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Race Goblin

Level 71

Class King; Ruler

Possessed Skills Ruler of the Demon Children of Chaos; Defiant Soul; World Devouring Howl; Sword Mastery ; Dominator; King’s Soul; Ruler’s Wisdom III; Household of the Gods; One-Eyed Snake’s Evil Eye; The King's Dance at the Edge of Death; Magic Manipulation; Soul of the Berserk King; Third Impact (The Third Chant); Warrior's Instinct; Blessing of the Underworld Goddess; Guided One

Divine Protection Goddess of the Underworld (Altesia)

Attributes Darkness; Death

Subordinate Beasts High Kobold Hasu (Lv77); Gastra (Lv20); Cynthia (Lv1); Orc King (Bui) (Lv82)

Abnormal Status Blessing of the One-Eyed Snake; Protection of the Twin-Headed Snake

The Battle Demon, Gi Jii Yubu, led the assassin, Gi Ji Arsil, and the wrathful demihumans as they chased after the Symphoria army all the way to the Symphoria forest . Along the way, they captured the forests of Sheng and Jirad, leaving only Symphoria on the resistance’s side .

Many elves was defeated in the battle at Sinfall, bringing the casualties and number of captured soldiers to approximately 200 men in total . Because of that they had no choice but to flee to Symphoria .

The gates of Symphoria were shut tight, not opening even once since the elves returned .

As for me, that just means I have more time to examine the newly evolved goblins and formulate a new plan .

“If they won’t attack, we’ll have no choice but to attack,” Shure said .

There’s just no other way, but on the other hand, if we attack recklessly we might just get done in by Pale’s schemes .

“But sheer brute force isn’t a strategy,” Shure added .

A meeting was currently being held in one of the houses of Sinfall . The one talking was Shure, who had been a great help in these past few battles .

“In other words, attacking head on would be inane,” the representative of the demihumans, Nikea, said, causing Shure to nod .

“What a pain, just beat them up be done with it already,” Mido complained .

“And add more corpses to your dead brothers? Imbecile,” Nikea spat as she glared coldly at the werewolf .

“They’re scared!” Mido argued . “We should attack while the war favors us!”

He had a point, however . If we kept wasting time like this, we might end up throwing away the momentum we’ve gained .

“We should surround Symphoria then,” I said, causing all eyes to gather on me .

Symphoria was big, so big that the southern part of it was a desert while the northern part of it connected to Sheng . The boundaries on its flanks were ambiguous .

“How?” Mido asked with a stiff voice; and that was not because of his wounds .

“We can clear a path through the forest . ” I drew a circle with my fingers on Shure’s map .

“…Is this feasible?” Nikea asked .

For a moment, Shure became thoughtful with a hand on his chin, then he turned toward me with a clever look on his face . “It should be possible so long as we concentrate our forces . If nothing gets in our way, we should be able to execute within 20 days . ”

Of course, this whole plan was actually a bait to lure out some prey . To that end, we needed to ensure that word got out .

“There’s no need for us to go about this quietly . If anything let’s execute our plans boldly in the light of the day with loud voices and cheering . In fact, we should do it while yelling ‘At this rate, you’re all going to starve!'”

The demihumans gradually understood what I was aiming for .

“Hmm, will it really be that effective?” The only one who couldn’t quite comprehend yet was Shure .

It’s not surprising though, after all the elves have never understood what it meant to starve . They don’t understand how terrifying it is .

He probably didn’t think much of the blockade last time either . At most, he probably only thought of it as a mild annoyance, though I thought it was quite sinister myself… Did I overestimate him?

“There’s no need to actually starve them, just the fear of it will do,” I said .

Compared to actually starving, the fear of starving would demoralize the enemy much faster .

“I see, so you intend to flush them out by scaring them with the threat of starvation,” Nikea said, thinking out loud with her arms folded .

“I don’t think that’s possible,” Shure quietly interjected as he looked at Symphoria on the map . “They are not so foolish as to fight a losing battle . Falun Gastair is with them . ”

Shure’s sworn friend was still within Symphoria, playing his part as a chief who had surrendered .

I don’t understand that old man well, but if he can somehow prove useful in collapsing the enemy from within, I won’t complain .

