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Race Goblin

Level 57

Class King; Ruler

Possessed Skills Ruler of the Demon Children of Chaos; Defiant Soul; World Devouring Howl; Sword Mastery ; Dominator; King’s Soul; Ruler’s Wisdom III; Household of the Gods; One-Eyed Snake’s Evil Eye; The King's Dance at the Edge of Death; Magic Manipulation; Soul of the Berserk King; Third Impact (The Third Chant); Warrior's Instinct; Blessing of the Underworld Goddess; Guided One

Divine Protection Goddess of the Underworld (Altesia)

Attributes Darkness; Death

Subordinate Beasts High Kobold Hasu (Lv77); Gastra (Lv20); Cynthia (Lv1); Orc King (Bui) (Lv82)

Abnormal Status Blessing of the One-Eyed Snake; Protection of the Twin-Headed Snake

“Welcome to Jirad,” Jirad Nash said with a clever expression .

He had gone missing during the battle against the goblins . As it turns out, he was actually hiding in the cellar . When Felbi freed Jirad, he came out with his escort demihumans .

“I can’t thank Symphoria enough for the trouble we’ve caused,” Priena, the chief of Sinfall who was chased out of his village, said as he walked up to stand beside Jirad .

“Indeed . Especially, Lord Fenit’s cousin, Lord Pale . I hear her achievements have been spectacular,” Jirad said .

“She defeated the Goblin-Forni Coalition . She should be coming soon, I believe . ”

“What a promising individual . ”

Felbi was happy to see Nash and Priena so elated .

This was a war to protect their brethren . At the start, they were outnumbered, but through Pale and the other warriors’ effort, they managed to take back a territory . Just a little bit more and they would have half the territories back .

“We’ve prepared a feast . Come, let us celebrate this victory and give rest to the tired warriors,” Jirad Nash said .

The warrior elves cheered at that . Felbi looked serious, but he was actually secretly happy .

The feast continued late into the night . When the elven warriors had all fallen asleep, Nash and Priena stood together with an evil smile on their face as they looked on at the sleeping warriors .

“What honest and nice children they are,” Jirad said .

“Indeed . They are so nice they are even willing to fight for us . Cheering is the least we could do, don’t you agree?”

Jirad had been freed, but Sinfall was yet occupied by the Goblin-Forni coalition . These two chiefs could not fight a war themselves, so they figured they would entice these warriors to fight for them instead .

In doing so, not only would they recover their territories, they would also create a rival for Fenit . The more Pale shone, the bigger of an eyesore she became to Fenit . Eventually, the two cousins would end up against each other . And once this war – which Forni started – ended, most of the elven powers will have been weakened, leaving Jirad and Sinfall ahead .

At this time, Pale was still in the dark of these two elves’ scheme .

As soon as I got to Sinfall, I sent a platoon to contact Shure . Leading that platoon was the elf, Fei .

“Sorry, I know you haven’t gotten any rest, and yet…” I said .

“For Lord Shure, I will go out anytime no matter how exhausted I may be,” Fei said before turning heel and departing .

I see . He might look calm on the outside, but he’s actually worried sick over Shure .

We need to rescue them before they fall into a predicament . I hope they’re safe . Once we’ve secured them, we will have to recover our forces . The Gaidga goblins were so tired they fell asleep as soon as we stopped; the normal goblins too .

“You called, Your Highness?” Gi Za Zakuend said .

I called him to talk about our plans .

“What’s the situation?”

How many can fight? How many have withdrawn? How many have died?

“There are only 140 goblins left who can fight . The elves are less than a hundred . ”

In just one battle almost 100 soldiers were incapacitated . That’s too much . Especially considering all the battles we have left .

Only about half can fight again, though given time, we will have about 260 soldiers again .

The enemy lost some soldiers too, but there’s no telling their circumstances . For the meantime, we will have to stay on the defense .

—No, that won’t do . If I did that, the enemy will just take the initiative again .

Stop . I shouldn’t only be looking at the war right in front of me . I should look at the whole battlefield .

I sighed at that realization and changed my perspective .

“…How about using small forces to engage in guerrilla warfare?” Gi Za suggested .

