rax

92→56(Class Promotion) (Knight to Baron)

Gi Gi Orudo

Gi Gu Verbena

Gi Go Amatsuki

Gi Za Zakuend

Gi Ji Arsil

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Gi Zu Ruo

Gi Jii Yubu

91→5 (Class Promotion) (Noble to Duke)

Gi Do Buruga

Gi Bii

Gi Bu Rakuta

Gi Be Slay



84→8《Class Promotion》Noble to Duke


Cynthia’s level has risen .

Bui’s level has risen .

Shumea’s level has risen .

Name Gi Ga Rax

Race Goblin

Level 56

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Class Baron; Four Generals

Possessed Skills Spear Mastery ; Overpowering Howl; Omnivorous; Instant Kill; Adherent of the King; Spear Throw; Flower of the Battlefield; Undying Rush; Insight; Mounted Spear Mastery; Sworn Knight; One-Winged Monster Bird

Divine Protection None

Attributes None

Abnormal Status Due to having to compensate for a missing leg with a prosthetic, fighting strength is reduced by 5%

Beloved Steed Hakuou

Flower of the Battlefield

Bonus when fighting a duel . When fighting against the enemy general, strength, defense, and dexterity are all increased . (MEDIUM)

Undying Rush

Bonus when leading a monster cavalry or a human cavalry . Leadership is increased . (MEDIUM)

Mounted Spear Mastery

Bonus when using a spear while mounted . Weakness from abnormal status will be weakened . (HIGH)

—Due to this skill the reduction of one’s fighting strength from the abnormal status will be reduced from 30% to 5% .

Sworn Knight

So long as the king lives, you will have a charm effect toward your subordinates . Charm Effect (MEDIUM)

One-Winged Monster Bird

The entire army will receive a bonus when you are standing at its head . Attack is increased (MEDIUM)

Name Gi Jii Yubu

Race Goblin

Level 5

Class Duke

Possessed Skills One Who has Walked through Death; Tactician; Versatile Master; The Logic of That Who Appears to Be Human but Is Not Human; Sword Mastery B-; In the Name of My King; Battle Wits

Divine Protection None

Attributes None


Bonus to leadership when leading an army . Leadership is increased . (MEDIUM)

The Logic of That Who Appears to Be Human but Is Not Human

Bonus when leading an army . The defense (MEDIUM) and critical rate (MEDIUM) of the forces led by oneself is increased .

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In the Name of My King

Bonus when fighting alongside the king . Attack and defense of one’s forces increased . (MEDIUM)

Battle Wits

Bonus when losing to an enemy . Casualties reduced . (MEDIUM)

Name Hal

Race Paradua; Goblin

Level 8

Class Duke; Great Chief

Possessed Skills Dignity of the Great Chief; Beast Control; Spear Mastery B-; Great Rush of a Clan; Cooperation B-; Three Consecutive Attacks; Inspire; Extermination Tactics; Hero of the Battlefield

Divine Protection None

Attributes None

Beloved Steed Miou

Dignity of the Great Chief

Bonus to charm effects toward goblins . Charm Effect (MEDIUM)

Three Consecutive Attacks

Can attack three times with the spear .

Great Rush of a Clan

Bonus when leading one’s clan to battle . Attack is increased (MEDIUM)

Extermination Tactics

Bonus to attack when charging or assaulting an enemy . Attack is increased (HIGH) . Defense is decreased (MEDIUM) .

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