“Let us hope he comes through then, but until then, it would be foolish for us not to have a contigency plan . I take it we are fully prepared for the last battle?” I said .

“Of course!” Mido said .

“Naturally,” Nikea said .

I turned to Shure . “Let us make the last battle a spectacular one . ”

“As you wish . With this, we will finally be able to put an end to this fruitless war, and I will finally be able to show you that your investment was not a waste,” Shure said .

After the meeting, I went outside and bitterly smiled at Rashka and the other goblins waiting .

“Unfortunately, it seems we will have to wait a bit longer,” I said .

“Hmph… It seems the fun will have to wait,” Rashka said .

“A pity, my lord,” Gi Jii said .

Then I turned to the gathered goblins and said, “What happens next depends on how the elves will move, but…”

I examined the newly evolved goblins and gave family names to those worthy .


Name Gi Do Buruga

Race Goblin

Level 1

Class Shaman

Possessed Skills Magic Manipulation; Realized Wings; Protection of the Wind; Wind Spear; Three-Verse Chant; Guidance of the Goddess of Knowlegde; Researcher

Divine Protection Wind God

Attributes Wind

Realized Wings

Can fly for a short duration .


Higher chance to stumble onto a new discovery .

Protection of the Wind

Incurred damage can be rendered null . (LOW)

Wind Spear

Conjures a spear made out of wind . When used accuracy and power are both increased .


Name Hal

Race Paradua Goblin

Level 3

Class Noble; Chief

Possessed Skills Mounted Spear Mastery; Beast Control; Spear Mastery C+; Leadership C+; Charge; Cooperation B-; Riding; Inspire; Fierce Charge; Hero of the Battlefield

Divine Protection None

Attributes None

Subordinate Beasts Miou

His ability to wield the spear and cooperate with others have both increased . He has also acquired a new skilled called ‘Hero of the Battlefield’ .

Hero of the Battlefield

When fighting a lone enemy alone, attack, defense, and critical rate are increased .


Name Mido

Race Werewolf

Level 5

Class Chief; Tribe Guardian

Possessed Skills King of Tyranny

Divine Protection Wind God

Attributes Wind

King of Tyranny

In exchange for inflicting damage on oneself, one’s physical abilities are heightened .

After seeing everyone’s status, I began organizing the soldiers . I reorganized the druids with the newly evolved Shaman, Gi Do, as one of the main pillars . I moved the wounded to the back and had those still able to fight to form new three-man cells, then I created a new unit with ten such cells .

I distributed the soldiers in order to the Battle Demon, Gi Jii Yubu, the assassin, Gi Ji Arsil, and to the rest of the noble goblins .

When all was done, I went to the house the elves gave me .

“How are you doing?” I asked .

“You’ve been spoiling me a lot, Boss,” Shumea wryly smiled as she raised herself up on the bed .

“Don’t worry, I’ll work you lots once you’re up and running . ”

It would be a pity to lose her . I still need her in the war against the humans .

I know full well from this war against the elves just how difficult it is to gather intel in a war between different species .

Before the war against the elves had broken, while we were still fighting the demihumans, what would have happened if one of my allies happened to slip into the enemy lines?

It wasn’t exactly Shure’s idea, but after one of ours infiltrated the enemy lines, the enemy became divisive and the war progressed smoothly .

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Still, I didn’t expect someone like Pale to join the fray . Symphoria’s resistance was a lot greater than expected .

In any case, there is one thing to learn here: I cannot fight a united human race .

They must be divided .

“…Is that my punishment?” Shumea asked .

“Yes, so you should heal up until then,” I said .

“Being tolerant is good and all, but… Don’t you think you’re being too lenient, Boss?”

I raised one of my brows and wryly smiled . “Then I’ll have to think of a better punishment . I know, shall I whip you in the plaza for all to see?”

“W-W-Wait a moment! I’ll die if you do that!’ Shumea said in panic, arms flailing .

I folded my arms . “If you think my punishment is too light, work yourself hard enough to make up for it . But right now you should rest . I can’t have you work while injured . I mean you can’t even use your strength, can you?”