I nodded . That’s one way . The roads here might be connected to the various forests, but the only path to Forni is through Sinfall .

“In one sense, it could be said the enemy helped us lessen the scope we need to cover,” I said .

With this, a small force will be enough to defend . Not to mention, I’ll also be able to let my goblins gain experience .

“A war will result in more casualties, however; how are we to supplement the fallen soldiers?” Gi Za pointed out .

“Do we have to contact Gi Ga after all?” I agreed .

Where there is war, there are casualties . It doesn’t matter whether one is the victor or the defeated, that is an unchangeable truth for all parties involved .

The enemy we are facing now doesn’t seem weak either .

What to do? It would take a considerable amount of time to go to and fro the Fortress of the Abyss . Will we have to fight with small groups until then? In the end, it comes down to whether we will be able to fight while minimizing our losses .

What about the elves? Will they able to recover their numbers? I need to ask Shure once he returns .

Minimize our losses, improve our equipment, and ensure there is a path of retreat .

“Some equipment from the elves would be nice,” Gi Za said .

I nodded .

For now, let’s do what we can .

The moment Jirad and Sheng’s savior, Pale, entered the village with her men, an ardent welcome greeted them .

“To Commander Felbi and Pale Symphoria!”

Praise poured down on Felbi and Pale .

“Pale, you were marvelous!” Felbi said .

When Felbi appeared, he came with the various high-ranking elves from Sinfall along with the chieftains of Jirad and Sheng .

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Felbi was all smiles as he received these high-ranking elves’ praise, but Pale found this situation dangerous .

“Can we talk for a bit?” Pale asked Felbi .

The chieftains and all the bigwigs were all acting as if they had already won the war .

“Can’t we talk with them around?” Felbi asked .

“If you don’t mind, we’d like to join your discussion . Forni is a common enemy between us all . We may not be skilled, but we may be able to be of some help,” one of the high-ranked elves said .

“Right! There are people from Sheng, Jirad, and Sinfall here . We could—” Felbi said .

“…I would prefer we be alone,” Pale insisted, causing Felbi to shrug .

Pale and Felbi left the sea of people to a quiet corner where they could talk .

“Are you… angry?” Felbi asked .

“I am not . I just think it’s dangerous,” Pale said, inclining her head to hide her expression .

Felbi scratched his head, troubled . “You know, Pale . The chiefs aren’t so dangerous . They’re cooperative and they want to see Forni defeated too . They agreed to support us, and on top of that, they’re even allowing us to act as we please . ”

“That’s true, but…”

Since they left the forests of Symphoria, they have been receiving support from Sheng . It was because of that that they were able to fight the Goblin-Forni army . To begin with, their arrows weren’t infinite, and neither were their weapons indestructible . The more they fought, the more their weapons would be expended .

If they could get Jirad’s support as well, they would be able to fight without worrying about supplies .

Food, weapons, armor, arrows, and perhaps even people .

If they could just get Jirad’s support, they would be able to act much more freely .

“Let me think about it,” Pale said .

“Alright,” Felbi nodded .

Pale left and walked alone to the bathhouse .

Every large elven village had a bathhouse; they were usually built near a lake of pure water . The elves had just come from a war, however, so there was no one in sight .

Pale took off her clothes, then submerged herself in the water of the bathhouse . The water reached up her shoulder as it sought to take away the stench of blood from her flesh .

There was a waterfall in the facility, wherein water showered down from an elevated area . Pale went there and prayed .

“God of Wind, Castor, and Goddess of Water, Iren, please guide your children . God of Forests, Chenzhen, please bless us with your divine protection,” Pale prayed .

She repeated those words three times, and then she cried for her brethren who died at her command .

Was she really in the right? She wasn’t sure . She could only washed herself to clear away her doubts .

My dear child, my dear child . A voice suddenly said, prompting Pale to doubt her ears .

But then black winds whirled, and suddenly there was a black biting louse with a black feather in front of her .

…Why are you so sad, my dearest?”

From its stiff jaws came out a gentle voice .

“You are…”

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I am that which watches over you .

At that, a soft wind wrapped around her, and then in the next moment, the faces of her dead brethren vanished from her mind .