“Well, alright . Can’t say I really have anything to complain about when you’re feeding me all the yummy stuff and letting me sleep on this fluffy bed,” Shumea said, then she heaved a sigh and looked up at me . “Hey, Boss, about Selena…”

“We don’t know yet . If it’s something I can help, I’ll try to tide things over, don’t worry . ”

“This debt is going to be heavy . ”

“Don’t worry . I’ll work you so hard you’ll start screaming . ”

“Ooh, scary… Then I guess I’ll have to rest lots . ”

“That’s right . Rest . Rest well . ”

The war against the humans aside, I do hold her tendency to risk her life for others highly . Besides, I didn’t exactly want to see a young woman die anyway… It would’ve reminded me of Reshia, after all .

I failed to save her .

Try and try as I might to forget, the events of that day continue to haunt me .

A little glance away from the battlefield, a moment of negligence… and all of the sudden, the worst possible end flashes through my mind .

Gripping my hands tight, I desperately denied such a conclusion .

“Wait for me…” I whispered .

Brushing away the cries of remorse welling from deep within, I moved on .

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Race Goblin

Level 71

Class King; Ruler

Possessed Skills Ruler of the Demon Children of Chaos; Defiant Soul; World Devouring Howl; Sword Mastery ; Dominator; King’s Soul; Ruler’s Wisdom III; Household of the Gods; One-Eyed Snake’s Evil Eye; The King's Dance at the Edge of Death; Magic Manipulation; Soul of the Berserk King; Third Impact (The Third Chant); Warrior's Instinct; Blessing of the Underworld Goddess; Guided One

Divine Protection Goddess of the Underworld (Altesia)

Attributes Darkness; Death

Subordinate Beasts High Kobold Hasu (Lv77); Gastra (Lv20); Cynthia (Lv1); Orc King (Bui) (Lv82)

Abnormal Status Blessing of the One-Eyed Snake; Protection of the Twin-Headed Snake

“We should attack!” Felbi said .

In the residence of the Symphoria chief, within a large room, was a meeting where the prominent members discussed how they were to deal with the predicament at hand .

The chiefs Fenit, Sheng, Jirad, and Priena had fled here after losing Sinfall . Falun Gastair was also with them, though his village was yet to capitulate . Pale and Felbi were also present .

Felbi has been persistently asking for a while now that they attack posthaste .

Word of the Goblin-Forni Army’s objective had already reached Symphoria through the distant village of Gastair . Just as the intel said, the Goblin-Forni army have started attacking Symphoria’s supply lines .

“If we don’t attack now, it’ll be too late!” Felbi insisted .

“But can we win if we do fight? The difference in our strength should be clear as day,” Falun said, causing Felbi to frown .

“It would be difficult indeed, but delaying only makes our situation worse,” Felbi said .

“So you wish to gamble everything on one battle instead? Do you really think we can win?” Falun’s calm gaze bore heavily on Felbi . “The only soldiers that can fight are the same soldiers who have been fighting from the start . The volunteer soldiers from the small villages have started plotting their escape the moment their villages were captured . Exactly how many soldiers do you think we can muster?”

“…50 heavy infantry, 60 light infantry, 70 archers . This are our current forces,” Pale calmly said, causing all eyes to gather on her, though she didn’t say a word more .

“According to Gastair’s intel, the enemy has taken in the soldiers from the other villages, bringing their current forces to 700,” Falun said .

The enemy was literally three times bigger than their army . The gravity of that difference caused the whole room to go silent .

“Pale,” Felbi called out despite growing irritated at Falun’s incessant questioning . He wanted to seek her opinion, which she gave without turning to him .

“The first issue is the numerical disparity . Sending the same soldiers that fought in the last battle would only tire them out, so it is indeed impossible to increase our numbers, but—”

“Enough!” Felbi, the representative of Symphoria, interjected . “The meeting is adjourned!”

“What? But Pale is still—” Felbi argued .

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“Shut it!” Fenit said . “As chief of Symphoria, I hereby order this meeting be adjourned!”

“Ku… I understand . Please excuse me,” Felbi said, standing up and then bowing before finally leaving the room . Pale helplessly followed after him .

After they left, Fenit clicked his tongue in anger . “Did they really think we would stake everything on one battle!? If we followed their plan, who knows what terrifying fate awaits us! At this rate!”

“The goblins will eventually make their move,” Falun said .

The chiefs all gulped when Falun pointed that out .

“We can’t supply our soldiers forever . Not even the emergency reserves will be enough to feed everyone . Not to mention, the soldiers fighting would truly be nothing more than a last stand . At this rate, the long history of Symphoria will vanish into nothingness,” Falun added, causing all members of the meeting to stop breathnig for a moment as they imagined that terrifying possiblity .

“What should be done then?” Jirad asked . Fenit had gone completely quiet out of depression, but he thought the old elf might have a plan in mind . “Is there any guidance you might be willing to share with us, elder?”

“There is, but it is a humiliating path, perhaps more painful than death,” Falun said .

“You couldn’t possibly…” Priena gulped in a long while since losing Sinfall .

“We should reconciliate . Look for a way to make peace,” Falun said .

“Now? Of all times?” The short statured Silver who had barely managed to flee Sheng with his life powerlessly shook his head .

“Perhaps a mere surrender won’t be accepted . In that case, we could offer them a tribute of some kind,” Falun said .

By this time, the people gathered finally understood where Falun was getting at . Now, they wondered who Falun had in mind . They exchanged glances amonge themselves, wondering wretchedly who should be sacrificed .

“For example, the person who made them suffer the most in this war,” Falun suggested .

Silver immediately disapproved . “But that’s…”

But Fenit was all for it . “Do you think they’ll accept?”

He even ignored Silver and directly asked Falun how likely the goblins were to accept .

“The enemies are goblins . Have you ever heard of a goblin refusing a fair maiden? Not to mention, the very person responsible for much of their suffering . ”

“Meanwhile, we can bide our time and recover our forces,” Jirad said, earning Priena’s approval .

“Goblin rule wouldn’t last anyway . I’m sure even Shure will be abandoned . ”

At the onset of a faint hope, the voices of the chiefs naturally became smaller .

“But who’s going to negotiate peace with them? Will Shure even hear us out?” Jirad asked, causing the room to go quiet again .

“Let me take that stage,” Falun confidently said . “I was once his teacher, after all . ”

There was no other path left . They had their doubts, but there was nothing they could do but accept Falun’s proposal and see how things go .

“What about the soldiers? Do you think they’ll quietly accept this?” The chief of Sinfall, Priena, asked .

Falun caressed his beard . “That will be a problem, actually . We will have to find a way to separate her from the soldiers . ”

“I-I have something that can help with that! I have proof that Pale betrayed us!” Fenit excitedly said .

Unfortunately, poor Fenit did not notice Falun’s miscihevous smile as he excitedly revealed his plans . And neither did the rest of the excited chiefs .

From that day on, a strange rumor started circulating within Symphoria .

—Pale has been tricked by the demigod of the night god’s household, Verdna, and has betrayed us . That’s why we lost!

That rumour quickly spread .

10 days after the meeting, it suddenly happened .

Selena and Pale were relaxing in their residence when out of the blue, the door was suddenly kicked, and in came rushing Fenit’s private soldiers . Before anyone knew it, Pale was tied up with a rope and a sword was pointed at her neck .

“What are you doing!?” Selena cried, but the soldiers quickly knocked her out to make her quiet .

Without a word, those same soldiers took Pale and dragged her to the plaza, where the people showered her with jeers .

Waiting for her there were Fenit and the other chiefs .

“I can’t believe you had the gall to betray us, Pale!” Fenit’s voice was tinged with both hate and a faint trace of joy .

The crowd jeered harder when they heard Fenit’s accusation .

“W-What are you saying!?” Pale thought she was seeing a nightmare . “What is the meaning of this, Fenit!?”

“Don’t call my name with your dirty mouth, traitor!” Fenit said as he slapped Pale on the cheek .

“This woman has sold her soul to the demigod of the night god’s household, Verdna, and has brought a calamity upon my village!” Fenit declared .

“What foolish thing are you saying! I have no relations with Verdna!” Pale argued .

“Unfortunately, we have eyewitnesses . Two, in fact . ” Fenit pointed to a female elf he had whispered to once before and a man serving in her unit as a messenger .

“I stand witness that Pale Symphoria has indeed spoken to Verdna at the bathhouse of Sheng!” The woman said out loud .