“Uu, uu…” All the pent-up emotions Pale had been keeping came out as tears . They slid down her cheeks and dripped down to the water to be washed away .

My dear child, the war will only become worse from here . Please don’t die .

After the black biting louse said that it vanished .

A huge rock was lifted off my shoulders when I heard that Shure and Shunaria had returned safely .

“At least you’re safe,” I said .

“Lately, I’ve been causing you nothing but trouble,” Shure said .

His face was cheerful despite that; that was probably because of Shunaria .

The members of the transport squad retreated to all directions, so there were several people who managed to survive .

“Umm, Goblin King,” Shunaria timidly said as she approached me .

“It’s good that you’re safe,” I said .

“About the sword the smith entrusted to me…”

“Ahh, it’s fine . I’m just happy that you’re safe . ”

“No, that’s not it… Actually, it’s here . ”

Unexpected . Apparently, it was because Shunaria had it prioritized when they were attacked .

When the great sword came, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes . It actually took two people to carry it .

“It’s name is The Great Sword that Dances the Black FlamesFlamberge . It was made with alloy consisting of blue-silver steel (srilana), which has good affinity with magic power, and the steel of your old blade . ”

I listened to her explanation as I took the sword and examined it .

The great sword stood as tall as me, one side shaped like a flame, the other shaped like a normal blade . There was a symbol of a flame carved on the black blade . She mentioned it was made out of blue-silver steel (srilana) and steel, that must be why there’s a silver color running through the center of the blade until the tip .

The sword had been reborn, but it felt just like the old great sword (Iron Second) I used .

“Masterfully made,” I said .

It’s almost enough to make me fall in love .

I swung the sword several times outside to get a feel for it . The sound of wind being cut and the weight of the sword in my hands . Yes, this is indeed a trustworthy blade .

“Turn me into a blade!Enchant”

Ether burst out of the blade that was shaped as if it were dancing . It was almost as if the ether was completing its shape . The ether drew the course of the blade as it flowed into it, and as a result, the sword seemed to go faster .

As I slashed overhead, the ether followed my sword down .

The power gathered behind the descended blade was greater than before . Just the pressure emanating from it was enough to send leaves flying .

The sword was so sharp it seemed as if a sweep would be enough to cut the heavens themselves .

I looked at the sword again .

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“The Great Sword that Dances the Black FlamesFlamberge, huh . ”

I got a good sword .

This war must be won .

As strength brimmed from within, I looked toward the south .

“Spears, advance!”

The spear platoon made out of goblins equipped with blue-silver steel stepped out . At the same time, the elven archers supported them with their arrows . We marched for Jirad, which had been reclaimed by the enemy .

The normal goblins lined their spears and struck simultaneously at the enemy soldiers in our path . The enemy soldiers held up their shields and blocked the goblins’ attack head on . When the enemy saw that the attack was successfully blocked, they sent their soldiers to take our flanks .

The place we were battling at right now was one of the stopping points of the road connecting Sinfall and Jirad .

The battle was already spreading to the smaller villages .

There were many smaller villages around every big elven village . The main road connected to the big elven village was branched out to the smaller villages, forming something akin to a plaza .

The place we were fighting at was exactly that .

We specifically chose this place, as it’s the only place that could allow our platoons enough leeway to let them train .

“Gaidga soldiers, slam those swordsmen approaching from the left!”

The Gaidga goblins swung their clubs and pushed back the enemy soldiers .

“Gi Jii! Stop the enemy platoon coming from the right!”

“As you command!”

A storm of arrows and magic descended on the right enemy platoon, forcing them to stop . That gave us just enough time to escape the enemy’s surround .

It was then that I gave my next command .

“Spears, retreat!”

The first thing we need to do is to find a method that won’t let us lose, then we’ll fight and retreat sparingly . So long as we keep this up, the gap between us and the enemy will remain the same .

Moreover, while I am still leading the whole army, the platoons themselves are already being led by the young goblins like Gi Jii . Like this, they will gradually gather experience in the arts of war, and eventually, they will be able to lead an army by themselves . I have to patiently raise them up until that day .

The war has just begun .

—296 days until the war with the humans .

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