“That wasn’t Verdna!” Pale argued .

“Not Verdna!? Then who was it you were meeting at Sheng’s bathhouse?” Fenit asked .

“I… I don’t know that either, but—”

“Look! The traitor can’t even come up with an excuse! Truly, a detestable liar!”

“You’re wrong! I’m not—”

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Pale desperately tried to defend herself but her words could only vanish into the jeering crowd .

“Let us hear what the people want then! Those who wish to see Pale executed, clap your hands!”

The resulting applause was like the heavy downpour of death, crying out for Pale’s soul .

“I have heard your pleas . And I would like to grant your wish! But before that, there is something I wish to ask,” Fenit asked .

The crowd went quiet .

“Pale has indeed committed a great crime . But can we oppose the will of the gods? Is there anyone who can say with confidence that they couold go against the will of the gods!?”

The crowd exchanged glances with each other .

“None, of course . I think so too . If destiny was decided by the gods, then would not Pale herself be no more than a victim?”

Falun was thinking that things had taken a strange turn, but Pale was able to correctly guess Fenit’s intention . The man was intending to use her until every drop of blood from her body had been sucked dry .

“That being said, however, we cannot simply let her go unpunished . For to do so would be to spit upon those who have perished; therefore—!”

Fenit spread his arms and said . “We shall crush her eyes, and then exile her!”

The crowd cheered at Fenit’s proclamation .

Sitting before me were the elders of the elves I’ve been fighting .

Every one of them looked at me with fear in their eyes as they either flattered me or frowned in disgust .

15 days after Sinfall capitulated, when we were halfway done with our roads as we prepared for our eventual clash with Pale, the report came .

The elves have surrendered .

“Impossible,” I thought immediately, but it was only for a moment, as the man who declared himself to be Falun Gastair’s messenger told us the appointed date and the procedure .

“Don’t they still have soldiers?” I asked Shure as soon as the messenger left .

“Elder Falun must’ve convinced them . As usual, he’s good with dirty things like this . ”

Apparently, this was the real deal .

“Their conditions?” I asked .

“They will be handing Pale Symphoria, Selena Shiren, and the commander, Felbi,” Shure said .

“Isn’t Pale Symphoria their benefactor?”

It was precisely because of her that the chiefs were saved during the battle at Sinfall . Didn’t they abandon their lives during that battle?

“Elder Falun didn’t say anything in the reports about a trap . They seem to be truly intending to hand over their heroes in exchange for their lives,” Shure said with disgust .

He must be furious . After all, the race he is so proud of is acting like some lower lifeform . To someone as noble as him, it must be a feeling no different from having mud thrown at his face .

It seems Selena is being sent with them .

“I understand . We’ll accept their peace, but they must ensure that they hand over those people safely . If those people have even a scratch on them, they will pay with their heads . ”

A curious look appeared on Shure’s beautiful face .

“You can’t use them as hostages, yet they’re that valuable?”

“They are far more valuable than having the chiefs as hostage . It wouldn’t do if they were to be killed just like that… Besides, with this we’ve finally unified the sylph . ”

We have never spoken, but I am deeply interested in that elven woman, Pale . Polished strategies that led her armies to victory, a charm that encourages her allies… Yes, I must have her .

“…I have troubled you much during this war,” Shure quietly closed his eyes and deeply bowed .

“We’re friends, right? There’s no need to be so formal,” I wryly smiled .

Shure nodded . “Thank you for giving me this opportunity to deal with them with my own hands . ”

“I only take what I want,” I said .

And then, we went to the designated place .

That day, the 76-day Sylph Unification War ended in the victory of the Goblin-Forni Army .

At the designated place, the leading actors, Pale and Felbi, were handed over to the goblins, but the Goblin-Forni coalition demanded one more thing from Symphoria .

They demanded that the chiefs be dismissed .

Of course, the chiefs refused, but then the Goblin King said this .

“Shall I draw the curtains on war once more?”

The pressure emanated by the Goblin King silenced the chiefs, forcing them to accept his conditions .

The Sage’s Council was recreated under Shure’s leadership, and the whole sylph race allied themselves with the goblins . From that day on, the elves began to move .

—240 days until the war with the humans .

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